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of substantial relief to the unemployed and consequently suffering

operatives,' as they are called, establishments are to be reduced below their necessary scale, we do not hesitate to assert that more essential injury will be done to the public interest, than could have followed their being unnecessarily increased in the same proportion. If any establishment can be proved to be intrinsically too large for its purpose, let it be reduced ;--but to reduce wantonly, under the hypocritical pretence of diminishing the evils sustained by the labouring population, is to aggravate a case of present distress, arising from causes utterly unconnected with national finance,-and this in the most absurd as well as cruel manner : for the public attention cannot be fixed at once on real remedies, and these frivolous nostrums.

Why has not man a microscopic eye ?

For this plain reason-man is not a fly. Why did not Lord Chatham, and Mr. Burke, and Mr. Fox, during that part of their lives which was spent in direct and vigorous opposition to the government of the day, counsel the sort of experiments to which we, it seems, are destined to submit? The answer is— those great men disdained to flatter, to their own ruin, the passions and prejudices of the multitude; they had nobler ambition than could be gratified in a frivolous and teasing warfare of petty details, in which little minds exult, because it is over them, and them alone, that ich minds can obtain even

a temporary semblance of mastery.

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For a detailed amount of this Scale sa the Explanation


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Public Inome including 42.658.680 arising 400,822,304 hom other sources than Taxation

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APPENDIX, A. Being a more detailed Explanation of the accompanying Scale,

exhibiting the Linear Proportions which exist among different Branches of the Public Expenditure of Great Britain and

Ireland, during the Year 1825. No. 1 is the centre column, and represents the total expenditure of the country, which, with a slight exception, is defrayed from the proceeds of taxation, 60,154,135l.

No. 2, on the right of the centre column, is the line which represents the annual interest and expenditure incident to the national debt, 39,801,031l., including all such charges as, in strict principle, ought to be considered as parts thereof.

No. 3 represents the portion of the public expenditure apparently under the control of the government, including the civil, military, and naval establishments, 20,353, 1061. ; but the part dotted represents the charge for collecting that portion of the revenue which is made necessary by the payment of the interest of the national debt.

No. 4 represents the portion of the public expenditure connected with the collection of the revenue, as exhibited in the public accounts, 5,245,8761., which together with 351,5561. for the pensions and superannuation allowances, compose the 5,597,4321. Vide Finance Accounts. *

No. 5 represents the expenditure of the army, 4,672,6901., deducting the half-pay and pensions, = 2,906,9411., total 7,599,831l. Vide Finance Accounts. .

No. 6 represents that of the navy, 4,255,4901. deducting halfpay and pensions, = 1,593,6291., total 5,849,1191. Vide Finance Accounts.

No. 7 represents the expense incurred for certain miscellaneous Services detailed in the public accounts, 2,702,1221., deducting he pensions and superannuation allowances, = 76,890l., total, 2,779,012. Vide Finance Accounts.

No. 8 represents the expenditure of the ordnance, 1,193,6041., deducting half-pay and pensions, = 373,4831., total 1,567,0871.

No. 9 represents that of the civil list, 1,057,0001.

The whole Revenue collected being

£57,662,812 The expense of collecting which is stated to be :

5,245,876 The net Revenue therefore is

£52,416,945 But of this net revenue there was payable to the national creditor 39,801,0311., the proportion of collecting which is 3,983,2781. This last sum, then, must be subtracted from the 20,353,1061., composing the total annual expenditure for wh'ch government is strictly responsible, and this sum will be reduced to 16,369,8281., including the expense of 1,262,5981, for its collection..

No. 10 represents the amount of advances for certain services in Ireland, and elsewhere, as detailed in the public accounts, 1,022,3341.

No. 11 represents the amount of salaries paid in various miscellaneous departments of government, 203,9891.

On the left of the centre columnNo. 12 represents the linear proportion of a saving to be effected by a reduction of ten regiments, = 252,3301.

No. 13 represents, in a similar manner, the saving to be effected by a reduction of four thousand men in the navy, = 218,4001.

No. 14 represents the proportion of a saving of 119,3301., or ten per cent., on the expenditure of the ordnance.

No. 15 represents the proportion of a saving to be effected by the reduction of five hundred junior clerks in the different establishments of government, = 75,000l.

No. 16 represents the proportion of a saving of 20,1001., to be effected by a reduction of ten per cent. on the salaries of various public functionaries, = 20,1001.

No. 17 shows the linear proportion of these assumed reductions, when added to each other, = 685,1601.

And No. 18 exhibits the linear proportions of the savings which have been effected by the various reductions of annual taxation, which the government have accomplished since the period of the war, viz., Remission of direct taxes

£18,177,000 Taxes on articles of consumption

7,620,000 Taxes for the relief of trade, &c.


£30,712,000 Deduct taxes imposed in 1819 upon malt, tea, tobacco, &c. 3,190,000

£27,522,000 Observations, explanatory of the reasons of some variations

between the sums indicated on the scale, and those in the Finan

cial Accounts. The revenue collected from taxes, during the year 1825,

£57,374,977 The difference between the balances retained by the re

ceiver, at the commencement and the close of the financial year, was equal to the additional receipt of revenue to the amount of



Making the ordinary annual revenue to be


Carried forward

. £57,662,821


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