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sults, and had but a momentary effect ban and the great Condé, marshalled in quelling the spirit of the tameless with pike and cuirass beside the halfIroquois.

naked Huron and Abenaquis; while It was on the fourth of July, 1696, young cavaliers, in the less warlike that the commander in chief, the vete- garb of the court of the magnificent ran Count de Frontenac, marshalled Louis, moved with plume and mantle the forces at La Chine, with which he amid the dusky files of wampum-decked intended to crush for ever the powers Ottawas and Algonquins. Banners of the Aganuschion confederacy. His were there which had flown at Steenregulars were divided into four bat- kırk and Landen; or rustled above talions of two hundred men each, com- the troopers that Luxemburgh's trummanded respectively by three veteran pets had guided to glory when Prince leaders, and the young Chevalier De Waldeck's battalions were borne down Grais. He formed also four battalions beneath his furious charge. Nor was of Canadian volunteers, efficiently the enemy that this gallant host were officered, and organised as regular seeking unworthy of those whose troops. The Indian allies were di- swords had been tried in some of the vided into three bands, each of which most celebrated fields of Europe. was placed under the command of a " The Romans of America,” as the nobleman of rank, who had gained Five Nations have been called by more distinction in the European warfare than one writer, had proved themselves of France. One was composed of the soldiers, not only by carrying their Sault and St. Louis bands, and of arms among the native tribes a thoufriendly Abenaquis ; another consisted sand miles away, and striking their of the Hurons of Lorette and the enemies alike upon the lakes of Maine, mountaineers of the north ; the third the mountains of Carolina and the band was smaller, and composed in- prairies of the Missouri ; but they had discriminately of warriors of different already bearded one European army tribes, whom a spirit of adventure led beneath the walls of Quebec, and shut to embark upon the expedition. They up another for weeks within the de. were chiefly Ottawas, Saukies and fences of Montreal, with the same Algonquins, and these the Baron De courage that, a half a century later, Bekancourt charged himself to con- vanquished the battalions of Deskau duct. This formidable armament was upon the banks of Lake George. amply provisioned, and provided with Our business, however, is not with all the munitions of war. Besides the main movements of this army, pikes, arquebusses, and other small- which, we have already mentioned, arms then in use, they were furnished were wholly unimportant in their rewith grenades, a mortar to throw them, sults. The aged Chevalier De Fronand a couple of field pieces ; which, tenac was said to have other objects with the tents and other camp equip- in view besides the political motives age, were transported in large batteaux for the expedition, which he set forth built for the purpose. Nor was the to his master the Grand Monarque. energy of their movements unworthy Many years previous, when the Five of this brilliant preparation. Ascend Nations had invested the capital of ing the St. Lawrence, and coasting New France and threatened the exthe shores of Lake Ontario, they en- termination of that thriving colony, a tered the Oswego river, cut a military beautiful half-blood girl, whose eduroad around the falls, and carrying cation had been commenced under the their transports over the portage, immediate auspices of the governorlaunched them anew, and finally de- general, and in whom, indeed, M. De bouched with their whole flotilla upon Frontenac was said to have a paternal the waters of Onondaga lake.

interest, was carried off, with other It must have been a gallant sight prisoners, by the retiring foe. Every to behold the warlike pageant floating effort had been made in vain, during beneath the primitive forest which the occasional cessation of hostilities then crowned the hills around that between the French and the Iroquois, lovely water. To see the veterans to recover this child ; and though, in who had served under Turenne, Vau- the years that intervened, some wandering Jesuit from time to time aver- about Konnedieyu ; and when Hanred that he had seen the Christian cap- yost informed the commander of the tive living as the contented wife of a French forces that, by surprising this young Mohawk warrior, yet the old party, his long-lost daughter, the wife nobleman seemed never to have de- of Kiodago, might be once more given spaired of reclaiming his “ nut-brown to his arms, a small, but efficient force daughter." Indeed, the chevalier was instantly detached from the main must have been impelled by some such body of the army to strike the blow. hope when, at the age of seventy, and A dozen musketeers, with twentyso feeble that he was half the time five pikemen, led severally by the carried in a litter, he ventured to en- Baron De Bekancourt and the Chevacounter the perils of an American wil- lier de Grais, the former having the derness, and placed himself at the head chief command of the expedition, were of the heterogeneous bands which now sent upon this duty, with Hanyost to invaded the country of the Five Na- guide them to the village of Kiodago. tians under his conduct.

Many hours were consumed upon the Among the half-bred spies, border march, as the soldiers were not yet scouts, and mongrel adventurers that habituated to the wilderness; but just followed in the train of the invading before dawn on the second day, the army, was a renegade Fleming, of the party found themselves in the neighname of Hanyost. This man, in early bourhood of the Indian village. youth, had been made a serjeant-ma- The place was wrapped in repose, jor, when he deserted to the French and the two chevaliers trusted that the ranks in Flanders. He had subse- surprise would be so complete, that quently taken up a military grant in their commandant's daughter must Canada, sold it after emigrating, and certainly be taken. The baron, after then, making his way down to the a careful examination of the hilly Dutch settlements on the Hudson, had passes, determined to head the onbecome domiciliated, as it were, among slaught, while his companion in arms, their allies, the Mohawks, and adopt- with Hanyost, to mark out his prey, ed the life of a hunter. Hanyost, should pounce upon the chieftain's hearing that his old friends, the French, wife. This being arranged, their fol. were making such a formidable de- lowers were warned not to injure the scent, did not now hesitate to desert female captives while cutting their dehis more recent acquaintances; but fenders to pieces, and then a moment offered his services as a guide to Count being allowed for each man to take a de Frontenac the moment he entered last look at the condition of his arms, the hostile country. It was not, how- they were led to the attack. ever, mere cupidity or the habitual The inhabitants of the fated village, love of treachery which actuated the secure in their isolated situation, aloof base Fleming in this instance. Han- from the war parties of that wild disyost, in a difficulty with an Indian trap- trict, had neglected all precaution per, which had been referred for ar- against surprise, and were buried in bitrament to the young Mohawk chief sleep, when the whizzing of a grenade, Kiodago, (a settler of disputes,) whose that terrible, but now superseded encool courage and firmness fully enti- gine of destruction, roused them from tled him to so distinguished a name, their slumbers. The missile, to which conceived himself aggrieved by the a direction had been given that carried award which bad been given against it in a direct line through the main him. The scorn with which the arbi. row of wigwams which formed the little trator met his charge of unfairness, street, went crashing among their frail stung him to the soul, and fearing the frames of basket-work, and kindled arm of the powerful savage, he had the dry mats stretched over them into nursed the revenge in secret, whose instant flames. And then as the startled accomplishment seemed now at hand. warriors leaped all naked and unarmed Kiodago, ignorant of the hostile force from their blazing lodges, the French which had entered his country, was off pikemen, waiting only for a volley with his band at a fishing station, or from the musketeers, followed it up summer-camp, among the wild hills with a charge still more fatal. The

wretched savages were slaughtered like luckless Frenchman had met his doom. sheep in the shambles. Some, over- It was the Christian captive, the wife whelmed with dismay, sank unresisting of Kiodago, beneath whose hand he upon the ground, and covering up had fallen. The chieftain now stood their heads after the Indian fashion over the body of his victim, brandishwhen resigned to death, awaited the ing a war-club which he had snatched fatal stroke without a murmur ; others, from a dying Indian near.

Quick as seized with a less benumbing panic, thought, De Grais levelled a pistol at sought safety in flight, and rushed his head, when the track of the flying upon the pikes that lined the forest's girl brought her directly in his line of paths around them. Many there were, sight, and he withheld his fire. Kiohowever, who, schooled to scenes as dago, in the mean time, had been cut dreadful, acquitted themselves like off from the rest of his people by the warriors. Snatching their weapons soldiers, who closed in upon the space from the greedy flames, they sprang which his terrible arm had a moment with irresistible fury upon the bris- before kept open. A cry of agony tling files of pikemen. Their heavy escaped the high-souled savage, as he war-clubs beat down and splintered saw how thus his last hope was lost. the fragile spears of the Europeans, He made a gesture, as if about to rush whose corselets, ruddy with the re- again into the fray, and sacrifice his flected fires mid which they fought, life with his tribesmen; and then perglinted back still brighter sparks from ceiving how futile must be the act, he the hatchets of flint which crashed turned on his heel, and bounded after against them. The fierce veterans his retreating wife, with arms outpealed the charging cry of many a well- stretched to shield her from the dropfought field in other climes ; but wild ping shots of the enemy. and high the Indian whoop rose shrill The uprising sun had now lighted above the din of conflict, until the up the scene, but all this passed so hovering raven in mid air caught up instantaneously that it was impossible and answered that discordant shriek. for De Grais to keep his eye upon the

De Grais, in the meantime, survey. fugitives amid the shifting forms that ed the scene of action with eager in- glanced continually before him; and tentness, expecting each moment to when accompanied by Hanyost and see the paler features of the Christian seven others, he had got fairly in purcaptive among the dusky females who suit, Kiodago, who still kept behind ever and anon sprang shrieking from his wife, was far in advance of the the blazing lodges, and were instantly chevalier and his party. Her forest hurled backward into the flames by training had made the Christian capfathers and brothers, who even thus tive as fleet of foot as

an Indian would save them from the hands that maiden. She heard, too, the cheering vainly essayed to grasp their distracted voice of her beloved warrior behind forms. The Mohawks began now to her, and pressing her infant in her wage a more successful resistance, and arms, she urged her flight over crag just when the fight was raging hottest, and fell, and soon reached the head of and the high-spirited Frenchman, be- a rocky pass, which it would take some ginning to despair of his prey, was moments for any but an American about launching into the midst of it, forester to scale. But the indehe saw a tall warrior who had hitherto fatigable Frenchmen are urging their been forward in the conflict, disengage way up the steep; the cry of pursuit himself from the melée, and wheeling grows nearer as they catch a sight of suddenly upon a soldier, who had like- her husband through the thickets, and wise separated from his party, brain the agonising wife finds her onward him with a tomahawk, before he could progress prevented by a ledge of rock make a movement in his defence. The that impends above her. But now quick eye of the young chevalier, too, again Kiodago by her side ; he has caught a glance of another figure, in lifted his wife to the cliff above, and pursuit of whom, as she emerged with placed her infant in her arms; and an infant in her arms, from a lodge already, with renewed activity, the on the farther side of the village, the Indian mother is speeding on to a

the pass.


cavern among the hills, well known as misled by his ruse, had guided the a fastness of safety.

other three upon the direct trail to the Kiodago looked a moment after her cavern which the Christian captive retreating figure, and then coolly swung had taken. Quick as thought, the himself to the ledge which commanded Mohawk acted upon the impression.

He might now easily have Making a few steps within a thicket, escaped his pursuers; but as he step- still to mislead his present pursuers, ped back from the edge of the cliff, he bounded across a mountain torrent, and looked down the narrow ravine, and then leaving his foot-marks, dashed the vengeful spirit of the red man was in the yielding bank, he turned shortly too strong within him to allow such a rock beyond, re-crossed the an opportunity of striking a blow to stream, and concealed himself behind escape.

His tomahawk and war-club a fallen tree, while his pursuers passed had both been lost in the strife, but within a few paces of his covert. he still carried at his back a more effi- A broken hillock now only divided cient weapon in the lands of so keen the chief from the point to which he a hunter. There were but three had directed his wife by another route, arrows in his quiver, and the Mohawk and to which the remaining party, was determined to have the life of an consisting of De Grais, Hanyost, and enemy in exchange for each of them. a French musketeer were hotly urgHis bow was strung quickly, but with ing their way. The hunted warrior as much coolness as if there were no ground his teeth with rage when he exigency to require haste. Yet he had heard the voice of the treacherous scarcely time to throw himself upon Fleming in the glen below him; and his breast, a few yards from the brink springing from crag to crag, he circled of the declivity, before one of his pur- the rocky knoll, and planted his foot suers, more active than the rest, ex- by the roots of a blasted oak that shot posed himself to the unerring archer. its limbs above the cavern, just as his He came leaping from rock to rock, wife had reached the spot, and pressand had nearly reached the head of ing her babe to her bosom, sank exthe glen, when, pierced through and hausted among the flowers that waved through by one of Kiodago's arrows, in the moist breath of the cave. It he toppled from the crags, and rolleil, chanced that at that very instant, De clutching the leaves in his death-agony, Grais and his followers had paused among the tangled furze below. A beneath the opposite side of the knoll, second met a similar fate, and a third from whose broken surface the foot of victim would probably have been the flying Indian had disengaged a added, if a shot from the fusil of Han- stone, which crackling among the yost, who sprang forward and caught branches, found its way through a sight of the Indian just as the first slight ravine into the glen below. The man fell, had not disabled the thumb. two Frenchmen stood in doubt for a joint of the bold archer, even as he moment. The musqueteer, pointing fixed his last arrow in the string. Re- in the direction whence the stone had sistance seemed now at an end, and rolled, turned to receive the order of Kiodago again betook himself to flight. his officer. The chevalier, who had Yet anxious to divert the pursuit from made one step in advance of a broad his wife, the young chieftain pealed a rock between them, leaned upon it, yell of defiance, as he retreated in a pistol in hand, half turning toward different direction from that which his follower; while the scout, who she had taken. The whoop was an- stood farthest out from the steep bank, swered by a simultaneous shout and bending forward to discover the mouth rush on the part of the whites ; but of the cave, must have caught a glimpse the Indian had not advanced far before of the sinking female, just as the he perceived that the pursuing party, shadowy form of her husband was disnow reduced to six, had divided, and played above her. God help thee now, that three only followed him. He had bold arche ! thy quiver is empty ; recognized the scout, Hanyost, among thy game of life is nearly up; the his enemies, and it was now apparent sleuth hound is upon thee; and thy that that wily traitor, instead of being scalp-lock, whose plumes now flutter in the breeze, will soon be twined in returning to Canada, died soon afterthe fingers of the vengeful renegade. ward, and the existence of his halfThy wife— But hold ! the noble savage blood daughter was forgotten. has still one arrow left!

Disabled, as he thought himself, the Mohawk had not dropped his bow in his fight.

His last arrow was still LEGEND OF BRADY'S HILL. griped in his bleeding fingers; and though his stiffened thumb forbore the SAMUEL BRADY, the hero of the use of it to the best advantage, the following adventure, was over six feet hand of Kiodago had not yet lost its in height, with light blue eyes, fair power. The crisis which it takes so skin, and dark hair: he was remarkably long to describe, had been realised by straight and athletic, a bold and vihim in an instant. He saw how the gorous backwoodsman, inured to all Frenchmen, inexperienced in wood- the toils and hardships of a frontier craft, were at fault; he saw, too, that life, and had become very obnoxious the keen eye of Hanyost had caught to the Indians, from the numerous sight of the object of their pursuit, successful attacks on their war parties, and that further flight was hopeless; and from shooting them in his huntwhile the scene of his burning village ing excursions, whenever they crossed in the distance, inflamed him with hate his path, or came within reach of his and fury towards the instrument of rifle ; for he was personally engaged his misfortunes. Bracing one knee in more hazardous contests with the upon the flinty rock, while the mus- savages, than any other man west cles of the other swelled as if the whole of the mountains, excepting Daniel energies of his body were collected in Boone. He was, in fact, an “ Indian that single effort, Kiodago aims at the hater,'' as many of the early borderers treacherous scout, and the twanging were.

This class of men appear to bow-string dismisses his last arrow have been more numerous in this upon its errand.

The hand of THE region than in any other portion of SPIRIT could alone have guided that the frontiers, and this doubtless arose shaft! it misses its mark ! But from the slaughter at Braddock's WANEYO smiles upon the brave war- defeat, and the numerous murders and rior, and the arrow, while it rattles attacks on defenceless families, that harmless against the cuirass of the for many years followed that disaster. French officer, glances towards the Brady was also a very successful trapvictim for whom it was intended, and per and hunter, and took more beavers quivers in the heart of Hanyost! The than any of the Indians themselves. dying wretch grasped the sword-chain In one of his adventurous trapping of the chevalier, whose corslet clanged excursions, to the water of the Beaver among the rocks, as the two went river, or Mahoning, which in early rolling down the glen together; and days so abounded with the animals of De Grais was not unwilling to abandon this species, that it took its name the pursuit when the musketeer, from this fact, it so happened that coming to his assistance, had disen- the Indians surprised him in his camp, gaged him, bruised and bloody, from and took him prisoner. To have shot the embrace of the stiffening corpse.

tomahawked him on the spot, What more is there to add ? The would have been but a small gratificabewildered Europeans rejoined their tion to that of satiating their revenge comrades, who were soon after on their by burning him at a slow fire, in premarch from the scene they had deso- sence of all the Indians of their village. lated; while Kiodago descended from He was therefore taken alive to their his eyrie to collect the fugitive survi. encampment, on the west bank of vors of his band, and, after burying the Beaver river, about a mile and a the slain, to wreak a terrible vengeance half from its mouth. After the usual upon their murderers ; the most of exultations and rejoicings at the cap-whom were cut off by him before they ture of a noted enemy, and causing joined the main body of the French him to run the gauntlet, a fire was army. The Count De Frontenac, prepared, near which Brady was placed,


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