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EDINBURGH. Speedily will be published, The Fores- to trace such Illusions to their Physical ters. By the Author of " Lights and Sha- Causes. dows of Scottish Life," and "The Trials of The Smack and Steam-Boat Guide ; Margaret Lyndsay." I vol. Post 8vo. being a useful and pleasant Companion to

A New Edition will shortly appear, of the Voyager betwixt Leith and London ; the Life of Dr James Beattie. By Sir comprehending Historical, Topographical, William Forbes. In 2 vols. 8vo. With a and Descriptive Delineations of that Coast; fine Portrait. Price 18s. boards.

with Sketches concisely descriptive of EdinSt Johnstoun, or John Earl of Gowrie, & burgh, Aberdeen, and London ; with a Historical Novel, in 3 vols. 12mo.

Chart of the Coast, &c. The Spae Wife, a Novel, in 3 vols. By An Act to Repeal the Duty upon Horses the Author of the “ Ayrshire Legatees, let to Hire, for the purpose of Travelling, “ Ringan Gilhaize,” &c.

in Great Britain ; and to grant other DuThe Bachelor's Wife; post 8vo. ties in lieu thereof; and to provide for let

Anacharsis in Scotland; being a View ting the same to Farm. of the State of the Country, with Descrip- X Panoramic View of the City of Edintions of the most celebrated Scenes and burgh and Surrounding Country ; comSubjects of local and historical interest. prehending the varied and picturesque

The Rev. Henry Belfrage is about to Scenery, as seen from the top of the Cal. pablish a Monitor to Families, or Dis- ton Hill, from an actual Drawing on courses on some of the Scenes and Duties the spot by Mr Tytler, will appear in a of Domestic Life.

short time, beautifully printed in chalk by A translation of Goethe's Wilhelm Mies. Simoneau, and handsomely coloured. Size ter, is in the press.

90 inches long, by 21 inches broad. A Dr Hibbert announces Sketches of the description of all the principal buildings, Philosophy of Apparitions ; or an attempt &c. will accompany it.





late Lieutenant-General Sir George PreThe Farmer's Directory and Guide to vost, Bart., particularly of his Services in the Farrier, Grazier, and Planter; with the the Canadas; including a Reply to the Domestic Instructor. By Leonard Towne, Strictures on his Military Character, conI vol. 4to. with Engravings. L.1, 108. tained in an article in the Quarterly Re. ANTIQUITIES.

view, for October, 1822. 73. 6d. Jewish, Oriental, and Classical Antiqui- Sketches of the Life and Correspondence ties ; containing Illustrations of the Scrip- of Nathaniel Greene, Major-General of the tures, and Classical Records from Oriental Armies of the United States, in the W'ar of

the Revolution. By William Johnson, of BIBLIOGRAPHY.

Charleston, South Carolina. L.3, 3s. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Books Memoirs of John Aikin, M.D. By Lucy printed in the Fifteenth Century, lately Aikin. With a Selection of his Miscellaforming part of the library of the Duke di neous Pieces, Biographical, Moral, and Cassano Serra, and now the property of Critical. 2 vols. 8vo. With a capital PorGeorge John Earl Spencer, K.G. ; with a trait by Engleheart. Price L.1, 4s. General Index of Authors and Editions Memoirs of Count Rapp, First Aid-decontained in the present volume, and in the camp to Napoleon. Written by himself, Bibliotheca Spenceriana and Ædes Althor. and published by his family. Containing pianæ. By the Rev. Thomas Frognall a multitude of curious Facts and Anecdotes Dibdin, F.R.S.S.A. L.l, ls.

hitherto unknown. 10s. BIOGRAPHY.

Memoirs of the Kings of Spain of the The Memoirs of the Marchioness de House of Bourbon, from the Accession of Bonchamps, on La Vendée ; edited by the Philip the Fifth, to the Death of Charles Countess of Genlis. Translated from the the Third, 1700—1788. Drawn from un. French. 5s.

published documents and secret papers. Memoires de Madame la Marquise de With an Historical Introduction relative to Bonchamps, sur la Vendée. Rédigés par the principal Transactions under the AusMadame la Countesse de Genlis. Reprint trian Dynasty, and a Statistical Account of ed from the Paris edition.

the State of Spain, at the Accession of The Life of Wesley, and the Rise and Pro- Charles the Fourth. By the Rev. Arch. gress of Methodism. By Robert Southey, deacon Coxe. 5 vols. 8vo. Second edi. Esq. Second edition. 2 vols. 8vo. L.1, 8s. tion. L.3, 3s.

Some Account of the Public Life of the Original Memoirs ; or, Brief Sketches of real Characters. By a Clergyman of the traits of Louis XI., Charles the Bold, and Church of England. 45.

Philip de Comines. 7s. Memoirs of the Baron de Kolli, relative Parts IX. and X. of a Series of Engrato the Secret Mission on which he was em. vings, in Outline, by Henry Moses, of the ployed by the British Government in 1810, Works of Antonio Canova, in Sculpture for the purpose of effecting the liberation of and Modelling, with Descriptions from the Ferdinand VII., King of Spain, from cap- Italian of the Countess Albrizzi. tivity at Valençay. To which are added, Storer's Description of Fonthill Abbey, the Memoirs of the Queen of Etruria, writ- with Eight Interior and Exterior Views, ten by Herself.

(forming No. I. of the Port-Folio.) 2s.6d. The Life of Isaak Walton, including and 4s. Notices of his Contemporaries. By Tho- Graphical and Literary Illustrations of mas Zouch, D. D. F. L. S., Prebendary Fonthill Abbey, with Heraldical and Ge. of Durham, embellished with Twenty-five nealogical notices of the Beckford Family. Engravings of Scenes described by Walton, By John Britton. Large paper, £2, 10s. Wood-cuts, &c., in foolscap 8vo. extra Small, £1, 5s. boards, 12s.; large paper, extra boards, 18s. Sketches of the Lives of Correggio and

Memoir of the late Mrs Paterson, Wife Parmegiano. With Notices of their prinof the Rev. Dr Paterson of St Petersburgh, cipal Works. 8vo. 10s. 6d. containing Extracts from her Diary and An Exact Representation of the Rev. E. Correspondence. By the Rev. William Irving, of the Caledonian Church, CrossSwann. Second Edition. 38. 6d.

Street, Hatton-Garden, drawn from Life, Memoirs of a Greek young Lady; or, in Lithography. By G. H. Jones. 23. Madame Pauline Adelaide Alexandre Pa

HISTORY. nam, versus his Serene Highness the reign- A History of Richmondshire, in the ing Prince of Saxe Coburg.---This volume North Riding of York; together with those presents very curious details of the man- parts of the Everwicshire, of Domesday, ners and characters of the Court of Coburg, which form the Wapentakes of Lonsdale, and includes Letters from the Grand Duke Ewecross, and Amunderness, in the counConstantine, the Prince de Metternich, the ties of York, Lancaster, and Westmorefamous Prince de Ligne, the Duke and land. By the late Thomas Dunham WhitDuchess of Saxe Coburg, Prince Leopold aker, LL.D. F.S.A. Vicar of Whalley and of Saxe Coburg, and several other distin- of Blackburn in Lancashire. In 2 vols. guished Personages on the Continent. In folio, on fine demy paper, L.25, 4s., and French and English. Neatly printed in on super-royal drawing paper, with Indian crown 8vo. Price 10s. 60. in extra boards, paper proof im ssions of the plates, L.50, embellished with portraits of Madame Pa- 8s. nam, and of the Prince of Coburg.

The History of Alexander's Successors,

forming a Continuation of Ancient History, The Youthful Travellers ; or Letters from the Death of Alexander the Great, to chiefly descriptive of Scenes visited by the Reign of Augustus, First Emperor of Young People, and designed as Examples Rome. Abridged for Youth, from the of the Epistolary Style, for Children. 18mo. original work of M. Rollin, by the author 2s. 6d.

of 6 The Travels of a British Druid," the Israel Lyon's Hebrew Grammar, with Abridgement of the Travels of Anacharsis Points. _Revised and corrected by H. Ja in Greece, &c. 2 vols. 8s. cobs. Fourth edition.

Provisory Constitution of Greece, transTraduction Française, ou Clef du “ Ma. lated from the second edition printed at Comuel Epistolaire à l'usage des jeunes De- rinth, and accompanied with the Original moiselles Anglaises." Par Madame de Greek; to which are prefixed, a Letter to Froux. 3s. 6d.


the Senate of the Greek Confederation, and

a General View of the Origin and Progress An Ilustration of the Architecture and of the Revolution. By a Grecian Eye-witSculpture of the Cathedral Church of Wor. cester, on Twelve Plates, each 10 by 12 A new edition of the Memoirs of Philip inches, carefully engraved in the line man- de Comines, containing the History of ner, from drawings by C. Wild, and ac. Louis XI. and Charles VIII. of France ; companied by an Éistorical and Descriptive and also of Charles the Bold, Duke of Account of the Fabric. Price in boards, Burgundy, to which Prince he was Secrein atas quarto, L.4, 4s. India proofs, in tary. As also the History of Edward IV. folio Colombier, L.8, 8s.

and Henry VI. of England, including that Historical Illustrations of Quentin Dur. of Europe for half the fifteenth Century; ward, selected from Philip de Comines, and, lastly, the Scandalous Chronicle, giBrantome, and other Writers ; with Re-ving an Account of several remarkable ACmarks on each Chapter, pointing out the cidents and Adventures that happened in coincidences or discrepancies between the France and other neighbouring States, from Novelist and the Historian. With Por. 1460 to 1483. 2 vols. post 8vo. £1, 1s




An Essay on the History of the English Remarks on the Indians. Svo. 2s. Government and Constitution, from the Prison Labour, &c. Correspondenceand reign of Henry VIII. to the Present Time. Communications, addressed to his Majesty's By Lord John Russell. Second Edition, Principal Secretary of State for the Home enlarged.

Department, concerning the Introduction of A concise View of the History, Litera- Tread-Mills into Prisons, with other matture, and present Society of Gonville and ters connected with the Subject of Prison Caius College, Cambridge ; containing an Discipline. By Sir John Cox Hippisley, account of the Academical and other Ho. Bart. nours conferred upon its Members ; also A Dictionary of the Turf, the Ring, the of the College Prizes, Preferments, and an Chase, the Pit, Bon Ton, and the Varieties Obituary of the year 1822, together with of Life ; forming a desirable Supplement, a List of the Writers of the present day, and modern Addition, to every Dictionary and their works. By William Henry now extant ; comprising the completest and Williams, M.D. F.L.S. Ipswich ; of Gone most authentic Lexicon Balatronicum hiville and Caius College, Fellow of the therto offered to the notice of the Sporting Royal College of Physicians, &c. 58. World, for elucidating Words and Phrases LAW.

that are necessarily or purposely cramp, Observations on the Judges of the Court mutative and unintelligible, outside their of Chancery, and the Practice and Delays respective spheres. By John Bee, Esq. complained of in that Court. 8vo.

A Treatise on the Education of Public A Supplement to the Twenty-third Edi. Men in England, both Civil and Military. tion of Dr Burn's Justice of the Peace and 38. 6d. Parish-officer, including the Statutes from The Appeal of a Free Spaniard to the the 1st Geo. 4th, 1820, to 3d Geo. 4th, Public Opinion of Europe ; exhibiting 1822, and the adjudged cases to the end of Traits of upexampled and unchristian PerTrinity Term, 1822, together with a va. fidy on the part of the French Government riety of new Precedents and MS. Cases. towards Spain, in seeking to excite InsurBy G. Chetwynd, Esq. M. P. Barrister at rection, Civil War, and Counter-RevoluLaw, and Chairman of the Staffordshire tion, by aggravating the Calamities of PesQuarter Sessions. 1 vol. 8vo. 16s. tilence.

A Letter to John Bull; to which is add, A Letter to the Right Hon. the Earl of ed, the Sketch of a Plan for the safe, speedy, Liverpool, proposing to remove the British and effectual Abolition of Slavery. By a Museum to the East Wing of Somerset- Free-born Englishman. ls. house.

A Voice from St Peter's and St Paul's; A Letter on the Means and Importance being a few Plain Words, addressed most of Converting the Slaves in the West In- respectfully to the Members of both Houses dies to Christianity. By the Right Hon. of Parliament, on some late Accusations Sir G. H. Rose, M.P.

against the Church Establishment ; parti. A Second Series of Letters to W. Wil. cularly those contained in No. 75 of the berforce, Esq. M.P. and his Defender Me. Edinburgh Review ; with General Observalancthon, on the Claims of the Roman Ca. tions. By a Member of the University of tholics to Religious and Civil Power in this Oxford. 28. 6d. Protestant Empire. By Amicus Protestans. A Description of the Tread-Mill, with 58. 6d.

Observations on its Management, accompaInstructions in all kinds of Gymnastic nied by a Plate and Description of a New Exercises, as taught and practised in the Instrument, by which the daily Account of Gymnastic Institutions of Germany. De. Individual Labour maybe determined by insigned as well for colleges, schools, and spection, and regulated with uniformity and other places of education, as for private precision. Including Tables of the Rates use. By a Military Officer. 6s. Cà. of Labour at various Prisons, Certificates

A Short Vindication of the General Pe. respecting the Health of Prisoners so emnitentiary at Millbank, from the censures ployed, and a List of Dictaries in use with contained in “ A Letter addressed by C. C. This kind of Prison Labour. 45. Western, Esq. to the Lord Lieutenants and Characteristics, in the manner of Roche. Magistrates of the County of Essex ;” to foucault's Maxims. 4s. Od. which are added, a few Remarks on the The Valedictory Address of the Society Punishment of Juvenile Offenders. By G, for Promoting Christian Knowledge, deliHolford, Esq. M.P.

vered by the Lord Bishop of Bristol, at a Part I. of the fourth volume of Boxiana. Special General Meeting of the Society, By Pierce Egan. 5s.

June 13th, 1823, to the Lord Bishop of The Claims of the Clergy to Tithes and Calcutta, previously to his departure for other Church Revenues, so far as they are India, together with his Lordship's Refounded on the Political Expediency of sup- ply. porting such a Body, on Divine Right, on Researches about Atmospheric Pheno. History, or on the notion of Unalienable mena. By Thomas Forster, F.L.S. M.B. Property, Examined.

&c. &c. &c. Third Edition. To which is now first added, The Calendar of Nature. Nos. XX. and XXI, of the Technical 158.

Repository ; containing Practical InformaThe Contractor Unmasked ; being Let- tion on Subjects connected with Discoveries ters to the author of the misnamed « Re.

and Improvements in the Useful Arts. By ply to the Letters to the Contractors of the Thomas Gill, a Chairman of the CommitColombian Loan;" comprising Remarks on tee of Mechanics in the Society for the En. the certainty of the Non-ratification of the couragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Loan founded on Documentary Evidence Commerce, Adelphi. With Three Octavo and recent Proceedings. By a Member of Plates. 25. 6d. the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn. Vol. I. of the Bibliotheca Americana ;

The Vindication of the Conduct of the being a Miscellaneous Collection of LiteColombian Government and its Ministers, rature, Science, and Art, and General in reference to Mr Zea's Debentures and South American History. Loan ; with Remarks on the Expose of The Auctioneer's and Commercial BroMr Gual, the Minister for the Foreign ker's Law Instructor, relating to all Sales Department. Prepared under the direc- held by Public Auction ; containing every tion of the Vice-President, Santander, for necessary Information for Merchants, as the consideration of Congress, and other well as Auctioneers and Commercial BroDocuments, is published for gratuitous dis. kers. 2s. 6d. tribution.

A Description of the Whistling Swan, Remarks on Duelling ; comprising Ob. and the Peculiar Structure of its Trachea. servations on the Arguments in Defence of By Thomes Cooke, A.M., Oriel College, this Practice. By George Buchan, Esq. of Oxford. 58. Kelloe. 2s. 6d.

A Dissertation on the Age of Homer, The Game of Ecarte, as played in the his Writings, and Genius ; and on the state higher Circles of London and Paris, with of Religion, Society, Learning, and the the Rules and Regulations of the Garne. Arts, during that period ; being the Prize Printed verbatim from the French edition. Question proposed by the Royal Society of Price 2s.

Literature, for his Majesty's premium of Essay on Dog Breaking. By Sir J. Se- One Hundred Guineas for the best Disser, bright's Gamekeeper. 8vo, 2s. 6d. tation on the above Subject. 2s. 6d.

The Consolidated Post Horse Duty Act, A Sketch of a proposed Universal Sys4 Geo. 4, with Schedule; to which is add. tem of Weights and Measures ; to which ed a Compendious Index. By T. J. Mawe, is added an Appendix, containing a brief Esq. of New Inn.

Sketch of a proposed Universal Calendar. Ede's Gold and Silversmith's Calcula. An Essay on the Baneful Influence of tor ; containing New and Complete Tables so frequently Washing Decks in his Majes. for shewing the Value of any Quantity of ty's Ships on the Health of British Sea-' Silver or Gold, from 3s. to 10s. per oz. ; men ; with Observations on the Prevention and from L.1, 5s, to L.5, 5s. per oz. ; cal- of Dry Rot in the Royal Navy. By Robert culated from one grain to 1000 ounces ; Finlayson, M. D. 4s. 6d. Tables of Duties on Wrought Gold and Secret History of the Congress of Ve. Silver ; Value of Gold at the Coinage rona; in which are exposed the Intrigues price ; Standard Weights of the Gold and that produced the present War with Spain. Silver Coinage; List of Stamps, &c. Also,

2s. a Table of the Rate of Exchange, shewing the Value of the Coins used in France, Hol. Dr Lister's Account of Paris, at the land, Portugal, and Hamburgh, with re. Close of the 17th Century, relating to the ference to the Guinea of England. By James Buildings of that City, its Libraries, GarEde, Goldsmith. The Second Edition, dens, Natural and Artificial Curiosities, with considerable Additions and Improve- the Manners and Costumes of the People, ments, price 6s. neatly bound.

their Arts, Manufactures, &c. Now revi. The Measurer's Assistant; or, Mensu. sed, with copious Biographical, Historical, ration made Easy; by a new set of Tables, and Literary Illustrations and Anecdotes, which shew at one point of view the super- and a Sketch of the Life of the Author. ficial or solid contents in feet, inches, parts, By George Henning, M.D. 108. &c. of most kinds of superficies and solids, A Practical Treatise on the Bath Waeither square, round, or unequal sided ; ters, tending to Illustrate their Beneficial also the reducing of deals to the standard Effects in Chronic Diseases, particularly in weight, with other useful and original ta. Gout, Rheumatism, Paralysis, Lead, Cho. bles. By Wm. Taylor, Land Surveyor. lic, Indigestion, Biliary Affections, and 12mo. 83.

Uterine and Cutaneous Diseases, confirmA Letter to the Right Honourable the ed by Cases ; containing likewise a brief Earl of Chichester, on the practicability of Account of the City of Bath and of the Hot rendering those properties of air which re- Springs.-By Joseph Hume Spry. late to calorie applicable to new and im. Hortus Cantabrigiensis ; or, an Accent. portant purposes.

ed Catalogue of Plants, Indigenous and





Exotic, cultivated in the Cambridge Bo. Rectum, and a Plate of a new Speculum tanic Garden. By the late James Donn, by which their Nature may be ascertained ; Curator, Fellow of the Linnæan and Hors with Cases illustrative of the beneficial ticultural Societies. Tenth Edition. With Effects of the Buchu Leaves, the Medicanumerous additions and corrections. By ted soft Bougie, &c. in Irritative and other John Lindley, F. L. S. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Affections of the Urethra, Bladder, Rectum, • On the Stratification of Alluvial Depo. &c. Fourth Edition. 2s. 6d. sits, and the Crystallization of Calcareous

NOVELS AND TALES. Stalactites, in a Letter to John Maccul- The Wilderness, or the Youthful Days loch, Esq. M. D., &c. By H. R. Oswald. of Washington; a Tale or the West. By

Solomon Secondsight. 3 vols. 188. A Short Account of some of the Princi. Italian Stories. Translated by Miss Holpal Hospitals of France, Italy, Switzerland, ford, Author of “ Wallace, “ Warbeck of and the Netherlands ; with Remarks upon Wolfstein,” &c.-Containing the Cenci the Climate and Diseases of those Coun- Conspiracy of Pandolfo Pucci-Catherina tries. By H. W. Carter, M.D. F.R.S.E., Canacci-Massaniello-Conspiracy of the one of Dr Ratcliffe's Travelling Fellows Pazzi against Juliano and Lorenzo di Mefrom the University of Oxford. 8s. dici_Ugolino-Cesar Borgia. _12mo. 58.

A Practical Treatise on Nervous, Bili- Hauberk Hall, a Series of Facts. By ous, and Inflammatory Affections, with a Henry Brebner. new Method of curing Strictures without The Wandering Hermit. By the Au. the use of Bougie or Caustic. With an Ap- thor of " The Hermit in London.” 3 vols. pendix on the Diseases of Women and 18s. Children.-By John Lynch. Third edi- Logan, a Family History. tion.

Self-Delusion; or, Adelaide d'Haute: On Comparative Anatomy, illustrated roche; a Tale. By the Author of “ Doby 171 Plates. To which is subjoined, mestic Scenes.". 14s.. Synopsis Systematis Regni Animalis nunc Fernando; or, the Hero of the Times. primum ex ovi modificationibus proposic By Miss Bransby. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. tum.-By Sir Everard Home, Bart, Two Edwards; or, Pride and Prejudice V.P R.S. F.A.S. F.L.S. &c. 2 vols. 4to. Unmasked. 2s. Price L.7, 7s. boards, or on large paper,

POETRY AND THE DRAMA. price L.10, 10s. boards.

Don Juan—Cantos VI. VII. and VIII. An Exposition of the Principles of Pa. Fine Editions, demy 8vo. Is. 6d. Foolscap thology, and the Treatment of Diseases. 8vo. 7s. Common Edition, 18mo, to counBy Daniel Pring, M.D. Member of the teract piracy, ls. Royal College of Surgeons. 14s.

Don Juan, Cantos IX. X. and XI. Fine An Inquiry into Certain Errors relative edition, demy 8vo, 9s., foolscap, 7s., coma to Insanity; and their Consequences, Phy- mon edition, ls. sical, Moral, and Civil.-By George Man The Bridal of Armagnac, a Tragedy. Burrows, M.D. F.L.S. &c. 8s.

By the Reverend T. Streatfield, F.S.A. On the Principles of Inflammation and 7s. 6d. Fever.-By C. E. Lucas, M.D. 8s. The Methodist, a Comedy. 2s. 6d.

Cases of Neuralgia Spasmodica, com- Australasia. A Poem, written for the monly called Tic Doulourcux, successful. Chancellor's Medal at the Cambridge Comly Treated. By Benjamin Hutchinson. mencement, July 1823. By W. C. WentSecond Edition. 7s.6d.

worth. A Treatise on Nervous Diseases, com- The Slanderer ; a Comedy, in Three prising the History and Method of Cure of Acts. Translated, Altered, and Adapted the various Species of Apoplexy, Palsy, to the English Stage ; from “Le Medi. and Epilepsy, together with an Introduc- sant,” of Gosse, acted at Paris, upon the tory Account of the Opinions of Ancient Theatre Francais, with the most distinand Modern Physiologists concerning the guished success and applause. Offered as Nature and Uses of the Nervous System. à free gift and rejected at the Theatre By John Cooke, M.D. F.R.S. F.A.S. Royal, Drury Lane. By John Wallace, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Esq. 2s. &c. £1, 4s.

An English Translation of the Gulistan, An Account of the Buchu Leaves, with or, Flower-Garden, of Sadi, from the Per. Directions for their Use in Affections of the sian Text of Gentius, as used at the East Urethra, Bladder, and Rectum, particu. India Company's Colleges, with a Life of larly Stricture, Irritation of the Bladder, Sadi. By James Ross, Esq. 10s. 6d. Prostrate Gland, Irritative Gleet, Local

THEOLOGY. Debility, &c. To this Edition the Editor Discourses on the Rule of Life, with re. has added a Chapter on the Treatment of ference to Things Present and Things Fu. Stricture, Ulceration, Varicose Veins- ture; consisting of a Charge, delivered Prolapsus, Chronic Inflammation, Sinuses, May 16, 1823, to the Clergy of the ArchExcrescenccs, and other Diseases of the deaconry of London ; with Supplementary Vol. XIV.

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