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WISH to give very grateful thanks to those who have helped me in my work, and to those who

have, by their kindness, added a value to this book which it could not otherwise have boasted. Of the former, I am especially indebted to Mr. Roger Ingpen for the most generous of aid, and for the loan of many

books. Of the latter, I would name particularly Mr. John Murray, who has allowed me to quote freely from his inestimable editions of the Letters and Journals by Mr. Rowland E. Prothero, and of the Poems by Mr. Ernest Hartley Coleridge, and has also permitted the use of several pictures; Mr. Horatio F. Brown, to whom I owe the reproduction of Ruckard's picture " Byron in Venice "); and Mary, Countess of Lovelace, who, after my work was finished, read the proofs, and inding my view of the Separation-episode in agreement with her own and that of her family, accorded me the ight of reproducing Hayter's miniature of Lady Byron. Lady Lovelace asks me to state, in this connection, hat in the opinion of the family, the portrait by Ramsay, n vol. iv. of Letters and Journals (said to be that of Lady Byron), is not authentic.

Mr. Buxton Forman was kind enough to give his pinion against the authenticity of a picture which I iad hoped might prove to be one of Allegra. It is herefore not included.



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