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2. A bird.

UNAU'RTFULLY. adv. Without harm; doth notwithstanding keep as safe, as if it dwele innoxiously.

within the walls of some one house, and as uniWe laugh at others as innocently and as un formly hold, as if it had but one only heart and

soul. Pope to Swift.

Hoeker. burtfully as at ourselves. U'NICORN. n. s. (unicornis, unus and cornu,

The capillamenta of the nerves are each of

them solid and uniform ; and the vibrating moLatin.)

tion of the ethereal medium may be propagated 1: A beast, whether real or fabulous, that

along them from one end to the other uniformly, has only one horn.

and without interruption.

Neruton. Wert thou the unicorn, pride and wrath would 2. Without diversity of one from another. confound thee.

Sbakspeare. UNIMAGINABLE.'adj. Not to be imaUnicorns may be betray'd with trees, Bears with glasses, men with fatterers. Sbaksp.

gined by the fancy; not to be conNature in cornigerous animals hath placed the

ceived. horns inverted upwards, as in the rhinoceros,

Things to their thought Indian ass, and unicorn beetles.


So unimaginable, as hate in heaven. Milton. It is not of consequence, that because Dios The skilful organist plies his grave-fancied corides hath made no mention of unicorns horn,

descant in lofty fugues, or the whole symphony, there is therefore no such thing in nature.

with artful and unimaginable touches, adorns and Brown.

graces the well-studied chords of some choice Some unicorns we will allow even among in composer.

Milten. sects, as those nasicornous beetles described by

An infinite succession of the generations of Muffetus.


men, without any permanent foundation, is utWill the fierce unicorn thy voice obey,

terly unimaginable.

Tillotson. Stand at the crib, and feed upon the hay? UNIMAGINABLY. adv. To a degree not

Sandys. to be imagined

Little commissures, where they adhere, may Of the unicorn bird, the principal marks are not be porous enough to be pervious to the usthese: headed and footed like the dunghill imaginably subtle corpuscles, that make up the cock, tailed like a goose, horned on his fore beams of light.

Boyle. head, with some likeness as the unicorn is pic- UNI'MITABLE. Adj. [inimitable, French; tured; spurred on his wings, bigger than a swan.


inimitabilis, Latin.] Not to be imi.

tated. U'NIFORM. adj. [unus and forma.)

Both these are unimitable.

Burnet. 1. Keeping its tenour; similar to itself.

UNIMMOʻRTAL. adj. Not immortal ; Though when confusedly mingled, as in this

mortal. stratum, it may put on a face never so uniform and alike, yet it is in reality very different. They betook them several ways,

Woodward. Both to destroy, or 'unimmortal make 3. Conforming to one rule; acting in the

All kinds.

Milten, same manner: agreeing with each other. UNIMPA'IRABLE. adj. Not liable to waste

The only doubt is about the manner of their or diminution. unity, how far churches are bound to be uniform If the superior be unimpairable, it is a strong in their ceremonies, and what way they ought presumption that the inferiors are likewise unto take for enat purpose. Hooker. impaired.

Hakemiil. Creatures of what condition soever, though UNIMPA'IRED. adj. Not diminished; tiot each in different manner, yet all with uniform worn out. consent admire her, as the mother of their peace Yet unimpair'd with labours, or with time, and joy.

Hooker. Your age but seems to a new youth to climb. Numbers, being neither uniform in their de

Dryden. signs, nor direct in their views, neither could If our silver and gold diminishes, our publick manage por maintain the power they got. credit continues unimpaired.

Addison Swift. UNIMPLO'R ED. adj. Not solicited. UNIFO'RMITY. n. s. Cuniformité, Fr.]

If answerable stile I can obtain 1. Resemblance to itself; even tenour. Of my celestial patroness, who deigns

There is no uniformity in the design of Spen Her nightiy visitation unimplor'de Milten ser; he aims at the accomplishment of no one UNIMPO'RTANT. adj. action.

Dryden. 1. Not momentous.
Queen Elizabeth was remarkable for that

2. Assuming no airs of dignity.
steadiness and uniformity which ran through all
her actions.


A free, unimportant, natural, easy manner ; diverting others just as we diverted ourselves

. 2. Conformity to one pattern; resemblance

Pope to Swift. of one to another.

UNIMPO'RTUNED. adj. Not solicited; The unity of that visible body and church of

not teased to compliance. Christ, consisteth in that uniformity which all

Who ever ran the several persons thereunto belonging have,

To danger unimportun'd, he was then by reason of that one Lord whose servants they all profess themselves; that one faith which they

No better than a sanguine, virtuous man.

Denne. all acknowledge; that one baptisın wherewith UNIMPRO'VABLE, adj. Incapable of they are all initiated.

The great council of Nice ordained that there melioration. should be a constant uniformity in this case. UNIMPRO'VABLENESS. n. s.[from unim

Nelson. provable.] Quality of not being imU'NIFORMLY. adv. [from uniform.] provable. 1. Without variation ; in an even tenour. This must be imputed to their ignorance and

That faith received from the apostles, the Punimprovableness in knowledge, being generally church, though dispersed throughout the world, without literature,

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UNI'NJURED. adj. Unhurt ; suffering no I. Not inade better.

harm. 2. Not made more knowing.

You may as well spread out the unsun'd Not a mask went unimprov'd away. Pope. heaps 3. Not taught; not meliorated by instruc

Of misers' treasure by an outlaw's den,

And tell me it is safe ; as bid me hope tion.,

Danger will let a helpless maiden pass
Young Fortinbrass,

Urinjur'd in this wild, surrounding waste. Milt. Of unimproved mettle, hot and full. Shakspeare.

Then in full age, and hoary holiness, Shallow unimproved intellects are confident

Retire, great teacher! to thy promis'd bliss: pretenders to certainty.


Untouch'd thy tumb, uninjury be thy dust, UNINCRE'ASABLE, adj. Admitting no in As chy own fame among the future just ! Prior. crease.

UNINSCRIBEV. adj. Having no inscripThat love, which ought to be appropriated to tion. God, results chiefly from an altogether or almost Make sacred Charles's tomb for ever known; unincreasable elevacion and vastness of affection. Obscure the place, and uninscrib'd the stone. Boyle. Oh fact accurst!

Popes UNINDIFFERENT. adj. Partial ; leaning UNINSPIRED. adj. Not having received to a side.

any supernatural instruction or illumiHis opinion touching the catholick church was nation. as unindifferent, as, touching our church, the opi Thus all the truths that men, uninspired, are nion of them that favour this pretended reform enlightened with, came into their minds. Lotke. ation is.


My pastoral muse her humble tribute brings, UNINDU'STRIOUS. adj. Not diligent; not And yet not wholly uninspir'd she sings. Dryd. laborious.

Pride we cannot think so sluggish or unine UNINSTRU'CTED. adj. Not taught; not dustrious an agent, as not to find out expedients

helped by instruction. for its purpose.

Decay of Piety.

That fool intrudes, raw in this great affair, UNINFLA'MED. adj. Not set on fire.

And uninstructed how to stem the cide. Dryden. When weak bodies come to be inflamed, they

It will be a prejudice to none but widows

and orphans, and others uninstructed in the arts gather a much greater heat than others have uninflamed.

Locke. Bacon.

and management of more skilful men.

It is an unspeakable blessing to be born in UNINFLA'MMABLE. adj. Not capable of

those parts where wisdom flourishes; though being set on fire.

there are even in these parts several poor unin. The uninflammable spirit of such concretes structed persons.

Addison. may be pretended to be but a mixture of phlegm Though we find few amongst us who profess and salt.

Boyle. themselves Anthropomorphites, yet we may find, UNINFO'R MED. adj.

amongst the ignorant and uninstructed christians, 1. Untaught ; uninstructed.

mary of that opinion.

Locke, Nor uninform'd

UNINSTRU'CTIVE. adj. Not conferring Of nuptial sanctity, and marriage rites. Milton.

any improvement. No uninformed minds can represent virtue so Were not men of abilities thus communicanoble to us, that we necessarily add splendour to tive, their wisdom would be in a great measure her.


useless, and their experience uninstructive. 2. Unanimated ; not enlivened.

Addison. UNINGE'NUOUS. adj. Illiberal ; disinge UNINTE'LLIGENT, adj. Not knowing; nuous.

not skilful ; not having any consciousDid men know how to distinguish between reports and certainties, this stratagem would

We will give you sleepy drinks, that your be as unskilful as it is uningenuous.

senses may be unintelligent of our insufficience. Decay of Piety.

Sbakspeare. UNINHABITABLE. adj. Unfit to be in The visible creation is far otherwise apprehabited.

hended by the philosophical enquirer, than the If there be any place upon earth of that na unintelligent vulgar.

Glanville. ture that paradise had, the same must be found This conclusion, if men allowed of, they within that supposed uninhabitable burnt zone, would not destroy ill-formed productions. Ay, or within the tropicks.


but these monsters. Let them be so; what will Had not the deep been form'd, that might your drivelling, unintelligent, untractable changecontain

ling be?

Locke, All the collected treasures of the main;

Why then to works of nature is assign'd The earth had still o’erwhelm'd with water An author unintelligent and blind; stood,

When ours proceed from choice?' Blackmore. To man an uninbabitable food. Blackmore. The obvious products of unintelligent nature. UNINH A'BIT ABLEness. n. s. Incapacity UNINTELLIGIBILITY. n. s. Quality of

Bentley. of being inhabited. Divers radicated opinions, such as that of the

not being intelligible. uninhabitableness of the torrid zone, of the so

Credit the unintelligibility of this union and motion.

Glanville. lidity of the celestial part of the world, are ge

Boyle. nerally grown out of request.

If we have truly proved the unintelligibility of UNINHA'BITED. adj. Having no dweliers.

it in all other ways, this argumentation is undea niable.

The whole island is now unirlabited. Sandys. UNINTE'LLIGIBLE. adj. [inintelligible,

Uninhabited, untillid, unsown
It lies, and breeds the bleating goat alone. Pepe

French.] Not such as can be underI cast anchor on the lee side of the island, stood. which seemed to be uninhabited, Swift, The Latin, three hundred years before Tully,


was as unintelligible in his time, as the English They are all three immoveable or enjointed, and French of the same period are now. Swift.

of the thickness of a little pin.

Grew. Did Thetis

U'NION. n. s. [unio, Latin.] These arms thus labour'd for her son prepare ; 1. The act of joining two or more, 80 as For that dull soul to stare with stupid eyes, to make them one. On the learn'd unintelligible prize? Dryden. This notion must be despised as harmless, un

Adam, from whose dear side I boast ne

sprung, intelligible enthusiasm.


And gladly of our union hear thee speak, UNINTELLIGIBLY. adv. In a manner

One heart, one soul, in both! Milton not to be understood.

One kingdom, joy, and union without end. Sound is not unintelligibly explained by a vi

Milton. brating motion communicated to the medium.

2. Concord; conjunction of mind or inLocke.

terests. To talk of specifick differences in nature, without reference to general ideas, is to talk yn

The experience of those profitable emanations intelligibly.


from God, most commonly are the first motive

of our love ; but when we once have tasted his UNINTE'NTIONAL. adj. Not designed ;

goodness, we love the spring for its own excel happening without design.

lency, passing from considering ourselves, to a Besides the unintentional deficiencies of my union with God.

Tagler. style, I have purposely transgressed the laws of 3. A pearl. Not in use. oratory, in making my periods over-long. Boyle.

The king shall drink to Hamlet's better UNI'NTERESSED. | adj. Not having in

breath; UNI'NTERESTED. S terest.

And in the cup an union shall he throw, The greatest part of an audience is always un Richer than that which four successive kings interessed, though seldom knowing. Dryden.

In Denmark's crown have worn. Sbakspeare UNINTERMITTED. adj. Continued ; not 4. In law. interrupted.

Union is a combining or consolidation of two This motion of the heavenly bodies seems to

churches in one, which is done by the consent be partly continued and unintermitted, as that of the bishop, the patron, and incumbent. And motion of the first moveable partly interpolated

this is properly called an union : but there are and interrupted.


two other sorts, as when one church is made UNINTERMI'XED. adj. Not mingled.

subject to the other, and when one man is made Unintermix'd with ficrious fantasies,

preiate of both, and when a conventual is made I verify the truth, not poetize.


cathedral, Touching union in the first significa

tion, there was a statute, an. 37 Hen. VIII. UNINTERRU'PTED. adj. Not broken;

chap.21. that it should be lawful in two churches, not interrupted.

whereof the value of the one is not above six Thy constant quiet fills my peaceful breast pounds in the king's books, of the first fruits, With unmix'd joy, uninterrupted rest.

and not above one mile distant from the other.

Roscommon. Union in this signification is personal, and this is Governments so divided among themselves for the life of the incumbent ; or real, that is

, in matters of religion, maintain uninterrupted perpetual, whosoever is incumbent. Corvell. union and correspondence, that no one of them UNI'PAROUS.adj. [unus and pario.] Bring. is for invading the rights of another. Addison. The hills rise insensibly, and leave the eye

ing one at a birth. a vast uninterrupted prospect.


Others make good the paucity of their breed The uninterrupted stitch in superficial wounds

with the duration of their days, whereof there is rejected.


want not examples in animals uniparous. Brexi. UNINTERRU'PTEDLY. adv. Without in. U'NISON. adj. [unus and sonus, Latin. ) terruption.

Sounding alone. A successive argumentation uninterruptedly

Sounds intermix'd with voice continued, in an actual existence of believing, Choral, or unison.

Millet and congregations in all ages unto :he end of the U'NISON. N. s. world.

The will thus determined, never lets the un-

1. A string that has the same sound with

apother. derstanding lay by the abject; but all the thoughts of the mind, and powers of the body,

When moved matter meets with any thing are uninterruptedly employed.


like that from which it received its primary inUNINTRE'NCHED. adi. Not intrenched.

press, it will in like manner move it, as in mu. It had been cowardice in the Trojans, not to

sical strings tuned unisons. have attempted any thing against an arniy that

2. A single unvaried note. Lay unfortified and unintrenobede


Lost was the nation's sense, nor could be UNINVE'STIGABLE, adj. Not to be


While a long solemn unison went round. Pepe. searched out.

Diversify'd ʼmidst unison of chime,
The number of the works of this visible world

Freer than air, yet manacled with rhyme. being uninvestigable by us, afford us a demon

Hark strative, proof of the unlimited extent of the U'NIT. . s. (unus, unitus, Latin.] Dae; Creator's skuil.

Ray. UNINVITED. adj. Not asked.

the least number; or the root of num.

bers. His honest friends, at thirsty hour of dusk, Come uninvited.


If any atom should be moved mechanically, UNJOINTED. ad;.

without attraction, 't is above a hundred million

millions odds to an unit, that it would not strike 1. Disjoined; separated.

upon any other acom, but glide through an empty I hear the sound of words; their sense the air interval without contact.

Beatly. Dissolves injeinted ere it reach my ear. Miltun. Units are the integral parts of any large

num. 2. Having no articulation.



T. UNI'TE. v. a. [unitus, Latin.)

2. Concord : conjunction. I. To join two or more into one.

That which you hear, you 'll swear
The force which wont in two to be dispersed, You see, there is such unity in the proofs.
In one alone right hand he now unites. Spenser.

Whatever truths

Nor can we call those many, who endeavour Redeem'd from error, or from ignorance, to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of Thin in their authors, like rich veins of ore, peace. By this, said our Saviour, shall all men Your works unite, and still discover more.

know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love

Dryden. one to another; and this is the unity of chaA proposition for uniting both kingdoms was rity:

Pearson, begun.


Take unity then out of the world, and it dis2. To make to agree.

solves into a chaos.

Holyday. The king proposed nothing more than to unite

We, of all christians, ought to promote unity his kingdom in one form of worship. Clarendon, .

among ourselves and others.

Spratt. 3. To make to adhere.

3. Agreement; uniformity. The peritonæum, which is a dry body, may be

To the avoiding of dissension, it availeth united with the musculous flesh.


much that there be amongst them a unity, as 4. To join.

well in ceremonies as in doctrine. Hooker. In the lawful name of marrying,

4. Principle of dramatick writing, by which To give our hearts united ceremony. Sbakspeare. the tenour of the story, and propriety of Charity is of a fastening and uniting nature.

representation, is preserved. Pearson.

The unities of time, place, and action, are exLet the ground of the picture be well united with colours of a friendly nature.

actly observed.

Dryden. Dryden.

Although in poetry it be absolutely necessary 5. To join in interest.

that the unities of time, place, and action, should Unto their assembly mine honour be not thou be thoroughly understood, there is still someunited.


thing more essential, that elevates and astonishes. To UNI'TE. v. n.

the fancy.

Addison 1. To join in an act; to concur; to act in 5. In law. concert.

Unity of possession is a joint possession of two If you will now unite in your complaints, rights by several titles. For example, I take a And force them with a constancy, the cardinal

lease of land from one upon a certain rent; Cannot stand under them. Sbakspeare.

afterwards I buy the fee-simple. This is an 2. To coalesce; to be cemented ; to be

unity of possession, whereby the lease is ex. consolidated.

tinguished; by reason that I, who had before

the occupation only for my rent, am become 3. To grow into one.

lord of the same, and am to pay my rent to UNITEDLY. adou. With union; so as to none.

Cowell, join.

UNJU'DGED. adj. Not judicially deterThe eyes, which are of a watry nature, ought mined. to be much painted, and unitedly on their lower

Causes unjudy'd disgrace the loaded file, parts; but boldly touched above by the light and

And sleeping laws the king's neglect revile. shadows. Dryden.

Prior, UNI'TER. n. s. The person or thing that UNIVE'RSAL. adj. [universalis, Latin.] unites.

1. General ; extending to all. Suppose an uniter of a middle constitution,

All sorrowed; if all the world could have that should partake of some of the qualities of

seen 't, the woe had been universal. Sbakspeare. both.


Appetite, an universal wolf,
UNI'TION. n. so (union, French ; from So doubly seconded with will and power,

unite.] The act or power of uniting ; Must make perforce an universal prey,
conjunction; coalition. A word proper,

And last eat up itself.

Sbakspeart. but little used.

Divine laws and precepts simply and for.

mally moral are universal, in respect of per. As long as any different substance keeps off the unition, hope not to cure a wound. Wiseman.

sons, and in regard of their perpetual obligation,

White. U'NITIVE, adj. [from unite.] Having the This excellent epistle, though, in the front of power of uniting:

it, ic bears a particular inscription, yet in the That can be nothing else but the unitive way drift of it is universal, as designing to convince of religion, which consists of the contemplation all mankind of the necessity of seeking for hap and love of God. Norris. piness in the gospel.

Soutb, U'NITY. n. s. [unitas, Latin.]

No subject can be of universal, hardly can it 1. The state of being one.

be of general, concern.

Reynolds. Those hereticks introduced a plurality of Gods; 2. Total ; whole. and so made the profession of the unity part of From harmony, from heav'nly harmony, the symbolum, that should discriminate ihe or This universal frame began.

Dryden. thodox from them.


3. Not particular; comprising all particuThe production of one being the destruction

lars. of another, although they generate, they increase

I'rom things particular not; and must not be said to multiply, who do

She doth abstract the universal kinds. Davies. not transcend an unity.


An universal was the object of imagination, Man is to beget

and there was no such thing in rea'iry. Like of his like; his image multiply'd : ,

Arbuthnot and Pope.
In unity defective; which requires

Collateral love, and dearest amity. Milton.

The whole ; the Whatever we can consider as one thing, suge general system of the universe. Not in gests to the understanding the idea of unity.

Locke. To what end had the angel been set to VOL. IV.

2 %


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keep the entrance into paradise after Adam's This conceit makes putrefactise generation expulsion, if the universal had been paradi<e?. correspondent unto seminal productions; and

Ralciob, conceives inequivocal efiects, and univocal con: Pato calleth God the cause and original, the formity unto the efficient.

Broren, nature and reason of the universal. Raleigh. UNI'VOCALLY. adv. (from univocal.] UNIVERSA'LITY. . s. (universalitas, 1. In one term ; in one sense. school Latin.] Not particularity; gene

How is sin univocally distinguished into venial

and mortal, if the venial be not sin ? Hall rality; extension to the whole. This catholicism, or second affection of the

It were too great presumption to think, that church, consisteth generally in universality, as

there is any thing in any created nature thac embracing all sorts of persons, as to be dis

can bear any perfect resemblance of the inseminated through all nations, as comprehend

comprehensible perfection of the divine nature: ing, all ages, as containing all necessary and

very being itself dues not predicate unizocally saving truths, as obliging all conditions of men

touching God, and any created being, and itto all kind of obedience, as curing all diseases,

tellect, and will, as we attribute them to him.

Hale. and planting all graces in the souls of men.


2. In one tenour. This catalogue of sin is but of sin under a All creatures are generated univocally by palimitation; an unit ersality of sin under a certain rents of their own kind; there is no such thing kind; that is, of all sins of direct and personal as spontaneous generation.

Ray. cummission.

Soutb. UNJO'Yous, adj. Not gay; not cheerful. The universality of the deluge I insist upon; Morn, fare rising o'er the drooping world, and that marine bodies are found in all parts of Litts her pale eye unjoyous,

Tlus. the world.

Woodward. UNJU'st. adj. Linjuste, Fr. injustus, Lat.] A special conclusion cannot be inferred from

Iniquitous ; contrary to equit?'; cona moral universality, nor always from a physical one; though it may be always inferred from an

trary to justice. It is used both of per. universality that is metaphysical.

Watts. sons and things. He might have seen it in an instance or two;

should forge and he mistook accident for universality;

Quarrels unjust against the good and loyal, Reynolds.

Destroying them for wealth. Shekspert UNIVERSALLY. adv. [from universal.]

The Piercies,

Finding his usurpation most unjust, Throughout the whole ; without ex

Endeavour'd my advancement to the throne. ception.

Sbakspeare Those offences which are breaches of super He that is unjust in the least, is unjust also in natural laws violate in general that principle of much. Teason, which willetli universally to fly from evil. Succeeding kings' just recorery of their righe


from unjust usurpations and extortions shall There best beheld, where universally admir'd. never be prejudiced by any act of mine.

Miton. What he borrow's from the antients he re

Th' unjust the just hath slain. pays with usury of his own, in coin as good, and He who was so unjust as to do his brother an as universally valuable.

Dryden. . injury, will scarce be so just to condemn himself This institution of charity-schools universally for it. prevailed.

Adilison. UNJU'STIFIABLE.adi. Not to be defende U'NIVERSE. 1. so [univers, Fr. 'universum, ed; not to be justified. Lat.] The general system of things.

If these reproaches, which aim only at osteiCreeping murmur, and the poring dark, tation of wit, be so injustifiable, what shall we Fills the wide vessel of the unicerse. Sbakspeare. say to those that are drawn, that are founded in God here sums up all into man; the whole malice?

Government of the Tsangat into a part; the universe into an individual.

If we could look into effects, we might pro Soutb.

nounce boldly: But for a man to give his opinio Father of heav'n!

of what he sees but in part, is an hajustifade Whose word callid out this universe to birth.

piece of rashness.

Prior. In a just and honourable war we engaged; nos UNIVE'RSITY. x. s. [universitas, Lat.) A out of ambition, or any other unjustifiabk motive,

school, where all the arts and faculties but for the detence of all that was dear to us are taught and studied.

Atterbury. While'l play the good husband at home, my Us JU'STIPLABLENESS. n. s. The quality son and servants spend all at the driversity. of not being justifiable.

Sbakspeare. He wished them to consider of the illegality In the treatises also of place between eccle of all those commissions, and of the unjustifabka siastical dignities, or degrees of the universities, ness of all the proceedings which had been by such reasons and authorities are commonly virtue of them. used as may be applied likewise to temporal dig When it is unlawful upon the unjustifiable: nities.

Selden. of the ground, we sin in it till we put an end to The universities, especially Aberdeen, tlou it. tished under many excellent scholars, and very UNJU'STIFIABI. Y. adv. In a manner not learned men.


to be defended. UNI'VOCAL. adj. [univocus, Latin.]

UNJU'STLY. adv. In a manner contrary to 1. Having one meaning. Univocal words are such as signify but one


If aught against my life idea, or but one sort of thing: equivocal words are such as signify two or more different ideas,

Thy country sought of thee, it sought snjustiza or different sorts of objects.


'Whom, but for voting peace, the Greeks pura 2. Certain; regular ; pursuing always que

sue, tenour.

Accus'd unjustly, then unjustly slew. Deabru

King Charles





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