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The colour of imitation is still stronger in the following paffage:

'Aως αντελλουσα καλον διεφαινε προσωπον,
Ποτνια νυξ ατε, λευχον εας χειμενος ανεντος
Ωδε και α χρυσεα Ελενα διαφαινετ 'εν ημίν,
Πιειρα, μεγαλα, ατ ανεδραμεν όγμος άρερα.
Η καπω κυπαρισσος,

ή αρματι Θεσσαλος ιππος.

This defcription of Helen is infinitely above the style and figure of the Sicilian pastoral “ She is like the rising of the golden morning, “ when the night departeth, and when the τα winter is and


She resembleth the “ cypress in the garden, the horse in the chariots 66 of Thessaly.” These figures plainly declare their origin, and others equally imitative might be pointed out in the fame idyllium,


This beautiful and luxuriant marriage-paftoral of Solomon is the only perfect form



of the oriental eclogue that has survived the ruins of time, a happiness for which it is, probably, more indebted to its facred character than to its intrinfick merit. Not that it is by any means destitute of poetical excellence: like all the eastern poetry, it is bold, wild and unconnected in its figures, allusions and parts, and has all that graceful and magnificenc daring which characterises its metaphorical and comparative imagery.

In consequence of these peculiarities, so ill adapted to the frigid genius of the north, Mr. COLLINS could make but little use of it as a precedent for his oriental eclogues, and even in his third eclogue, where the subject is of a similar nature, he has chosen rather to follow the mode of the Doric and the Latian pastoral.

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The scenery and fubjects then of the fol. lowing eclogues alone are Oriental; the style and colouring are purely European ; and, for this reason, the author's preface, in which he intimates that he had the originals from a merchant who traded to the East, is omitted, as being now altogether superfluous.

WITH regard to the merit of these Ecfogues, it may juftly be asserted, that in fim. plicity of description and expression, in delicacy and softness of numbers, and in natural and unaffected tenderness, they are not to be equalled by any thing of the pastoral kind in the English language.

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THIS eclogue, which is entitled Selim, or

the Shepherd's Moral, as there is nothing dramatic in the subject, may be thought the least entertaining of the four : but it is, by no means, the least valuable. The moral precepts which the intelligent shepherd delivers to his fellow-fwaiņs and the virgins, their companions, are such as would infallibly promote the happiness of the pastoral life.

In impersonating the private virtues, the poet has observed great propriety, and has formed their genealogy with the most perfect judgment, when he represents them as thę daughters of truth and wisdom.

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The characteristics of modesty and chastity are extremely happy and peinturesque :

Come thou, whole thoughts as limpid springs

are clear,
To lead the train, sweet modesty appear !
With thee be chastity, of all afraid,
Distrusting all, a wise suspicious maid ;
Cold is her breast, like flowers that drink

the dew,

A filken veil conceils her from the view.

The two fimiles borrowed from rural objects are not only much in character, but perfectly natural and expresive. There is, notwithstanding, this defect in the former, that it wants a peculiar propriety ; for purity of thought may as well be applied to chastity as to modesty; and from this instance, as well as from a thousand more, we may see the necef


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