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fuse us not, then, the 'friendly assistance of your prayers. It is, perhaps, the only way in which many of you have it in your power to assist us. Pray, that wbile we are keepers of other men's vineyards, we may not neglect our own; and that, after enriching multitudes with spiritual blessings, we may not our selves be cast away. Pray, 'that since this treasure is deposited with us, as a talent to be improved, and as a trust to be accounted for, we may obtain mercy of the Lord to be found faithful; that we may not hold the truth in unrighteousness, nor distribute speculative trash instead of spiritual treasure. Pray, that since we are such feeble creatures, God would graciously strengthen us; and that we may not, though surrounded with discouragements, faint in our minds, or grow weary of well doing. Pray, that if the times again should become. unfavourable and perilous, and it should be as much as our liberty and our lives were worth, to be found in a pulpit, we may hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering, and not, even in appearance, desert, or neglect, either Christ or you. Especially pray, that on the last great day, when the world shall be assembled, not to see the ordination of a single minister, but to behold all the ministers now present, and all whom you saw or heard of, and all that ever were ordained to be pastors and teachers in the churches of Christ, called forth to give an account of their stewardship ; O my friends, pray earnestly for us, that we may then give up our account with joy. Pray, that when we meet our respective charges at that awful tribunal, instead of mutual upbraidings and reproaches you accusing us of negligence or unfaithfulness, and we accusing you of

inattention and perverseness, we may be able to congratulate each other : you blessing God for us, as helpers of your faith ; and we presenting you to God, as our joy and crown of rejoicing. Then will be exultation and triumph for ever and ever. Yes, my fellow-labourers, though at present we are but frail and contemptible, yet, if we can deliver up the treasure committed to us, not merely not embezzled, but in some degree improved, the Lord, the gracious judge, will honour us with his public approbation ; and he will infinitely overpay our poor attempts to serve him, when he shall say, “ Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things : enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.”

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