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future vengeance for well grounded confidence in the divine mercy,—which have animated the human breast with the purest and most exalted piety,— which have inspired the heart with most disinterested, ardent, and expansive philanthropy:—which have adorned the life with every virtue,--which have alleviated present sufferings with the prospect of endless enjoyments,--which when the eyes have been closing on the scenes of earth have opened them on the beauties of paradise, and while the body has been sinking amidst the swoonings of death have caused the spirit to beat high with the pulsations of immortality :-Principles, which at this hour are calling forth the noblest energies of Christians of various denominations, forming unions and prompting exertions unexampled and unthought of in past ages-exertions that bid fair to realize the apocalyptic vision of “ an angel flying in the midst of Heaven,” to circulate the word of life in every language, to instruct the ignorant and reform the vicious in every land.

For the freedom with which I have animadverted on some of the positions of the learned Prelate, I make no apology. I trust I have not forgotten that the subject of my animadversions is the work of a Scholar, a Gentleman, and a Protestant Bishop-though I am constrained to add, a work which contains passages sufficient to justify a suspicion, whether his Lordship may not sometimes have experienced a momentary oblivion of the ob

* Rey. xiv. 6.


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ligations resulting from those characters. Whatever be the respect due to rank or function, the claims of truth are paramount to every other consideration *; and ought never to be compromised or waved, even in appearance, by complimentary concessions or apologies. If the charges of mistake ; misrepresentation, and inconsistency, here brought against his Lordship, be incorrect and groundless, no apology ought to redeem them from the censure which in that case they justly deserve. But if these charges have been established, or if they can be established, something more than apology is due from his Lordship, to the Public, to his Clergy, to his Metropolitan, and above all, to the Supreme Master whom he professes to “serve with his spirit in the Gospel of his Son,” for having written and published such a Book.

I shall now conclude with expressing my sincere desires, “ that it may please Almighty and Ever“ lasting God, who alone worketh great marvels, to “ send down upon all Bishops, Priests and Deacons " the healthful spirit of his grace, -to bring into the

way of truth all such as have erred and are de“ceived, -to illuminate them with the knowledge “ and understanding of his word,--to replenish " them with the truth of his doctrine, and to endue “ them with innocence of life, that both by their

preaching and living they may set it forth and show “ it accordingly;—to give them all those heavenly

graces that are requisite for their high trust, that * Amicus Plato, amicus Socrates, sed magis amica Veritas

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“ his work may prosper in their hand, that they

may be made blessed instruments of advancing “ his truth; that heresies and false doctrines may “ not disturb the peace of the Church; but that all s the congregations committed to their charge,

hearing meekly his word and receiving it with pure « affection, may be led into the way of truth, and “ hold the faith in unity of spirit, in the bond of peace, and in righteousness of life; that truth and

, justice, brotherly kindness and charity, devotion

concord and unity, with all other virtues, may be the stability of our times, and make " this Church a praise in the earth*."

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6 and piety,

* Morn. Prayer-Litany–Prayer for Ember Weeks Prayer for 25 Oct.-Prayer for all conditions—Prayer for 5 Nov.





Printed by R. Taylor and Co., Shoe-lane, London.

Books printed for Gale and Curtis, Paternoster Row. Shortly will be published, in 3 Vols. 8vo. pride to Subscribers

11. 16s. and to Non-subscribers 21. 2s.






Proposals respecting this Work have been some time before the Public, accompanied with a recommendatory List of highly respectable Names.

Just published, I. OBSERVATIONS on the Character, Customs and Su

perstitions of the IRISH ; and on some of the Causes that have retarded the Moral and Political Improve

ment of Ireland. Svo. price 10s. 6d. boards. II. DEVOUT MEDITATIONS from The CHRISTIAN

Abridged and newly Arranged, in Four Parts. With
Memoirs of the Author, by the Rev. S. Palmer, of

Hackney. 8vo. boards, and 12mo. sheep. “ Bennet's Christian Oratory is his best practical work, but would have been better, had it been less." Doddridge. III. A BODY of DIVINITY ; in which the Doctrines of

the Christian Religion are explained and defended ; being the Substance of several Lectures on The Assembly's Larger Catechism. By THOMAS RIDGLEY, B.D.

In 4 vols. 8vo.--Vol. I. price Os. boards. IV. OUR DAILY BREAD; a Discourse delivered in

London, March 1811, in which the Christian Duties of Moderation and Dependence respecting Earthly Wants, are discussed and enforced as inseparable from the

Gospel. 8vo. price Is. For a high character of this tract, see Baptist Magazine

for Jan. 1812.

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