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on, 164.

Faussett, Dr., on chronology, 412.
Feet-washing, 197.
Field, Mr., his editorial labours, 161.
French, the Emperor of the, and the

Revelation, 5.
French Bible translations, diversity of,

436; deviations of from the English,


Christianity and slavery, 111; their

incompatibility with each other, 116.
Chronology, Biblical, theories of, 310.
Chronology of the LXX. contradicted

by the Hebrew Scriptures, 311.
Chrysostom's address to servants, 132.
Church, the, and slavery, 132.
Clinton and the ancient archons, 324.
Codex Alexandrinus, new edition of,

Codex Vaticanus, remarks on the, 220.
Commentators, modern, and their irre-

verent spirit, 288.
Confirmation of Bible history, 388.
Connexion between the histories of

Greece and Assyria, 239.
Correspondence, 136, 386.
Crates and Slavery, 127.
Cureton, Dr., remarks on his Syriac

version, 154, 378.

Gibeonites, history of the, 276.
Gildemeister's correctness, 154.
Gilfillan on Spenser and Bunyan, 451.
Gospel, the, and slavery, 113, 116, 135.
Gospels, Jewish remarks on the, 155.
Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture, 198.
Grammar of New Testament diction,

Grecian philosophy and its scope, 102.
Greek numerals and the Napoleons, 5,

8, 12.
Greeks, the, and the Hivites, 269.



Daniel, interpretation of, 473.
David, life and character of, 454.
Decline of Judaism, 229.
Descent of Jesus into hell, in the Apos-

tles' Creed, 17; its history traced,
19; Bishop Horsley on, 36.

Hardwick, Archdeacon, notice of, 242.
Hebrew labours of the Rev. B. Ascher,

Hebrew race, characteristics of, 471.
Hebrews, the, commentaries on the

laws of, 194; blood-revenge among,


Hebrews, the Epistle to, authorship

of, 392; who was the author ? 420;
Luther's denial of it as the work of
an apostle, 421; Dean Alford and

Tholuck on, 422.
Hefele's history of councils, 172.
Hell, the descent of Christ into, 17;

Calvin on the metaphorical interpre-

tation of, 28.
Henderson, Rev. E., memoir of, 184;

his labours in Sweden, 186.
Hincks, Dr., on Assyrian history, 151.
History, Egyptian, 53.
Hivites, history of the, 266; their lan-

guage, 268; boundaries of their land,

Horne's Introduction, a new edition

of, 228.

Labour, the hours of, shortened by the

Christian Church, 131.
Lanny, Professor, his Syriac labours,

Lancashire dialect, Song of Songs in,

Land, Dr., remarks by, on the Cure-

tonian version of St. Matthew, 154.
Latin numerals and Napoleon III., 8.
Limits of religious thoughts, contem-

porary opinions on, 200.
"Little knowledge is a dangerous

thing," 103, 104.
Luther's denial of the Epistle to the

Hebrews as an apostle's work, 421.

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Ignatian epistles, Dr. Killen on, 398.
Intelligence, 200, 454.
Interpretation of Daniel, 473.
Irenæus and Greek numerals, 10; on

the Apostles' Creed, 18; on prophecy,

Islamism, a natural history of, 187;

its dislike to controversy, 189.

Mai, Cardinal, his literary abilities,

Mansel, Mr., his lectures, 200; general

comments on, 201 ; on divine revela-

tion, 447.
Masson on New Testament writers,

Maurice, Mr., his remarks on Sir W.

Hamilton, 179; his habits of wool-
gathering, 181, 184.
Max Müller's Sanscrit labours, 431.
Median history, remarks on, 136.
Miracles, Professor Powell on, 459.
Modern prophetical literature, 1.
Modern versions of the Scriptures,

Mohammed, the creed of, 188.
Mount Se’yr and the Hivites, 272.


Jamieson's advice to young men, 175.
Jehovah, the angel of, 466.
Jerusalem, Jesus in, 228.
Jesus and slavery, 116.
Jewish comments on the Gospels, 155.
Jews, persecution of by Trajan, 408;

also by Haman, 468.
Josephus as a chronologer, 316.
Judah, list of kings of, 389.
Judaism, decline of, 229.
Julius Africanus and Mr. Parker, 322.



Napoleon III. and the Apocalypse, 6.
Neander and the world's advance, 104.
New foreign works published, 245,

478; English, 246, 479.
Nineveh, a curious seal found in, 227.
Notices of Books, 160, 397.
Numerals, Greek and Latin, and the

Napoleons, 5, 8, 12.

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Kalisch, Dr., remarks on his Gospel

comments, 155.
Killen, Dr., and the Ignatian Epistles,

398 ; his presumption and self-con-

fidence, 399.
Kings of Egypt and Judah, list of,

Kitto, Dr., on blood-revenge, 281.
Koran, the account of, 190.
Kurtz, Dr., on the Pentateuch, 405.

Obituary, 242.
Offertory boxes, account of, 198; their

antiquity and construction, 199.


Pagan deities and the passions, 105;

protecting power of, 106.
Palestine, pathways in, 475.
Parian Chronicle, account of, 325.
Parker, Mr., his deviations from com-

mon chronology, 320; his reliance
on Julius Africanus, 322 ; his con-
tradictions, 332; astronomy and his-
tory both against his chronology,

Piacular sacrifice, particulars of, 255.
Plato averse to slavery, 128.
Poetry and mythology, 102.
Polytheism and the other world, 100.
Powell, Professor, on miracles, 459.
Profane writers' condemnation of

slavery, 126; Æschylus, Sophocles,

and others quoted, 127.
Prophecy, the desirableness of a study

of, 14.
Prophecies and their fulfilment, 2.
Prophetical Literature and the Napo-

leons, 5.
Protestant Episcopal Church and the

Apostles' Creed, 20.

Segneri's eloquence, 419.
Septuagint, errors in the, 160.
Se’yr and its settlement, 272; its pre-

dacious inhabitants, 274; their wan-
derings, 275; their defeat, 278.
Slavery condemned by ancient and pro-

fane writers, 110; its incompatibility
with Christianity, 111; treatment of

its victims, 112.
Slaves and their freedom, 133.
Spenser on heaven, 451.
St. Athanasius, Festal Letters of, 259.
St. Barnabas on chronology, 311.
St. John, the emblems of, 71, 345.
St. Peter and St. Paul's teaching as to

human equality, 119; slaves as a
right of property not recognized by,

Stier on St. James, 446.
Swedenborg as a writer, 428.
Syriac literature, 373.
Syro-Egyptian Society, antiquities at,




Rare manuscripts, 237.
Recent Syriac literature, 373.
Religious thought and prophecy, 14.
Remarks on Assyrian and Median his-

tory, 130.
Revelation, what is it? 175.
Rev. xi.-xiii., interpretation of, 71,

345, 406.
Revelation and heathenism, theology

of, 99.
Revision of the Vatican New Testa-

ment, 166.
Riddle, Rev. J. E., account of, 244.
Rome, blasphemous reference to Chris-

tianity in, 470.

Talbot, Mr. H. F., on Assyrian history,

Theology of revelation and heathenism,

Theories of Biblical chronology, 310.
Tholuck on the Epistle to the Hebrews,

Tischendorf, discoveries of, 476.
Tomb of Rachel in Bethlehem, account

of, 230.
Toussaint L'Ouverture and Napoleon,

Trajan, his cruelty to the Jews, 408.
Tregelles, Dr., and Greek numerals,

Trevilian, Mr., his originality, 10 ; his

readings of the Gree text, 11 ; hi
reference to Louis Napoleon, 12.

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Sacred slaves of Israel, their origin

and history, 266.
Scaliger's exclamation on chronologists,

Scriptures, the language of, subversive

of slavery, 123; modern versions of
the, 227.

Vatican New Testament, revised edi-

tion of, 166 ; errors in the original,
167; scholars' demands for correct-
ness, 169.


Vatican Codex, its supposed resem-

blance to a Herculanean manu-
script, 220; its uncial character no
proof of extreme antiquity, 221;
characteristics of, 222; value of it

in Biblical criticism, 223.
Visions and revelations, Mr. Clissold

Whately, Archbishop, on the soul's

existence, 24; on Paley's Evidences
of Christianity, 413.
Whitsunday, remarks on, 224.
Winer's Grammar of New Testament

diction, 170.
Wines, Professor, on the Decalogue,


on, 439.

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