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Nations in many respects resem

Where will he find such an aristocracy ble private individuals, and in none as that which the great landed promore than this,—that those which ap- prietors of Great Britain present to his parently have most cause to be con- view? Where will he look for such a tent, often exhibit the strongest symp- profusion of magnificent seats, or such toms of uneasiness and dissatisfaction. a number of munificent proprietors ? The poor man who can earn enough Where will he behold such a descripfor his decent support, jogs on quietly tion of tenantry as that which flourishthrough the vale of humble life, while es under the auspices of that noble they who seem to want nothing are and high-minded aristocracy? Where frequently the prey of restlessness and else is he to seek for a land which will discontent. I question whether the shew him among her Esquires men world, at any period, has been able who almost look down upon Royal to furnish such a living picture as honours, and whose pride is, not to acGreat Britain now exhibits, of public cept titles, but to decline them? Where and private prosperity, of high culti- will he find such a House of Peers, vation, of extended commerce, of opu- such an assembly of Representatives, lent inhabitants, of national renown, as are presented to his view in both of general knowledge, and of indivi- Houses of the Imperial Parliament of dual happiness. Sure I am, that it Great Britain ? Where can he hope to would be vain to think of finding a behold such wealth, spirit, intelliparallel to it in any era of her own his- gence, generosity, and enterprize, as tory, previous, at least, to the last forty are centred in that vast and respector fifty years. How much more in- able body composing the mercantile dulgent soever nature may have been interest of Great Britain ?-Volumes, to other countries, in excellence of cli- not pages, are required, for giving even mate, fertility of soil, or felicity of si- a very brief detail of the several items tuation,—or whatever advantages their which make up the sum-total of Briinhabitants may have derived from the tish industry, British power, and Briculture of some peculiar arts,—where tish prosperity. Years, not days, would is the candid and intelligent stranger, suffice to make a person acquainted who, returning to his own country af- with the immense extent and variety ter an intimate acquaintance with Eng- of her arts, her manufactures, her lite land, will hesitate to acknowledge the rary attainments, her cultivated lands, decided superiority of the Empress of and her commercial cities; and did eirthe Ocean, the free and happy Island ? cumstances permit, I do not know how Vol. XV.


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