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live in the woods to know how to fight and strong hands might best be mutu. in them."

ally serviceable. “Ay, ay, that's it; a hound may “ I don't think I will leave you just do for deer that isn't worth a powder. yet, Ernest. I may as well walk with horn stopper upon a panther track. you as far as the branch ; and we are But you must remember," continued hardly without shot of the soldier who his brother, fixing his eyes sadly upon is standing sentry yonder. What a Rupert, “ that you will have to fight mark the fellow's cap would be from just in the way the General tells you that clump of pawpaws !” -which means, I take it, that real “ Yes,” said Ernest, lifting his rifle manhood must go for nothing. Why from his lap as the musket gleamed there's not a drummer in the ranks in the moonlight; “I am almost that will not know his duty better than tempted to pick that shining smoothyou; ay, and for aught see, be able bore out of his fingers, just to show to do it, too, as well.” A flush of how ridiculous it is to carry such pride-perhaps of pain-crossed the shooting-irons as that into the forest. countenance of the young officer as his But come; the time has gone by for brother thus spoke, and laying his such jokes. If you will go farther with hand upon his arm, added, with the me, let us push on.” They reached indignant tone of a caged hunter, the “branch,'' or brook, and crossed it; Why, Rupert, you must not dare even, and still they continued increasing the soldier that you now are, to take the distance between themselves and the bush, and keep your hand in by killing camp. a buck occasionally.'

“Well, I suppose we must now “ Believe it not, Ernest ! My men really bid good-bye,” exclaimed Rupert will never stand that, for all the Mad at last, seizing the hand of his brother. Antonies or mad devils in the universe." “ But here, Ernest, I wish you would

“You must, you must, my brother,” carry home my Indian belt and these answered Ernest, shaking his head; other fixings; they will remind you of "and now you begin to see why I old times if I'm kept away long, and would not volunteer upon this service. the sutler will give me something to I am quieter than you, and therefore wear more in camp fashion.” As he saw farther into matters than you did, spoke thus, he tied the wampum sash when you chose to come hither rather around the waist of his brother, and than give up the command of your while throwing the Indian pouch over company: But where's the use of his shoulder, their arms met in the looking back upon a cold trail ; you fold of brotherhood, and the twins are now one of Uncle Sam's men, and parted with that silent embrace. Ruheaven knows when he will let go his pert, rapidly retracing his steps towards grip upon you."

the camp, soon reached the brook, and Conversing thus, the brothers had a half hour's walk might yet have walked some distance. The moon was enabled him to regain his quarters in shining bright above them, and a silver safety, but the finger of Fate was upon coil of light trailing along the rippling him, and he, who had already been led Obio, seemed to lure them onward with away from duty by the strong lure of the river's course. But at length the affection, was still further induced to more considerate Ernest deemed it violate it by an instinct not less imprudent that they should part, and pulsive in the bosom of a borderer. catching the pony, which had hitherto Pausing to drink at the rivulet, Rufollowed him like a dog, he mounted, pert, in stooping over the bank, thought and prepared to move off. But Ru- that he discovered a fresh mocassinpert would not yet leave his brother print, and bending down the branches and retrace his steps to camp.

It which embowered the spot, so as to might be long before they should meet bring the rays of the moon full upon again—they who had never before thus it, a more thorough examination fully parted—who had been always insepa- satisfied him that an Indian had lately rable, alike in counsel and in action, passed that way. A regular soldier, and who were now about for the first upon thus discovering traces of a spy time to be severed, when stout hearts in the neighbourhood of the camp, would at once have reported it to the of a prisoner, to whose guilt there officer of the day, and allowed his seemed to be, alas ! too many witsuperiors to take measures accord. nesses. The road that he had taken, ingly. But such an idea never occur- the distance from camp, the time of red to the backwoods ranger. He had night he had chosen to wander so far discovered an Indian trail, and there from the lines, nay, the fact of his were but two things, in his opinion, leaving his blood-horse at the stable, to be done ; first to find out its direc- as if fearing detection through him, tion, and then to follow it to the death. and stealing off upon an Indian pony A sleuth-hound upon the scent of all seemed to make out a flagrant blood could not be impelled by a more case of desertion. But why dwell irresistible instinct than that which upon these painful details of an affair, urged the fiery Rupert on that fatal which was so amply canvassed in all chase.

its bearings, throughout the western It boots not to tell the various country, long afterward? Let the chances of his hunt; how here he reader be content with the bare histomissed the trail upon rocky ground, rical fact, that the ill-starred militiawhere the mocassin had left no print; man was condemned to be shot to how there he was obliged to feel for it death as a deserter, under the cirin some tangled copse, where no be- cumstances as we have stated them. traying moonbeam fell; and how, at It seemed a terrible proceeding when last, when the stars grew dim and the these attending circumstances were grey dawn had warmed into ruddy day, afterwards reviewed; but though at the he for the first time rested his wearied time General Wayne was much cenlimbs upon the banks of a stream, sured for signing that young man's where the trail disappeared entirely. death-warrant, yet both military men

Let us now follow the fortunes of and civilians, who knew the condition the doomed Ernest, who, like the hero of his army, have agreed that it was of classic story, bore about his person this one example alone which prevented the fatal gifts that were to work his that army from falling to pieces. destruction. Not a half hour elapsed The heartof Ernest was so thoroughfrom the time that he had parted from ly made up to meet the fate which was his brother, before he found himself intended for his brother, that his pulses the prisoner of a serjeant's guard, did not change in a single throb, when which had been despatched to “take he was told that he had but an hour or slay the deserter, Rupert Dewitt.” to prepare himself for death. Apprehending no ill, Ernest had allow. sooner that it be over the better for ed himself to be seized; the equip. Rupert,” exclaimed he, mentally. And ments he had just received from Ru. then, man as he was, his eyes filled pert, not less than the similitude of with tears when he thought of the likeness to his twin brother, in the anguish which that darling brother opinion of the party that captured him, would suffer at learning the fate which fully established his identity; and the had overtaken him. horror which he felt at discovering “ O God !" he cried aloud, clasphow Rupert had forfeited his life, was ing his hands above his head, as he almost counterbalanced by a thrill of paced the narrow guard-room in which joy, as it suggested itself to the high- he was now immured,“God of Heaven! souled Ernest that he might so far that they would but place us together keep up the counterfeit, as to become with our rifles in the forest, and send a sacrifice in place of the brother on this whole army to hunt us down." whom he doated. The comrades of And the features of the wild bush. Rupert, who might have detected the fighter lighted up with a grim smile as imposition, chanced to be off upon he thought of keeping a battalion at fatigue parties in different directions; bay in the greenwood, and crippling and this, together with the summary it with his single arm. The proud mode of proceeding that was adopted thought seemed to bear with it a new upon his reaching camp, favoured his train of views. “ If Rupert knew,” design. A drum-head court-martial was said he, pausing in his walk-—" if he instantly called to decide upon the fate but dreamed how matters were going,

" The



he could soon collect a score of rifles order to give solemnity to the scene. to strike with, and take me from be. It was mistaken for a symptom of neath their very bayonets. But this mutiny, and precipitated the fatal mo. is madness

ment. Ay! that it is, my fine fellow,' 66 FIRE!" cried the officer--and, answered the sentry, who guarded his even as he spoke, a haggard figure, in door, and who now hearing the last a torn hunting-shirt - with ghastly words uttered, while the steps of those look-and tangled hair that floated on who where to have the final charge of the breeze-leaped before the line of the prisoner were heard upon the stair, deadly muzzles ! He uttered one thought it incumbent upon him

to re- piercing shriek — whether of joy or mind the youth where he was. Ernest agony it were impossible to tell--and compressed his lip, and drawing him then fell staggering, with one self to his full height, as he wheeled across the bosom of Ernest, who and faced his escort, motioned to them breathed out his life while springing to lead on. He was at once conduct. forward to meet the embrace of his ed to the esplanade in front of the brother. camp, upon the river's bluff.

They were buried in one grave, and The morning was gusty and drizzl- the voyager upon the Ohio, whose boat ing, as if Nature shuddered in tears at may near the north-western shore, the sacrifice of one who from his infancy where the traces of Wayne's encamphad worshipped her so faithfully. The ment are still visible, still sees the young hunter gazed inquiringly about shadowy buckeye, beneath which rehim, as he stepped forward to take the pose THE TWIN-DOOMED FORESTERS fatal position from which he was never OF DEANE. to move more. He looked to see if there was one in all that array of formal faces, who would exchange one

VIOLANTA CESARINI. glance of recognition or sympathy with (Continued from page 328.) him ; but of the many in his brother's band who so often had echoed his own The frowning battlements of St. shout upon the joyous hunt, or pealed Angelo were brightened with the glare his charging cry in the Indian on- of lamps across the Tiber, and the slaught, there was now not one to dark breast of the river was laced with look upon the dying youth. Con- bars of gold, like the coat of a captain siderations of feeling, or the fear, of dragoons. Here and there lay a perhaps, of exciting a mutinous spirit boat in mid-stream, and while the drift among those hot-headed levies, had of the current was counteracted by an induced the general to keep the com- occasional stroke at the oar, the boatrades of the twin brothers at a distance man listened to the heavenly strains from the fatal scene. They had ori- of a waltz, dying and triumphing in ginally been detached upon somefatigue alternate cadences upon the breath of duty, which took them to a distance night and the pope's band. A platform from the camp, and measures had been was built out over the river, forming since adopted to prolong their absence a continuation of the stage, the pit until the catastrophe was over. Ernest was floored over, and all draped like felt a sinking of the heart to think a Persian harem; and thus began a there was near no home-loved friend, masquerade at the Teatro della Pergola who could witness that he died like a at Rome, which stands, if you will man; and yet, when he remembered take the trouble to remember, close by that one such witness might, by iden- the bridge and castle of St. Angelo tifying him, prevent his sacrifice and upon the bank of the “yellow Tiber.'' jeopard the life of Rupert, he was The entrance of the crowd to the content that it should be thus. theatre was like a procession, intended

A platoon of regulars was now drawn to represent the things of which we up in front of him, and waited but the are commanded not to make graven word of their officer--when suddenly images,

nor to bow down and worship a murmur ran along the column, which them. There was the likeness of everywas displayed upon the ground in thing in heaven above and on the

66 You

earth beneath, and in the waters under “It was her wbim," answered Ces. the earth. There were angels, devils, arini. “She has given alms to a poor serpents, birds, beasts, fishes, and fair sculptor with that deformity, till her women-of which none except the last brain is filled with it. "Pray the saints occasioned much transgression of the it affect not your offspring, Lamba !" commandment. Oddly enough, the Malaspina surveyed himself in the fishes waltzed—and so did the beasts long mirror at the entrance of the and fair women, the serpents and birds saloon, and smiled back incredulously

pairing off as they came within with his white teeth. sound of the music, with a defiance of I gave Bettina strict orders not to natural antipathies, which would have leave her side,” said Cesarini. driven a naturalist out of his senses. will find the old donna by her palmer's

A chariot drove up with the crest of dress. The saints speed your suit, the Cesarini on the pannel, and out of Lamba! I will await you in the cardit stepped rather a stiff figure dressed room when the dance wearies you !" as a wandering palmer, with serge It was not for some time after the cloak and scallop-shells, followed by two old nobles had affianced their a masked hunchback, whose costume, children, that Cesarini had found a even to the threadbare spot on the fitting opportunity to break the subject ridge of his deformity, was approved to his daughter. When he did so, by the loungers at the door, in a somewhat to his embarrassment, Viogeneral “bravissimo.” They entered lanta listened to it without surprise ; the dressing-room, and the cloak and after hearing all he had to say keeper was not surprised when the upon the honourable descent, large hump was withdrawn in the shape of a fortune, and courtly accomplishments pad of wool, and by the aid of a hood of the young Count Lamba, she only and petticoat of black silk, the deformed permitted her father to entertain any was transformed into a slender domino, future hope on the subject, upon the undistinguished but for the grace and condition, that, till she was of age, her elasticity of her movements. The at proposed husband should not even be tendant was surprised, however, when presented to her. For this victory having stepped aside to deposite the over the most cherished ambition of pad given in charge to her, she turned the old count, Violanta was indebted and saw the domino flitting from the partly to the Holy See, and partly to room, but the hunchback with his

some qualities in her own character, threadbare hump still leaning on the of which her father knew the force. palmer's arm!

He was aware with what readiness the “ Santissima Virgine !" she ex- cardinals would seize upon the slightest claimed, pulling out her cross and wish she might express to take the holding it between herself and Giulio, veil, and bring her possessions into the “ the fiend—the unholy fiend !" church, and he was sufficiently ac

Donna Bettina laughed under her quainted with the qualities of a Cesapalmer's cowl, and drawing Giulio's rini, not to drive one of their daughters arm within her own, they mingled in to extremity. the masquerade.

With some embarrassment the old The old Count Cesarini arrived a count made a clean breast to Malaspina few minutes after, in one of the equi- and his son, and was exhausting pages of the Malaspina, accompanied language in regrets, when he was by a red-cross knight in a magnificent relieved by an assurance from Lamba armour, his sword-hilt sparkling with that the difficulty increased his zest diamonds, and the bars of his visor for the match, and that, with Cesarini's half drawn, yet showing a beard of permission, he would find opportunities jetty and curling black, and a mouth to encounter her in her walks as a of the most regular, yet unpleasant stranger, and make his way after the beauty. The upper part of his face was romantic taste which he supposed was quite concealed, yet the sneer on his alone at the bottom of her refusal. lips promised a cold and unfeeling eye. For success in this, Count Lamba

As a hunchback, did you say, relied on his personal beauty, and on count?"

that address in the arts of adventure

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which is acquired by a residence in · Nay, brother, but I mean thatFrance.

that--we might pass for each other if Since his duel, Amieri had been we were masked. Our height is the confined to his bed with a violent

Stand up, Giulio!" fever, dangerously aggravated by the “ You would not mock me !" said peculiar nature of his calamity. The the melancholy youth, with a faint love of the pencil was the breath of smile, as he rose and set his bent back his soul, and in all his thoughts of beside the straight and lithe form of Violanta, it was only as a rival of the his sister. lofty fame of painters who had made “ Listen to me, amato-bene!" she themselves the companions of kings, replied, sitting down and drawing him that he could imagine himself a claim. upon her knee, after satisfying herself ant for her love. It seemed to him that there was no perceptible difference now that his nerveless hand had shut in their height. “ Put your arm about out heaven's entire light.

my neck, and love me while I tell you Giulio had watched by his friend of my little plot.' with the faithful fondness of a woman, Giulio impressed a kiss upon the and had gathered from his moments of clear, alabaster forehead of the beaudelirium, what Biondo had, from deli- tiful girl, and looked into her face cacy to Violanta, never revealed to his inquiringly. second, Lenzoni — the cause of his 6. There is to be a masquerade at quarrel with Malaspina. Touched with La Pergola,” she said—“ a superb this chivalric tenderness toward his masquerade given to some prince ! sister, the kind Giulio hung over him And I am to go, Giulio mio !" with renewed affection, and when, in “Well !” answered her listener, subsequent ravings, the maimed youth sadly. betrayed the real sting of his misfortune “But you do not seem surprised -the death of his hopes of her love that I am permitted to go! Shall I the unambitious brother resolved in tell you the reason why papa gave me his heart, that if he could aid him by permission ?" service or sacrifice, by influence with “ If you will, Violanta !" Violanta, or by making the almost " A little bird told me that Malasdesperate attempt to establish his own pina means to be there !" claims to the name and fortunes of “And you will go to meet him?" Cesarini, he would devote himself to You shall go to meet him, and I his service, heart and soul.

." she hesitated and cast down the During the confinement of Amieri long dark_fringes of her eyes. “I to his room, the young countess had, will meet Biondo !" of course, been unable to visit her Giulio clasped her passionately to brother, and as he scarce left the his heart. patient's side for a moment, their in- “I see ! I see!” he cried, springing tercourse for two or three weeks had upon his feet, as he anticipated the been entirely interrupted. On the remaining circumstances of the plot. first day the convalescent youth could “ We shall be two hunchbacks — they walk out, she had stolen to the studio, will little think that we are two Cesaand heard from Giulio the whole rini. Dear, noble Violanta ! you will history of the duel and its consequen- speak kindly to Biondo. Send Bettina

When he had finished his nar- for the clothes, carina mia! You will rative, Violanta sat, for a few minutes, get twin masks in the Corso. And, lost in thought.

Violanta ?“Giulio !" she said at last, with a “ What, Giulio ?” gaiety of tone which startled him.

"Tell Bettina to breathe no word ". Violanta !!

of our project to Amieri! I will per“ Did you ever remark that our suade him to go but to see you dance ! voices are very much alike?"

Poor Amieri ! Dear, dear sister! Fare“ Biondo often says so.”

well now! He will be returning, and And you have a foot almost as you must be gone. The Holy Virgin small as mine."

guard you, my Violanta !" “I have not the proportions of a man, Violanta!"



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