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Chap. I.
He Introduction to the Text, from a confideration of the defpe-

rate ræine of the Souls of Men. The Text opened, expressing
Satan's Malice, Power, Cruelty, and Diligence.

Chap: 2.
Of the Malice of Satan in particular. The Grounds and Causes of
that Malice

. The Greatness of it proved ; and Instances of that
Greatness given.

Chap: 3:
Of Satans Power. His Power as an Angel considered. That be lost not
that Power by his Fall

. His Poder as a Devil. Of his Commission.
The Extent of bis Authority. The Efficacy of his Power. The Ad-
vantages which he hath for the management of it, from the Num-
ber, Order, Place, and Knowledg of Devils.

Chap. 4.
That Satan batb a great meafure of Knowledg, proved, by comparing

him with the knowledg of Adam in Innocency, and by his Titles.
: Of his Knowledg Natural, Experimental, and Accessory. Of bis

knowledg of our Thoughts. How far he doth not know them, and
how far be doth, and

by what means. * Of his knowledg of things
future, and by what ways he doth conjecture them. The Advantages.
in point of Temptation that he hath by his Knowledg.

Chap 5
Instances of Satar's Power. Of Witchcraft, what it is. Satan's

Power argued from thence. Of Wonders. Whether Satan can do
Miracles. An account of what he can do that way. His Power
argued from Apparitions and Poffeffions.

Chap. 6o

Chap. 6.
Of Satan's Cruelty. Instances thereof in his dealing with wounded

Spirits, in ordinary Temptations of the Wicked and Godly, in Pera
fecutions, Cruelties in Worship. His cruel handling of bis Slaves.


Chap 7
Of Satan's Diligence, in several Instances. The Question about the

Being of Spirits and Devils handled. The Sadducees Opinion dif-
covered. The Reality of Spirits proved.

Chap 8. .
Of Satan's Cunning and Craft in the general. Several Demonstrati-

ons proving Satan to be deceitful : And of the Reasons why be makes
use of his cunning

Ghap. 9.
Of Satan's Deceits in particular. What Temptation is. Of tempting

to Sin. His first general Rule. The Confideration of our Condition.
His" second Rule. Of providing futable Temptations. In what cases
be tempts us to things unsuitable to our Inclinations. His third Rxle.
The cautious Proposal of the Temptation, and the several ways there-
of. His fourth Rule is to entice the way thereof in the general, by
bringing a darkness upon the Mind through luft.

Chap 10.
That Satan enticeth by our Lust. I be several ways by which he doth it.
Of the power and danger.of i be violence of Affections.

Chap, II,
That Luft darkens the Mind. Evidences thereof. The five ways by

which it doth blind Men. (1.) By preventing the exercise of Reason.
The ways of that prevention ; (1.) Secresy in tempting, Satan's
subtilty therein. (2.) Surprisal. (3.) Gradual Intanglements,

Chap 12.
Of Satan's perverting our Reason. His second way of blinding. The

possibility of this, and the manner. of accomplishing it directly, Seve-
ral ways ; and indirectly, by the delights of Sin, and by Sophistical
Arguments) with an account of them.

Chap. 13,
Of Satan's diverting nun Reason, being the third way of blinding Men.

His policies for diverting our Thoughts. His attempts to that pur-
pose in a more direct munner ; with the degrees of that procediere. Of
disturbing or dijtracing our Keason, which is Satan's fourth way of
blinding Men. His deceits therein. Of precipitancy, S.atın’s fifth
w.dy of Linding Men. Several deceits to bring Men to that.


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Chap. I4
Of Satan's maintaining his poffeffion. His first Engine for that pur-

pose, is his finishing of Sin, in its reiteration and aggravation. His
Policies herein.

Chap 15
Of Satan's keeping all in quiet, which is bis second Engine for keeping

his poffeffion; and for that purpose, his keeping us from going to the
Lighst, by several subtilties : also of making us rise up against the
Light; and by what ways he doth that.

Chap 16.
Of Satan's third grand Policy for maintaining his poffeffion; which is

bis feigned Departure. (1.) By ceasing the prosecution of his design,
and the cases in which he doth it. (2.) By abating the eagernes of
pursuit, and how he doth that. (3.) By exchanging Temptations,
and his policy therein. The advantage he seeks by seeming to fly.
Of bis (4.) Stratagem for keeping his Pofession, which is his stop-
ping all ways of retreat ; and how he doth that.

Chap 17
Satan's Deceits against Religious Services and Duties. Toe Grounds

of bis difpleasure against Religious Duties. His first design against
Duties, is to prevent them. His several subtilties for that end,
by external hindrances, by indispositions, bodily, and spiritual, by
discouragements; the ways thereof, by dislike; the grounds thereof ;
by Sophistical arguings. His various pleas herein.

Chap 18.
Satan's second grand design against Duties, is to spoil them. (1.) In

the manner of undertaking, and how he effects this. (2.) In the
act or performance, by distracting outwardly, and inwardly, his
various ways therein, by vitiating the duty it self. Homo he doth
that (3.) after performance ; the manner thereof.



Chap 1.
Hat it is Satan's grand design to corrupt the minds of Men with:

Error. The Evidences that it is ; and the Reasons of his
endeavours that way.

Chap. 2.
Of the Advantages which Satan bath, and useth, for the Introduction

of Error. (1.) From his own power of Spiritual fascination. That
there is such a power proved from Scripture, and from the Effects
of it. (2.) From the imperfection of Knowledg, the particulars -
thereof explained. (3.) From tbe byaf of the mind. What things
do byaß it ; and the power of them to sway the understanding.
(4.) From Curiosity. (5.) From Atheistical Débauchery of Con--

Chap 3
Of Satan's improving these

. Advantages for Error, 1. By deluding
the Understanding direály: which he doth (1.) by countenancing
Error from Scripture. Of bis canning therein. (2.) By specious
pretences of Mysteries; and what these are. Of perfonal flatteries.
(3.) By affected Expressions. Reason of their prevalency. (4.) By
bold Affertions. The Reasons of that Policy. (5.) By the excellency
of the Persons appearing for it, either for Gifts or Holine. His
method of managing that design. (6.) By pretended Infpiration.
(7.) By pretended Miracles. His cunning herein. (8.) By peace and
prosperity in ways of Error. (9.) By Tyes against Truth, and the:
Profesors of it.

Chap 4
Of Satan's fecond way of improving his Advantages, which is by

working upon the Understanding indirectly by the Affections. This
be doth ( 1.) by a filent insensible introduction of Error. His
method herein. (2.) By entangling the Affections with the external
garb of Error. A gorgeous dress

, or affected plainneß. (3.) By fa-
bulous imitations of Truth. The design thereof. (4.) By accomodisa.
ting Truth to a complyance with Parties that differ from it. Various -
instances bereof. (5.) By driving to a contrary exstream. (6.) By


bribing the Affections witb Rewards, or forcing them by Fears.
(7.) By engaging Pride and Anger. (8.) By adorning Error with
the Ornaments of Truth.

Chap 5

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Satan's Attempts against the peace of God's Children, evidenced.
(1.) From bis Malice

. (2.) From the concernment of Peace to
God's Children. What these Concerns are, explained. (3.) From
the Advantages which he hath against them by difquieting their Minds.
1. Confusion of Mind. 2. Unfitness for Duty, and how. 3. Re-
jection of Duty 4. A Stumbling-block to others. 5. Preparation
of the Mind to entertain venomous Impressions, and what they are.
6. Bodily Weakness. 7. Our Miseries Satan's contentment.

Chap. 6.
Of the various Ways by which he hinders Peace. ist Way, by discom-

posures of Spirit. These Discomposures explained: by Sewing,
1. What advantage he takes from our natural Temper, and what
Tempers give him this advantage. 2. By what occafions he works
upon our natural Tempers. 3. With what success. (1.) These
Occasions suited to natural Inclinations, raise great disturbance.
(2.) They have attendency to Spiritual Trouble

. The thing proved,
and the manner how, discovered. (3.) These Disturbances much in
bis Power, General and Particular Confiderations about that

Chap 7:
of the second way to hinder Peace. Affrightments, the general Nature

and Burtben of them, in several Particulars. What are Ways by
which he affrights. 1. Atheistical Injections. Observations of his
proceeding in them.

2. Blasphemous Thoughts. 3. Affrightful
Suggestions of Reprobation. Observations of bis proceedings in
that course. 4. Frightful Motions to Sin. 5. Strong imniediate
Impressions of Fear. 6. Affrightful fcrupulofity of Conscience.

Chap 8.
Of his third way to hinder Peace by Spiritual Sadness, W berein, 1. Of

the Degrees of Spiritual Sadness. 2. Of the frequency of this
trouble, evidenced several ways. Of the difference 'twixt God and
Satan in wounding the Conscience. 3. Of the folemn Occasions of
this Trouble. 4. The Engines by which Satan works fpiritual
Sadness. i. His Sophiftry. His Topicks enumer sted and explain-
1. Scriptures Perverted.

2. False Notions. 3. Misrepre-
sentations of God. 4. Sins ; how he

aggravates them.

them. 5. Les-


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