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off; and, from a consciousness of your meanness and unworthiness, are afraid to eat the crumbs which fall from the table; come, and partake with angels of this divine entertainment; and cherish the same cheerful, thankful, and humble dispositions, as those happy spirits. But while we are joining with them in these joyful services, let'us not forget that we are yet in the wilderness; and let us press forward to that world, where the Lamb, which is in the midst of the throne, shall feed us, and lead us to living fountains of waters.]

Ye are not yet, Christians, come to your rest. You have a wilderness to pass, before you can arrive at the promised inheritance. But, amidst all your difficulties and dangers, rejoice that the highest of your present pleasures are but the shadows of good things to come, which it has not entered into the heart of man to conceive.

In the mean time, in all your intercourse with mortals, assert the dignity of your spiritual alliance. I mean not, by a haughtiness of behaviour, not by a pharisaical superciliousness, not by an affected standing off, and saying to your neighbour, “ I am holier than thou;” but, by the meekness of your temper, by the fervour of your love, by the warmth of your zeal, and by your purity and holiness, show that you are not unfit associates for angels; that it may be said of you, as it was of Gideon's brethren, “ Each one resembled the children of a king." Scorn to follow a multitude to do evil; and stoop not to a mean compliance with any fashionable vices, or any practices inconsistent with your high and holy profession. Let your company be a check upon you ; for the angels

are always near you, and attentive observers of every part of your conduct. Remember too, that God has given them charge over you, to bear you up in their hands, that you dash not your foot against a stone: and let this recollection preserve you from any anxious apprehension of danger or trouble. Finally, comfort yourselves with the expectation of that happy period, when you shall be clothed with spiritual bodies; when you shall mount up as on the wings of an eagle, and rival angels themselves, in the warmth of your love, and the loudness of your hallelujahs.

“ Bless the Lord, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, bearkening to the voice of his word. Bless the Lord,

Bless the Lord, all ye his hosts; ye ministers of his that do his pleasure. Bless the Lord, all his works, in all places of his dominion; bless the Lord, O my soul.”

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This day is salvation come to this house.

WELCOME, welcome, thrice welcome !- This was the very thing that we wanted. We have waited, we have hoped, we have longed for thy salvation, O Lord. We have been looking for it in vain throughout the whole creation. We asked the world, and tried its profits, and honours, and pleasures ; but they each of them said, “ Salvation is not in me." We endeavour- . ed to stifleconvictions, to quench the spirit, and drown the clamours of an awakened conscience : but Carnal Security said, “ Salvation is not in '

me.” We tried a form of godliness, got a name to live, and were scrupulous and exact in tything mint, anise, and cumin: but Hypocrisy said, “ Salvation is not in me.” We applied ourselves to good works, -a our Saviours; seeking safety from our prayers and praises, humiliations and resolutions, from our gifts and our virtues; but still Self-righteousness replied, « Salvation is not in me,” And we know not whither we should have wandered ; nay, we should certainly have perished in our perplexities, if the grace of God had not appeared bringing salvation. What a glorious hour is this! Christ and our souls and salvation met in this house ! It can be no other


than the house of God: It is surely the gate of hea

It is more: it is an imperfect resemblance of heaven itself, where Jesus and salvation shall employ our eyes, our tongue and heart for ever.

It is, indeed, good to be here. Who does not wish, with such company, to dwell in the house of the Lord for ever? How salvation came hither, who brought it, and to whom it is brought, the whole story is worthy of notice; and a cursory review of it, may furnish us with some useful and seasonable observations.

“ And Jesus entered and passed through Jericho.”

Happy the place that Jesus enters! Happy the street through which he passes. For whithersoever he went, it was not as a common traveller, but as a physician and a Saviour. Had not this good Shepherd left the ninety and nine in the wilderness, the lost sheep had never recovered the fold. The work is all his own. We should never have sought thee, if thou hadst not found us: and now we are found, thou must draw us, or we shall never run after thee. He who went about doing good, never took a step in vain ; though we may not be always able to account for his motions. But we believe that to what place soever he comes, or sends the gospel, he has some precious Zaccheus in his eye.

" And behold there was a man named Zaecheus,"

Behold! take notice of it attentively, as a thing that seldom occurs. To see men perverted from Christ to the world, from piety to profaneness, is as common as lamentable. But to behold a sinner come to God, a miser leave all, and follow Christ, children of wrath become heirs of glory, is a matter of joy and surprise to men and angels. Since so many professors, and so few real converts, are found, every addition to the church of Christ deserves and challenges the attention and thankfulness of every friend to the Redeemer.

And he“ was the chief among the publicans ;” and seeins to have abused his employment to the vilest of purposes. When, therefore, we see such a transgres. sor repenting and finding mercy, it shows us, that though our sins be as scarlet, they may become white as snow; and that Jesus is able to save to the utter. most, all that come to God by him.

“ And he was rich:” to let us see that though it be hard, it is not impossible, for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

“ And he sought to see Jesus."

This is not astonishing, when all the world were flocking after him, and every day produced fresh instances of his power and goodness. The whole creation could not exhibit another such spectacle. Abraham rejoiced to see him, though at the distance of two thousand years : old Simeon wished to close his eyes with a sight of him, as if he thought it a pity, or a disparagement, to look at any thing else ever after ; and St. Paul gloried in it as one of the greatest things which he had to boast of, that he had seen the Lord Jesus. Hów insignificant, how infinitely despicable is every other prospect! We may look at mountains of gold, and be never the richer: we may see the most beautiful pictures, and be never the fairer : we may behold all the magnificence of the world, and be never the greater; but we cannot see the Consolation of Israel, without being comforted: we cannot look at the blessed Jesus, without receiving some of those blessings which he richly possesses. Perhaps, at first, there was more of curiosity than faith in the desire of Zaccheus. He, however, who wishes to see Jesus, is

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