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after being stripped naked, and his What is the fate of the miner who arms unbound. Previously to tyi g digs the diamond from the well in him to the stake, a large circle was darkness, in abstraction from this formed around him, consisting of breathing world and all its beauty, as Indian men, women, and children, if his God had meant him, like the dancing and yelling, and uttering all mole, to be inhumed alive? When manner of threats and abuse that their that diamond blazes on the breast of small knowledge of the English lan- vanity, is it worth such purchases ? guage could afford.

The prisoner looked on these preparations for death, She faded silently, as doth the rose, and on his savage foes, with a firm

Which but in death reveals the secret countenance and steady eye, meeting

smart; all their threats with a truly savage And faintly smiling to the last, bestows fortitude. In the midst of their

A balmy perfume from its withering dancing and rejoicing, a squaw of one

heart. of their chiefs came near him with a child in her arms. Quick as thought and with intuitive prescience, he

Some connoisseurs would give a snatched it from her and threw it into hundred pounds for the painted head the midst of the flames. Horror

of a beggar, who would threaten the struck at the sudden outrage, the living mendicant with the stocks. Indians simultaneously rushed to rescue the infant from the fire. During

The soul of music slumbers in the this confusion, Brady darted from the


Till waked and kindled by the mascircle, overturning all that came in his and rushed into the adjacent

ter's spell : way, thickets, with the Indians at his heels. And feeling hearts, touch them but He ascended the steep side of the

lightly, pour

A thousand melodies unheard before! present hill, amidst a shower of bullets, and darting down the opposite declivity, secreted himself in the deep

Excess of ceremony shows want of ravines and laurel thickets that abound breeding; that civility is best, which for several miles to the west of it. excludes all superfluous formality. His knowledge of the country and wonderful activity, enabled him to Theworld! the sunnyworld! oh! bright elude his enemies, and reach the set- And beautiful indeed thou art : tlements on the south of the Ohio The brilliant day, the dark blue night, river, which he crossed by swimming. Bring joy-hut not to every heart. The hill near whose base this adven- No! till, like flowers, those hearts can ture is said to have happened still fling goes by this name; and the incident Grief-drops from off their folded is often referred to by the traveller, leaves, as the coach is slowly dragged up its 'Twillonly smilein hope's bright spring, side.

And darken when the spirit grieves.

What is the love of restless, roving


man ? A vagrant stream, that dallies There is no living creature that with each flower on its bank, then gives us such an idea of happiness as passes on and leaves them all in tears. a bird, as it skims on light wing along the ether, alights among flowery shrubs, Why did she love him ?-curious fool, or upon the springy bough of a lofty be still — tree, or dresses its plumage by a foun- Is human love the growth of human tain or a stream.

will ?

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