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LONDON. Mr Alaric A. Watts will publish in a A New Map of the Country Twelve few days, Poetical Sketches, with Stanzas Miles round London, on a scale of one for Music, and other Poems. This volume inch and a quarter to a mile, containing was printed for private circulation about the whole of the Roads, (which are from twelve months ago, and was noticed with actual survey,) the exact situation of the commendation in our Magazine of April Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Seats, with last.

the Names of the Occupiers, and every Mr Sheldrake has issued proposals for other object worthy of notice, will appear publishing by subscription, an Inquiry in- in a few days. to the Origin and Practice of Painting in The Wilderness, or the Youthful Days Oil, to ascertain what was the real inven- of Washington, a Tale of the West, by tion of Van Eyck, and what were the ma- Solomon Secondsight, will soon appear. terials and vehicle that were used by Gior- Madame Adele du Thon is about to pubgione, and the fine Artists of the Venetian Jish an Account of the Public and Private School. To which will be added some in. Charitable Institutions of the Parish of St formation on the old Painted and Stained Marylebonne. Glass; a Recipe for Preparing and Drying Italian Stories; selected and translated Oil of superior quality, which is only by Miss Holford, Author of Wallace, Warknown to the Author; and an Attempt to beck of Wolfstein, &c., are announced for ascertain some Colours which were used publication. by the old Painters, but which are unknown A Memoir of Central India, (including to the Artists of the present time. The Malwa and adjoining Provinces,) with the Work to be dedicated (by permission) to History and copious Illustrations of the Sir Thomas Lawrence, R. A.

past and present condition of that Country, A series of Lectures on the Elements of with an original Map, Tables of the Re. Chemical Science, lately delivered at the venue and Population ; a Geological ReSurrey Institution by Mr Gurney, will soon port and comprehensive Index ; by Sir be published.

John Malcolm, G. C. B., &c. will appear Part I. of the Museum Worsleyanum, in the course of the present month. being a Collection made by the late Sir The Case of the High Sheriff of Dublin. Richard Worsley, Bart., of Antique Bass This volume will comprise a sketch of the Relievos, Bustos, Statues, and Gems, with transactions in Ireland which have led to Views of places in the Levant.

this important Inquiry ; all the Speeches A Dictionary of all Religions and Reli. in Parliament connected with it, from Mr gious Sects, ancient and modern ; also of Brownlow's Motion downward and inclu. Ecclesiastical History, and Theological sive; the Minutes of Evidence, as printed Controversy, by Mrs Hannah Adams, will by order of the House of Commons, with soon appear.

Notes and References ; the Papers preMr Mereweather has in the press a Trea- sented to Parliament, and several unpubtise on the Law of Boroughs and Corpora- lished Documents. The whole prepared tions, deduced from the earliest to the pre- for the Press by a Barrister of the Middle sent times, and including their General Temple. History; the History, Origin, and Law, Shortly will be published, Mammon in of the Right of Election, and of the King's London, or the Spy of the Day; a charac. Prerogative in granting Charters; as well teristic and satirical Romance, on the moas the binding effect of Charters and Bye. del of Le Diable Boiteux. In 3 vols. laws, and the power of Corporations to ad. Facetiæ Cantabrigienses ; Anecdoter, mit Freemen ; with an Appendix of Re- Smart Sayings, &c. by, or relating to, cecords, and illustrative of these points. lebrated Cantabs ; being a Companion to

Mr J. D. Worgan is preparing for pub- the Cambridge Tart. lication, a Treatise on a Molet, in 45 Parts, A Bengalee Version of Todd's enlarged 10 Vocal and 35 Instrumental ; composed edition of Johnson's Dictionary is in a for every class of Voice and every sort of course of publication in India. The public Instrument generally used in Concert ; and will be indebted for this work to the labours Illustrated by two Lectures, of which a of Baboo Rarn Comul, senior, and Mr Fe. Prospectus has been published

A new edition of the Decameron of Boc- A History and Description of Westcaccio, from the original Text from the MS. minster Hall, with a Plan of the Hall, and of Manelli, by Mr Biageoli.

an Elevation of the Northern Portal, is now A Classical Assistant to the Study of in the press. Homer, Virgil, and in the Translations of No. I. of Roman Antiquities; or, the Pope and Dryden, will soon appear from Durobrisse of Antoninus Identified ; in a the pen of Mrs Oom.

series of Plates, illustrative of the ExcavaVol. XIV.


Hx Carey.

ted Remains of the Roman Station at Cas- gion, namely, Christianity, Judaism, Pator; with Plates of the Mosaic Pavements, ganism, and Mahommedism, and of the &c. By E. T. Artis.

various existing Denominations, Sects, and In the press, Letters on the Highlands Parties, in the Christian world. of Scotland, containing Descriptions of the A Gentleman, well known in the Lite. Scenery, and an Account of the Manners, rary World, is at present occupied in preUsages, Antiquities, History, &c., of the paring a History of Modern Italy. This Highlanders. Written and addressed to Work, offering a compressed Version of Sir Walter Scott, Bart.

M. De Sismondi's invaluable Histoire des Truth; or, an Appeal to the People of Republiques Italiennes, and completed from England, in behalf of the Oppressed Poor Muratori and other original authorities, is in the South of Ireland ; laying open the nearly ready for publication in 8vo. great first cause of their Poverty, Disease, Miscellaneous Collections, forming a and Crime ; pointing out the inefficacy of Fourth Volume to the Lounger's Comthose Means which are now suggested for mon-Place Book. Relief; and urging the Adoption of a just A New beautifully printed and popular and natural Measure, by which alone they royal 12mo volume for the use of Comcan be effectually rescued from present, mercial Gentlemen, will appear in a few and preserved from future Misery. days, by Mr Wright, Accountant, Fen

In a few days will be published, a Gram- church Street, entitled, “ The New Mer. mar of the Latin Language, by C. G. cantile Assistant, and General Cheque Zumpt, Professor in the Frederic's Gym- Book,” containing Nine copious and disnasium, Berlin. Translated from the Ger. tinct Sets of Tables. The first Series, man, with additions, by the Rev. John (which contain more than One Hundred Kenrick, A. M.

Tables) are Calculations by Reduction, on A new edition is preparing of the Diver. a Novel and Simple principle; exhibiting, sions of Purley, by John Horne Tooke. at one view, what any Commodity, pur

The Aristocracy of Wealth and Fashion; chased in the aggregate, i. c. by the Ton being a concise Account of the Scotch and or Cwt., costs per single lb., stone, or qr., Irish Baronets; and of the Knights and any Number of lbs. or stones, or qrs.; or most considerable or distinguished Com. vice versi.—The Eight other Tables relate moners of Great Britain and Ireland, after to the Public Funds, Life Annuities, Wine the manner of the Peerage and English and Spirits, Hay and Corn, &c. &c. all Baronetage, &c., &c.

peculiarly simple, and adapted to the purA Description of an Electrical Telegraph, poses of Commerce, and as a cheque in and of some other Electrical Apparatus, the Counting-House. with eight Plates, by Francis Ronalds, Nearly ready—a new Edition of " The will soon appear.

Young Countess,” a Tale for Youth, muci The Rev. R. Adams has in the press, improved and embellished by two fine Enthe Religious World Displayed ; or, a gravings by Rhodes, from Drawings by View of the Four Grand Systems of Reli. Craig.




logy, and in the prosecution of the recent Architectural Illustrations of the Public Discoveries in Electro-Chemical Science. Buildings of London ; accompanied by Is. Hištorical, Descriptive, and Critical Aca Part III. of Isaac Wilson's Catalogue of counts. By J. Britton, F. S. A., &c., and Books, New and Second-hand, in every Augustus Pugin. No. II. price 5s. me- department of Ancient and Modern Literadium 8vo.; 8s. imperial 8vo.; and 14s. ture; comprising the whole of the choice, medium 4to., with proofs.

extensive, and very valuable Library of the BIBLIOGRAPHY.

late Rev. J. Hawksley, Minister of Alder. A Catalogue of a Miscellaneous Collec. manbury Postern Chapel, London ; and tion of Books, New and Second-hand, on extensive Collections from other libraries sale at the prices affixed, by John and Ar- recently sold in London and Edinburgli, thur Arch, containing a considerable num. now on Sale at No. 49, Lowgate, Hull, at ber of useful, scarce, and curious Works, the Low Prices affixed, for Ready Money. and specimens of early Printing, and the most valuable recent Publications. Price Flora Domestica ; a Descriptive Cata. 58. boards.

logue of Plants which may be reared in Tuther's Catalogue of Optical, Philoso- the House, with directions for their Treatphical, and Mathematical Instruments; ment, and Illustrations from the Works of with a Descriptive Enumeration of the Ap- the Poets. paratus employed in Experimental and Operative Chemistry, Analytical Minera- The Holy Life of Mrs Elizabeth Wal



ker, giving a Modest and Short Account Canova in his Workshop, engraved in of her Exemplary Piety and Charity. By the first style, in the line manner. By W. Anthony Walker, D. D., Rector of Fy- H. Worthington, from a Painting by F. X. field, Essex. First published in 1690. A Fabre. Proofs on India paper, L.1, Is. new edition, abridged and revised by the Prints, 10s. 6d. Rey. J. W. Brooks, Domestic Chaplain to Chapeau de Paille, a finely-executed enLord Viscount Galway.

graving by Mr R. Cooper, of the celeThe Biographical Cabinet ; containing a brated Antwerp Beauty, from Sir P. P. Collection of Portraits of eminent and dis-' Rubens. Prints, 10s. Cd. each. Proofs, tinguished Persons of every Age and Na- L.1, ls. tion, with Memoirs of their Lives and Cha- A View on the Thames, near Battersea, racters. By James Harrison.

from an admired Painting by Mr Charles DRAMA.

Deane, and finely engraved in the line manFaust; a Drama, translated from the ner, by Wm. James Taylor, 22 inches' German of Goethe and Schiller's Song of wide by 17. India paper proofs, L.1, 1s. ; the Bell. By Lord Francis Leveson Gower. French paper, ditto, 158.; and prints, EDUCATION.

10s. 6d. each. A Grammar of the Three Principal Ori. Views in Spain, from the Original ental Languages, Hindoostanee, Persian, Sketches made in a Tour through that and Arabic, on a plan entirely new and Kingdom in 1813. By Edward Hawke perfectly easy ; to which is added, a set of Locker, Esq. F. R. S. No. II. containing Persian Dialogues, composed for the Au- Tarragona in ruins, Catalana ; La Puebla thor, by Merga Mohammed Saulili of Shi. de Arlanzon, Alava ; Cathedral, Valencia; raz; accompanied with an English Trans- Castle of Chinchilla, Murcia ; Tolosa, Gui. lation, by William Price, Esq. 4to. £1, priscoa. 10s.

Twenty engravings of Lions, Tigers, Practical Logic; or, Hints to Young Panthers, and Leopards. By Thomas Theme Writers, for the purpose of leading Landseer, from Drawings by Edwin Land. them to Think and Reason with accuracy. seer and Edgar Spilsbury. These Draw. By B. H. Smart. 3s. 6d.

ings are some of them taken immediately A Plea in Behalf of a Christian Coun. from nature, and the remainder from Rutry, for the Christian Education of its bens, Reydinger, Rembrandt, and Stubbs, Youth, addressed to various Classes of So. corrected by a reference to the living aniciety. Abridged from the larger Work of mals. A Pictorial and Physiological Essay the Reverend George Monro, M. A., Vi- on the Carnivora will accompany the encar of Letterkenny, Ireland, in the year gravings. In 1 thin vol. royal 4to. Price 1711. 45. 6d.

L.1, 58. ; Proofs, L.2, 2s. Lettres à Isabelle, ou quelques Réflex- Part VIII. of a Series of Engravings, in ions sur l'Education et la Société. Par Ma- outline, by Henry Moses, of the Works dame Adele du Thon.

of Antonio Canova, in Sculpture and MoAn Epitome of Locke's Essay on the delling, with Descriptions from the Italian Human Understanding; in Question and of the Countess Albrizzi. Answer, for the use of those who intend to enter on the study of Metaphysics.

Sismondi's History of France. Histoire Rosamond, a Sequel to Rosamond in des Francais. Par J. C. L. Simonde de Early Lessons. By Maria Edgeworth. Sismondi. Toms IV. V. et VI. 8vo. Price second edition. 6s.

L.), 13s. Theory and Practice ; or, a Guide to Historical Illustrations of Quentin Dur. the French Language, devised on an easy ward, selected from Philip de Comines, and methodical Plan for Youth, and Per- Brantome, and other French Writers; with sons who wish to study the Elements of Remarks on each Chapter, pointing out the that Language with or without Writing coincidences or discrepancies between tlie Exercises ; and likewise a Book of Refer- Novelist and the Historian ; with Portraits ence for Persons who wish to translate of Louis XI., Charles the Bold, and Phi. English into French. By J. Maurois, lip de Comines. 8vo. 7s. Author of " A Modern French Conversa

LAW. tion," and “ Observations on the Study of A Law Glossary of the Latin, Greek, the French Language.” The second edi. Norman, French, and other Languages, tion, corrected and much improved. 5s. interspersed in the Commentaries by Sir

The Youthful Travellers; or, Letters William Blackstone, and various Law chiefly descriptive of Scenes visited by some Treatises upon each Branch of the ProfesYoung People during a Summer Excur- sion, translated into English, and alphabesion, designed as Examples of the Episto- tically arranged. Second edition. By Tholary Style for Children. 18mo. Half-bound, mas Tayler. 98. with Plates, price 2s. 6d.

Reports of Cascs argued and determined FINE ARTS.

in the Vice-Chancellor's Court, 3 Geo. IV. Cruikshank's Points of Humour, illu- Vel. I. Part I. (To be continued.) By N. strated in Eighteen Plates, with Letter- Simons and J. Stuart, Esqs. of Lincoln's press, 8vo. price 8s.; proofs, 12s. 6d. Inn, Barristers at Law. Thesc Reports


are in continuation of Mr Maddock's. useful information. Established 23 years. Is.

ls. Reports of Cases heard in the House of The Manuscript of 1814, written at the Lords, upon Appeals and Writs of Error, command of Napoleon. By Baron Fain, and decided during the Sessions 1819. By Secretary of the Cabinet at that epoch, R. Bligh, Esq. Barrister at Law. Vol. I. Master of Requests, &c. : and illustrated Part IV. with Indexes. (To be continued.) by Private and Official Correspondence. 8s.

Description of an Electrical Telegraph, Objections to the Proposed Alterations and of some other Electrical Apparatus ; of the Law relating to Principal and Fac- with Eight Plates, engraved by Lowry. tor. By Roger Winter, of the Middle By Francis Ronalds. 8vo. 6s. Temple, Esq. Barrister at Law. 2s.

A Refutation of the Incorrect StateThe General Stamp Act, 55 Geo. III. ments and Unjust Insinuations contained cap. 184, including the Statute 3 Geo. IV. in Capt. Brenton's Naval History of Great cap. 1117, reducing the Stamp Duties on Britain, as far as the same refers to the Re-conveyances of Mortgages, &c. To Conduct of Admiral Sir George Montague, which are added, Notes of Cases decided G. C. B. in a Letter addressed to the Auon the Stamp Laws in general ; with Re- thor. Second edition. 2s. Od. ferences to the Statutes 44 Geo. III. cap. A Letter to the Gentlemen of Great Bri. 98, and 48 Geo. III. cap. 149; shewing tain and Ireland, on the rate of Wages that the present and prior Duties; together with they are now paying to their Men Servants ; Practical Instructions how to get Paper or with an account of the Duties and Annual Parchment stamped, &c. &c.; with a Di. Wages of Stewards, Butlers, Gardeners, gested Index. By Walter J. Impey, Esq. Men Cooks, Valets, Grooms of the Chamof the Inner Temple. 6s.

ber, Coachmen, Grooms, Footmen, Under Reports of Judgments delivered by Sir Butlers, and Porters. By G. P. Witson, Orlando Bridgman, when Chief Justice of Esq. Is. 6d. the Common Pleas, from Michaelmas 1660 Suffolk Words and Phrases; or, an At. to Trinity 1667. Edited from the Har. tempt to collect the Lingual Localisms of grave Manuscripts. By S. Bannister, of that County. By Edward Moor, F.R.S. Lincoln's Inn, Esq. Barrister at Law. F.A.S. &c. 10s. 6d. L.), 5s.

Mirth for Midsummer, Merriment for Address delivered by Mr Freshfield, to Michaelmas, Cheerfulness for Christmas, the Select Committee of the House of Com. Laughter for Lady-Day; forming a Cola mons, to whom the Petition of the Mer- lection of Parlour Poetry, and Drawingchants, Bankers, and others, of London, Room Drollery, suitable for all Seasons, was referred, giving a History of the Law and supplying Smiles for Summer, Amuseof England upon the point in Question ; ment for Autumn,Wit for Winter, Sprightand a View of the Effect of the Law upon liness for Spring. 4s. the Commercial Interest of the Country, The Two Bourbons; or, the War-Cry , and shewing the Risks to which Merchants of Paris and Madrid. By B. Read. are exposed in the ordinary Purchases of A Reply to Mr Reed's Advertisement to Merchandise. Taken in short-hand by Mr the Seventh Edition of “ No Fiction;" Gurney. Second edition. 3s.

with a Review of " Martha." By Francis A Treatise on the Mortgage of Ships, Barnett, Author of " Memoirs by Hiinas affected by the Registry Acts; and on self.” 6d. the proper Mode of effecting Mortgages on Entertainment for Leisure Hours ; conProperty of this Nature; and on the Lia- sisting of Moral Tales, Biographical bilities of the Mortgagee. By Thomas Sketches, Gleanings, Original Communi. Anthony Trollope.

cations, Miscellaneous Pieces and Poetry, MISCELLANIES.

selected from the best authors, periodical Military Sketches of the Nepal War in works, &c. By Peter Mackinnell. 12mo. India, in the Years 1814, 1815, and 1816, 5s. 6d. with an Outline Map of the Operations of Mrs Jane Townley's Answer to the Edithe Armies under Major-General Sir David tor of the Council of Ten. ls. Ochterlony, Bart., G. C. B., and other The Etonian. A Series of Essays, Cri. Officers. By An Eye-Witness. 5s. ticisms, and Delineations of Life and Man

A Brief Exposition of certain parts of pers. The Third Edition, revised. L.l, Two Reports made to His Majesty's Prin- lls. 6d. cipal Secretary of State, on the subject of The Universal Cambist, and Commercial Gas Light Establishments in the Metro. Instructor; being a full and accurate Treapolis ; and of the Results deducible from tise on the Exchanges, Monies, Weights, the data therein contained. Is. 6d. and Measures of all Trading Nations and

Walwyn's Original Tax Tables for 1823 their Colonies. By P. Kelly, LL.D. In and 1824 ; containing all the Assessed 2 vols. 4to. Price Four Guineas, in Taxes, distinguishing those repealed and boards. reduced; the Stamp Duties ; the Excise Sketches in Bedlam ; or Characteristic Licences, which are not in any other public Traits of Insanity, as displayed in the Cases cation of the kind; Abstracts of the most of One Hundred and Forty Patients of both important Acts recently passed ; with other Sexes, now or recently confined in New

Bethlem, including Margaret Nicholson, the Graces. Translated from the original
James Hatfield, Patrick Walsh, Bannister, German of Christopher Martin Wieland.
Truelock, and many other extraordinary 78.
Maniacs, who have been transferred from Ahasuerus, the Wanderer ; a Dramatic
Old Bethlem. To which are added, a suc- Legend ; in Six Parts. By the Author of
cinct History of the Establishment, its “ Sketches in Hindoostan,” and other
Rules, Regulations, Forms of Admission, Poems. 6s.

Treatment of Patients, &c.—By a Con. The Social Day. A Poem, in Four stant Observer. 10s. 6d.

Cantos. By Peter Coxe. Illustrated by The Hermit Abroad. By the Author Thirty-two Engravings, after designs by of “ The Hermit in London,” and “ Her. the most eminent Artists. In royal 8vo. mit in the Country.” 12s.

Price L.2, 25. ; also, in imperial 8vo. with Illustrations, Historical, Biographical, Proof Impressions of the Plates, on India and Miscellaneous, of the Novels by the paper. . Author of Waverley ; with Criticisms, ge- Men and Things, in 1823, a Political Deral and particular. By the Rev. Richard, Sketch, in Three Epistles, to the Right Warner. In 1 vol. 12mo. with an En- Hon. Geo. Canning, with copious Notes. graving of an Anglo-Saxon Feast.

By James Shergold Boone, M. A. 5s. Letters to the Contractors of the Colom- The Seige of Jerusalem, a Poem. By bian Loan, on the Illegality and Non-rati- Charles Peers, Esq. 12s. 6d. fication of the Loan and Debentures, and The Discarded Son, a Tale, and other on the Fabrication of Mr Zea's Powers, Rhymes. By Charles Barwell Coles, Esq. under which the Loan was contracted, and 3s. the Debentures created. By a Member of Phantoms; a Poem, in Two Parts ; the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn. with Myrrha, a Fragment, translated from

The Road to Happiness. ls. 6d. the Provençal. By J. H. St Aubyn. 6s.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer's New The Duke of Mercia, an Historical Dra. Beer Act. The explicit Directions for ma. The Lamentation of Ireland ; and Brewing from Unmalted Corn, by Mr Ham, other Poems. By Sir Aubrey de Vere will enable Private Families to produce Hunt, Bart. 10s. 6d. Porter and Pale Beer of every description, The Island; or, Christian and his Com. at 2 d. per gallon, of an equal quality to rades. A Poem, in Four Cantos. By the that which is to be sold by the Beer Act at Right Hon. Lord Byron. 2 d. per quart.

Quentin Durward; a Drama, in Three The Cambrian Tourist ; or, Post-Chaise Acts. By Rd. Haworth. ls. Companion through Wales ; containing The Life of a Soldier ; a Narrative and cursory Sketches of the Welsh Territories, Descriptive Poem, embellished with Eigh. and a Description of the Manners, Cus- teen Plates, etched by, and highly colourtoms, and Games of the Natives. With ed after the Drawings of, William Heath. Charts, comprehending, at one view, the Handsomely printed in imperial 8vo. advisable Route, best Inns, Distance and Judah, a Sacred Oratorio ; the Words Objects most worthy of attention. With selected and written, and the Music origia beautiful Engraving of the Suspension nally composed and adapted to the Com. Bridge now erecting over the Menai Straits positions of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. at Bangor Ferry. Fifth Edition. 8s. By William Gardiner. Dedicated by per. NOVELS AND TALES.

mission to the King. Price L.3, 3s. ele. Eirst Affections; an Oxfordshire Story. gantly printed in full score, and adapted to 2 vols. 12s.

the Pianoforte, Hauberk Hall; a Series of Facts. By Specimens of British Poetry, chiefly seHenry Brebner. 10s. 6d.

lected from Authors of high celebrity, and May You Like It, Volume the Second. interspersed with Original Writings. By By the same Author as the First Volume Elizabeth Scott. 8vo. 12s. lately published, which may still be had as a work complete in itself. Price 6s. Two Letters to the Marquis of Lansboards.

downe, on the reputed Excess and DepreSeventy-Six. By the Author of “ Lo. ciation of Bank-Notes, on the Nature and gan.” 3 vols. 21s.

Operations of Coins, and on the Conse. The Farmers; or Tales for the Times, quences of the New Metallic Currency. addressed to the Yeomanry of England. By Daniel Beaumont Payne, Esq. 3s. 6d. Price 3s. 6d. boards.

A Compendium of Finance : containing The Italian Convert. By the Author an account of the Origin, Progress, and of “ The Vicar of Iver," " French Pro- present State of the Public Debts, Revenue, testant.” 18mo. half-bound, roan. Is. 6d. Expenditure, National Banks, and Cur. POETRY

rencies, of France, Russia, Prussia, the The Graces. A Classical Allegory, in. Netherlands, Austria, Naples, Spain, Porterspersed with Poetry, and illustrated by tugal, Denmark, Norway, Hanover, and Explanatory Notes. Together with a other German States, United States of AmePoetical Fragment entitled Psyche among rica, Buenos Ayres, Colombia, and Chili;


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