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A proper regard for health essential - Necessity of hygienic

rules-Galen's advice-Instances of persons who bave sub-
jected themselves to self-imposed regulations-John Wesley
-Jonas Hanway-Precepts for health in ancient and modern
times—The rules of Plutarch-Instances of longevity-True
enjoyment of health-Sir Thomas More’s “ Utopia"-Dr.
Johnson- Dr. Cheyne- Miss Martineau-Undue anxiety
about health unwise- The drugging system-Misapplication
of medical maxims-Danger of prescribing for ourselves-
Hints to avoid impending disease-A knowledge of physiology
important to all-Description of a frame probably destined
for longevity- Reasons why life is shortened - Evils of
artificial modes of living-Death from preventable causes-
Elements of disease to which we are subjected-Measures
for securing the public health — Sanitary requirements -
Erroneous notions with regard to the mortality in cities-
Preservation of health dependent on ourselves.



Structure of the skin-Necessity of constant ablutions-Soap-

Towels-Flesh-brushes-Causes of affections of the skin-
Impure air — Imperfect digestion - Nervous system — Cos-
metics—Eruptions on the skin-Freckles—Chaps--Chafes-
Chilblains - Precautions

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Errors in regard to drink - Results of drunkenness – Fatal

diseases produced - Anatomy of drunkenness— Alcoholic
drinks-Why the poor indulge in vicious habits-Wines-
Effect upon the system - New wines Adulterations

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essential requirements — Signs where apartments are ill

ventilated - Defects of position - Moisture-- Drainage and

sewerage-Cesspools-Precautions in taking a house-Water

supply-Sitting-rooms- Dining-rooms-Gas in rooms un-

wholesome-Sir Humphrey Davy's experiment with car-

buretted hydrogen — The Smoke Act— Greatest amount of

smoke in the metropolis emitted from dwelling-houses -

Necessity of fresh air—Process by which atmospheric air is

received—Voluntary subdivision of air-Crowded assemblies

- Influence of the night air— Precautions to be taken

Effect of burning candles-Fires-Close stoves—Ventilation

of nurseries-Importance of a knowledge of the properties

and uses of the atmosphere — Anecdote of Dr. Darwin

Various methods of ventilation-How to disinfect the apart-

ments of the sick — Evil consequences of sitting in close





SIGHT.-Temperance essential to the preservation of sight -

Moderate degree of light in rooms- S-Recommendations to the

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