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Instructions to be observed by Our Right Trusty and Well-beloved Cousin and Councellor Henry Lord Viscount Falkland, our Deputy General of our Realm of Ireland, and by our Council there; and by the Deputy or other Chief Governor or Governors and Council there, which hereafter for the time shall be: and by all other our Officers and Ministers whom it may severally or respectively concern.

"I. At the humble request presented unto us, on the behalf of our Subjects of Ireland, upon mature consideration had thereof, and by the advice of our Privy Council, we are graciously pleased, in the first place, to order and direct, for the better preservation and ease of our said Subjects, that our Soldiers there be called in, and limited to the most serviceable Garrisons; and that they be not called from thence upon any pretence, but against the enemy, or rebel that makes head.

"II. For the collection of our rents, in case of default, that first a summons process shall issue; secondly, that a pursuivant be sent; and lastly, if this be not sufficient, in case the sum be of value, that then our Vice Treasurer, by warrant from our Deputy and Council, shall appoint a competent number of soldiers of the next adjoyning Garrison, to collect our said rents, at the charge of the parties complained of; having care that any man be not burdened with a greater number of soldiers than the service shall necessarily require.

"III. And when necessity requires the marching of our soldiers, against the enemy, or rebel, that the Officers imployed shall give ready money or ticket, to be defalked out of their entertainment, and duly paid into the country upon demand, without taking money, pawns, or distresses, but such meat and drink as the people can afford.


"IV. That laying of any burthen upon our subjects for payment of soldiers be forborn, except in cases of inevitable necessity.

"V. Concerning the grant for selling of aquavitæ and wine, in regard it is complained of as a great burthen to the country, without any profit to us, we are pleased that the Patentee, or his assigns, shall be restrained from all proceedings whatsoever, to the charge or vexation of any of our subjects, for or concerning that grant, until the assembling of the next Parliament; and that it be taken into consideration by the Houses of Parliament, and regulated as may best agree with the ease and convenience of the Commonwealth, and the advantage of our profit in the subsidies.

VI. For the licensing to sell all and beer, forasmuch as it appears that the same hath no ground of law, that the grant thereof shall be presently resumed into our hands, and that all proceedings thereupon shall cease until the next Parliament; and that in the Parliament such course be laid down for licensing and selling of beer and ale from that time forwards, as shall be most convenient; wherein consideration must be taken, that a profit in the subsidies may thereby be advanced; and in the mean time no process or warrant to issue to the charge or trouble of any our subjects, touching that grant.

"VII. That the late proclamation of the first of February last, concerning the fees of the Clerk of the Market, and all other fees mentioned in the said proclamation, shall be suspended until further order. And because there appears nothing. here, but that the grant of the Clerk of the Market and Gauger complained of is lawful, only there is question of the fees, that our Chancellor, two Chief Justices, Master of the Rolls, and Chief Baron, there taking to their assistance two more of the principal Gentlemen of the Country, shall regulate the fees to be taken by those Officers, according to the law. And for the measure of the cask to be exported into any foreign parts, you our Deputy and Council, are to take it into your consideration, and upon conference with the Officers of our Customs, and the Merchants, such as you shall think fit to call before you, to limit them to such a certain gage for the same, as shall be most advantagious to the Merchants in their traffique, without prejudice to us in our Customs; leaving the gage of cask that shall be vented within the land to be ruled by the standard there. And in regard it is alledged, that the Packer's Office is not ancient, nor grounded upon law, we require you and our Council to take consideration thereof, and to set down such orders as may take away the abuses.

"VIII. In reforming of the barbarous abuse of the short ploughs, we are pleased that the penalty now imposed thereon, shall be presently taken away; and that hereafter an Act of Parliament shall pass for restraining of the said abuse, upon such a penalty as shall be thought fit.

"IX. That all grants for places assigned for tanning of leather by Sir Henry Sidney, according to the Statute 11 Eliz. enacted in Ireland, shall stand good; and also all other grants or licences past in fee simple or fee farm under our Great Seal, for tanning of leather in Cities, Corporations, Towns, Mannors, or other particular places, shall likewise stand good:But that all grants or licensing concerning tanning of leather throughout Counties, Baronies, or Hundreds, past or to be past to any particular person, for life, years, or otherwise, by pretence whereof any licence or toleration is or may be made by the said particular person or persons to any the inhabitants of the said Counties, Baronies, or Hundreds, shall be called in and suppressed. And to supply any defect that may be for

want of liberty to tan leather in convenient places, we require and authorize you our Deputy and Council for the time being, to pass Letters Patent under our Great Seal there, for tanning of leather in places where you shall think convenient, without paynient of any fine, with a clause of non obstante of the Statute aforesaid. And in the next Parliament we are pleased that a further course shall be taken therein, and likewise for the inhibiting of the barking of trees.

"X. And for the furtherance of traffick, and bringing in of corn into that our Kingdom, we are graciously pleased, that corn may be transported without licence into any of our dominions, and other countries in amity with us, when wheat shall not exceed the price of ten shillings, English, a Bristol-band barrel; and likewise, that living cattle may be brought into our dominions without restraint or licence; and that wooll also may be transported, provided that it be into our Kingdom of England only, and paying the ordinary customs and duties: In which three last particulars, we require you to take order by Act of State, or otherwise, as shall be most expedient.

XI. The Patent for linen yarn shall be resumed, to the end the whole profit may come to us and our crown, as well that which the Patentee doth receive, as that which we now have: And the Patentee shall receive such recompence as concerneth the transportation of the said linen yarn, and consesequently not to be compelled to take licence. Nevertheless, it is our pleasure, that the Patentee continues his grant, and receive the profit as hitherto be hath done, until he be compounded with, and receive recompence for it.

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"XII. We are graciously pleased, that tallow, and hides, and fish, beef and pork in cask, may be freely transported into our dominions, and all other States in amity with us; and that all such pipe staves as are already made, may be transported into any of our dominions, paying the customs and duties.

"XIII. The Bishops and Patentees of dissolved Abbies, and other Religious Houses, in or near Cities and Towns of Ireland, pretending liberties and freedom, are to contribute towards the lodging of soldiers, and to bear such other public charges, according to indifferent assessment to be made and laid upon them by the Sheriffs and other Magistrates of Counties and Cities, and the proper Officers of those places; and to that purpose you are to publish a General Order, to avoid any dissension that may arise thereont; and for other matters, they are to be left to the law. And if any unjust charge, in what kind soever, shall be laid on any of our subjects of that our Kingdom, they shall have access unto us, and gracious hearing.

"XIV. Creation Money for the Nobility is to continue, according to the Letters Patents thereof; and the impost on wines

is likewise to be continued to such of the Nobility and Council as shall reside or bear principal offices in that Kingdom: And the two Presidents of Munster and Conaught are to enjoy the same, although they be absent, because they keep tables for their several Councils.

XV. The Subjects of our Realm are to be admitted to sue their liveries, ouster le mains, and other grants depending in our Courts of Wards, taking only the Oath here under expressed, and any other Oath to be forborn in that case: And the natives of that Kingdom, being Lawyers, and who were heretofore practisers there, shall be admitted to practise again; and all other natives of the nation that have been or shall be Students of the Inns of Court in England for the space of five years, and shall bring any attestation sufficient to prove the same, are also to be freely admitted by the Judges there to practise the Law, taking only the said Oath :—

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"I, A. B. do truly acknowledge, profess, testifie, and declare in my conscience, before God and the World, that our Sovereign Lord King Charles is lawful and rightful King of this Realm, and of all other His Majesty's dominions and countries: And I will bear faith and true allegiance to His Majesty, his Heirs and Successors, and him and them will defend to the uttermost of my power, against all conspiracies and attempts whatsoever, which shall be made against his or their Crown and Dignity, and do my best endeavour to disclose and make known unto His Majesty, or his Heirs and Successors, or to the Lord Deputy or other Governor for the time being, all Treasons or Traiterous Conspiracies which I shall know or hear to be intended against His Majesty, or any of them: And I do make this recognition and acknowledgement heartily, willingly, and truly, upon the true faith of a Christian.-So help me God.

"XVI. All compositions in the Court of Wards, or Alienations, made bona fide for valuable considerations, intrusions, premier seisins, ouster les mains, and liveries, are to be reduced and limited to the eighth part of the true value of the lands and hereditaments so to be compounded for: And all Wardships and Custodies of Lands during the minority of our Wards, are to be moderately valued, according to the discretion of the Judges of that Court; provided, that if any alienations shall be made, whereby we shall be prevented of premier seisin and relief of wardship, and that sufficiently proved: In all such cases, our said Court of Wards is not to be restrained to the himitation of the rates of the alienations aforesaid; but our Officers of the same are to impose such reasonable rates and values, as may recompence us, in some measure of those duties and profits, which otherwise should have accrued unto us, if no alienation to uses had been made.

* XVII. Our Court of Wards is not to make any inquiries Further, then to the last deceased ancestor, except it be by special direction from us.

"XVIII. All Escheators and Feodaries are to be specially directed where any freeholder's estate in land doth not exceed the worth of five pound, English, yearly, in the true improved value; to return the offices taken of such land into the proper Courts, without charge to the subject, or other fees to any Court or Officer, save only ten shillings, sterling, to the Officer that shall take and return the office; but no charge is to be set upon the said lands, nor any process to issue upon the said inquisitions, but only for our reliefs due upon the tenures; provided, that if any such freeholder have the value of one hundred marks, English, in chattels real or offices, then this Grace is not to be extended to him, although his estate in land be under five pound per annum.

"XIX. In general leading cases, that Court is to be regulated according to the laws and courses practised here in England, whereof our Judges here shall deliver their opinions, if it shall be desired: And our Judges of that Court there, are to nominate some of the best quality of the several counties, to be joyned in Commission with the Feodary or Escheator to take inquisitions.

"XX. None of the Clerks, or inferior Ministers of that Court, or Servant to any of the said Court, is to be a Commis. sioner for taking Offices; not intending hereby to exclude the Officers of the said Court, and others who by their places are to be Commissioners.

"XXI. No grants of intrusions or alienations, or leases of men's lands are to be made out of that Court to any, before the party interested shall have personal warning, and affidavit returned thereof, who is to be preferred before any other, if he come in the next term after the office is returned, and will accept it at the rates thought fit by the Court.

"XXII. Upon a contempt in that, or any other Court; the first attachment is to be directed to the Sheriff, and if he makes not a good return, and the party come not in during that term to purge his contempt; then the further process is to be directed to the Pursuivant, and no further in the Court of Wards; our Exchequer in this point is to proceed according to the law and ancient custom of that Court; and our other ancient Courts are to hold their ancient course, and not to permit any innovations of sending Messengers, or other Officers.

"XXIII. For reducing and moderating of fees, taken by Officers and Clerks in our Courts there, whereof great complaint is made: It is our pleasure, that a Commission be directed under our Great Seal of that our Realm, to the persons no

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