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your friends. That will bring the watch street, and the morning of that meridian and the surgeon-perhaps the gens- was pretty far advanced, when the Ho. d'armes, the lawyers, the jailor, and the nourable Berkeley Fitzruby, the handjudge. Mind you attend to all I order.” somest fellow on town, half marched,

To give a true idea of this nocturnal half sauntered, into the Countess of scene, the painter should possess the Lackland's drawing-room, and was gracrayon of Charlet and Calota, and use ciously received by the Lady Augusta, the pencils of Teniers and Rembrandt. the youngest and sole unmarried of a Painting only can express it.

blooming family of daughters. The “ I have now had some pleasure for beautiful blonde sat on a huge ottoman, my money," said the count, pointing to at a marquetan table, busily engaged the amazed and stupified rag-gatherer with a lithograph of Taglioni, a pile of As for Caroline Crochard," resumed shaved deals, and a bottle of transfer he, “ let her perish by the horrors of varnish. “How very apropos you are hunger and thirst, amid the despairing come, Berkeley,” she said; “

you are cries of her famishing children, after such a clever creature-do tell me how recognising the utter baseness of him to use this transfer composition.” for whom she abandoned me! I would “Upon my honour, Lady Augusta," not give a sou to save her from the ex- answered Fitzruby, “ if you do me the tremity of misery; and I will never see honour to consult me, I fear I shall be you again, because you have assisted selfish in my instructions." her!”

“Selfish," said Lady Augusta, “how So saying, the count left the motion- is that possible? it will be a work of less physician, and disappeared on his charity," way to his solitary and cheerless man- “ If,'' rejoined Berkeley, "you will sion in the Rue St. Lazare.

apply my tuition, you may indeed enact a work of charity.”

Why now, Berkeley, I dare say you

are getting up a Fancy Fair, and you BEST MOTIVES.

are going to ask me to supply you with work-boxes and cigar-cases, and to

take a stall. But now do tell me how to “ The course of true love never did run

use this varnish properly." smooth."

“Why really, Lady Augusta, unless

it is applicable to animate as well as When people are mystified by the inanimate objects, I almost doubt my deeds of others, there is generally a great capabilities of instruction in its use: but talk about motives. " What could be if it can be applied to the living, I would, his motive for cutting us ?" “Oh cer- in all humility, entreat it might be used tainly ! I can't say I shoặld like such to transfer the image of a certain silent conduct in my daughters ; but then, you adorer to the gentle bosom of nature's know, my dear Miss Backbite, perhaps fairest creation." we don't understand your motives.“Ah! ah!" said the lady, affecting

Pray, sir,” said Sir Richard Birnie, to misunderstand him, “ I see now it is "if you were not guilty, why did you á play, and not a fair, you are getting effect your escape from the officer the up; but what can I do in it ?" other night?” “ Vy, your vorship, I

Everything." can explain that ere," said the gentleman

“Oh, indeed !-would my part be a at the bar, " and you'll think better on long one?me ven you knows my motivés. You " I hope so.” see, your vorship, that it was a Toosday “ But I have such a horrid memory ; night, and I vas brought up a Hindepen- I could never recollect a dozen lines." dant Vesleyan, and vas always particular “ In this case,” said Berkeley, about chapel : I'vanted to go to a prayer- word by heart will only be required." meeting, and as I know'd the hofficer Oh, then," said Lady Augusta, “I vould'nt go along o'me, cos he varn't no think I can achieve it; but do you mean vays religiouslike given, vy I vent alone me to go through the whole of this long sooner nor miss; and them was my mo- part, with the exception of one word, in tives, your vorship.” But to my tale. dumb show?'

The sun had sunk below the level of " That were rather too hard," anthe lowest chimney-pot in St. James's swered Fitzruby, one word only is



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necessary, but as many more as Lady I anticipated your answer, my dear. Augusta pleases may be superadded.” Mr. Grampus, however, was fearful you

“But indeed I can't improvise, Berke- might view the prospect of a journey, or ley; so tell me,"continued the lady,“ ex- a residence among the rugged hills of actly what you want me to say and do." Inverness-shire, with dread.

" Why, then, you must suppose that “Mr. Grampus, papa ! Mr. Grampus you are sitting in a drawing room as now, is very good, but by the side of an adoring lover, who has “Ah, yes- I see, my dear," continued long sighed and admired in silence. her father, “you don't understand me. Imagine him

Well, I'll leave Mr. Grampus, for a few • Unable longer to conceal his pain,'

minutes, to explain himself;' and he

left the room. This was explanation unfolding with passionate ardour, yet sufficient ; the lady's comprehensive with trembling respect, the tale of his faculties were fully awakened, and she enduring love ; then you must receive sighed as she mentally compared Fitzhis declarations with some encouraging ruby and Grampus, and with the mind's show of sympathy, and when he thus eve glanced alternately at Croignaskallan takes your hand and swears, as I now Castle, Inverness-shire, and Curzon do, by all my hopes of heaven, thy street, May Fair. smile is dearer to me than the breath of Grampus was an elderly gentlemanlife,' and adds, 'O speak! say, dare I about sixty, say-standing about five feet believe I am beloved, or hope I may be?' four inches, of a thin shrivelled frame, your ladyship must whisper—“Yes.' with a considerable bend of the back, The lady blushed, and looked down, and confessing to a pair of lank legs, envesaid nothing, and smeared the table over loped in a wrinkling pair of drab kerseywith varnish; and affected a lack of com- mere breeches, the vile production of prehension. i And now, Augusta," some Gaelic Schneider, and a pair of said Berkeley, resuming his proper cha- boots with long brown leather tops, that racter, may

I believe, or may I hope ? would have given Hoby the nightmare ; -speak—tell me.

the upper part of his person was wrapped « Not now," answered the lady, turn- in a black coat and waistcoat, of a cut ing away her head ; “not now, Berke. that a professor of geometry would have ley—another day-to-morrow.”'

been puzzled to define, and of dimensions “ Tomorrow, be it then,” he said, that made it doubtful whether the hoI obey ;” and having gracefully kissed nourable gentleman, for he he was a the fair hand he still held, he withdrew. member, had not, by some mistake,

Lady Augusta had not recovered from encased him in a garment of the great the perturbation which Fitzruby's decla- rint receiver of the seven millions ; add ration, although long expected, had to this, a thick fat nose, a pair of small created, when the earl her father en- light grey eyes, overhung by red bushy tered, and introduced to her notice penthouse brows, and a thin sallow Barnaby Grampus, Esq., of Tokenbouse hatchet face, crowned with a scanty Yard, in the city of London, bill broker. powdered crop of weak, straight hair : and Augusta, my dear, my particular friend, the outward man of Grampus is before Mr. Grampus,” said the earl, as he you. handed forth the desiccated Scot,“ pray Your leddyship,” said the swain, sit down, Mr. Grampus. Mr. Grampus, when the earl had quitted the room,“ is Augusta my dear, is just returned from no doot surprisit at your noble father's Scotland”--the lady bowed her head words, which I can weel see your intel. “ has been building a seat there,” con- ligence has richtly interpretit intill a tinued the earl,“ on a very superb scale declaration of my most respicful wushes -delightful views, Mr. Grampus, I dare for a nearer alliance with the earl through say. Croignaskallan Castle, near Loch your ladyship.” Ness, I think. Augusta, you are very “I have certainly,” said Lady Aufond of Scott's novels, and of his Lady gusta, “ so understood my father, and I of the Lake, and the descriptions they feel sensibly the honour you do me, sir, contain of the mountain scenery of but " and here she faltered. Scotland-how should you like to visit “ Ah! weel! weel!" resumed Gram. the spots his genius has made sacred ?"

pus, interrupting her, “I'll not hurry “O it would be delightful, papa,” your leddyship in a matter of sich im. said Lady Augusta.

portance, but I may be allowed to men.

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tion that I shall not object to add another was looking almost unbecomingly pale, thousand to the three thousand a-year, when she ceased to abandon herself to and the castle that the earl and myself her grief, and gave herself up to her had agreed on, as the settlement.” Four tire-woman instead. The earl and counthousand a-year and the castle !! Lady tess had a dinner-party on that day, and Augusta's brain was in a ferment; “but among the guests were Fitzruby and then he's such a horrid creature-poor Grampus ; the former had been invited Berkeley—oh no, it's impossible-grace, because he had ruined himself in so elegance, taste, and Fitzruby, forbid it.”

fashionable a manner,

that nothing in “ To-morrow, perhaps, your leddyship the world of ton could be deemed comwill be prepared to give me an answer,'' plete unless he was in some manner said Grampus. The lady courtesied an mixed up with it; the latter gentleman affirmative, and the bill-broker went had won his invitation three weeks be. forth to do some discounts in a neigh- fore, by cashing a bill for the earl, bouring square.

which the humane member of the hu.

mane society would have shrunk from if “But, my dear mamma,” said Lady the acceptor had been even starving. Augusta, “ I do love Berkeley, and he Lady Augusta was placed, greatly to her promises to give over play; and besides, mortification, next to Old Mortality, and the old lord, his uncle, who died last consequently had no opportunity of in. week, has left him a provision." sinuating a syllable concerning_her for

“A mere thousand a year, my love,” lorn condition to her beloved Berkeley, said the countess; “not sufficient to or of exchanging a word or look of confind him in cologne and cambric; and fidence with him ; as soon, therefore, as his debts are enormous."

her withdrawal could be tolerated, she How very unfortunate, mamma; for pleaded a violent head-ache, and retired he's very handsome, now isn't he? and for the evening to ponder on her hard very accomplished !

fate; and when at last she slept, to • But think, my dear child,” said her dream that a vampire in old Grampus' mamma,

“ of the settlement Mr. Gram- powder and top-boots was keeping his pus proposes."

wedding festival in the midst of a snow“O don't name him, mamma; he storm, on a cairn three thousand feet looks as if he would take me into the above the level of the sea, and quaffing city to live; he's a detestable creature ! her blood out of a Highland quaick-but How can you expect me to think of him I grow prolix. while Berkeley exists?"

Alas I who can track the zig-zag steps “But, my dear Augusta, consult your of a woman's will through the mazes of prudence and good sense in this case ; a woman's heart. A short ten days had consider, my dear, your father's unfor- but elapsed, when a bevy of carriages tunate losses will be known next week. beşet the earl's door-the servants all We must then go on the Continent to befavoured, while ladies, befurbelowed economise, and all chances of marriage and beflounced, and men in white gloves will be lost to you; and, what is worse, and waistcoats, “ discoursed sweet muwe cannot for some years support such sic,” of a marriage ; and as the clock an establishment as an unmarried daugh- struck two, Barnaby Grampus, Esq., ter requires.”

and Lady Augusta Grampus, stepped “Well, then, mamma, if I must be into the travelling chariot and four, and married, you must, indeed, let Berkeley were whirled along the New North-road, have me; for I cannot, indeed, be that on their way to Croignaskallan castle, monster's,” said Lady Augusta, bursting while the Honourable Berkeley Fitzruby, into tears.

in wayward mood, took wing for Paris, “Well, well, my dear,” answered the that seat of consolation to disappointed countess, “don't weep-go to your room lovers. “Poor thing!" said the ladies and dress; and as I shall not have an- to each other, when they met again at other opportunity of speaking to you the duchess of -'s déjeuné, “ what a to-night, let me beg of you, once for all, sacrifice! but no doubt she was actuated to sacrifice some of your wishes to your by the best motives.—“O certainly,” prosperity.”

-"undoubtedly,'—"her father's The Lady Augusta retired to her mense losses,"'~" the only means to room accordingly, and wept till her save the family,'' _“best possible momaid, Jemima Jenkins, assured her she tives,“ kindest motives,"'" most


affectionate motives,"_" most disinte- mer waves as beneath the crystal-glancrested motives :"-in short, all lamented ing moon, eye of the star-vestured night, the match, but agreed that the lady acted they leap and laugh in their timid sport; from the most exemplary motives. and when they blush to be surprised by

the morn at their dalliance, there thy presence deepens.

Where the lurid sun looks through THE SWELLING OF POETRY. the desolate and bare-armed forests of

the north, like the eye of a demon WHERE hast thou spread thy couch glaring through the grates of hell, thou of dreams, O fawn-eyed offspring of the art a spectator : thou ridest, too, upon many-daughtered Fancy? Where, with the messenger moonbeams that come thy white footsteps, dost thou make glad down into the dark groves of the south, the earth, O jewel-cinctured playmate like the voice of the muezzin in a crowded of the soul of man?

city, to keep alive therein the thought The cloud-belted hills are thy thrones, of heaven. O Poetry! and 'tis for thee that the The hours are companioned by thee. brooks chant their orisons in the mist. 'Tis morn. Diana like, the coy dawn roofed valleys! Thou walkest with the comes, with timid quickness darting opal lonely Ariadne by the shores of the shafts from out day's quiver; thine eye sounding sea, and art not terrified by is upon them as they shoot along the the ringing cymbals of a northern host. sky. 'Tis noon. The imperial sun Thy home is the universe! The golden hath reached the key-stone of day's clouds, which are the Almighty's breath, arch, and pauses to survey the world he are to thee a dwelling! Thou floatest rules; a symphony of triumph is rung now in the western sky, wrapped in the out by attending harps, but mortal ear mantle of yon silver mist.

can hear but thine. 'Tis night. The Like the character of a good man on king of light descends to rest, and the earth, the lofty mountain rises till the seven daughters of the king of light have chaste snow reposes for ever on its sum- met in all their pomp to spread their mit, and it seems to belong more to sire's couch; they spread the couch, heaven than to earth : silent it rises but and thou the canopy. for thy whisperings, lonely but for thy Thine, too, the seasons in their varycompanionship Where the broken ing course. The spring wind, like a columns of old Rome lie grand against dancing psaltress passes o'er the earth, the moon, there, on the mossy cushion who, like a maiden dreaming of her lover, which time hath woven for thee, thy foot- faintly smiles unconscious of the act, steps are !

and, smiling, wakes. Upon the breezes O'er the past thy alchymic spell is of the spring thou floatest ! The velvetflung! As century after century, ful- vested Summer, like a queen so heralded, filling its circle, has been rolled away in comes winning her soft and stately order between us and God, thou hast course, and waving her languid and imgilded their edge with the abiding bril. perial arm to scatter crowns among her liance of thy glance; a brilliance, like lovers. Thou art with her in her rosy that of the jasper column of the waters, bowers, and in the secret grottoes of her whereon the moon's image walketh to delight thou art her attendant! Followus in the night, brighter as more distant. ing his queen who has gone before to Where the torch of history has been ex- gather earth's tribute of pleasure, comes tinguished in the damp cavern of the the monarch of the harvest, majestic distant path, thy lamp has still kept its Autumn, to reap the profit of the year. purple flame. Thou canst change also · The forest hangs out its crimson banner as thou canst reveal.

On the page that to the sky, and the bearded wheat puts chronicles the days of the lance and the on its golden robe, and meekly bends its shield, truth had affixed a dark stain of bowing head. To him whose livery of vice, but thy rose-tipped fingers passed service all earth adopts, thy homage is over the leaf, and transformed it for ever not wanting. Like the aged and lonely into a star of glory.

lingerer by the way-side when the triWhy doth the transparent leaf of the umph has past by, stands sad and desosweet rose glow. so passionately? Be- late Winter. The moaning wind raves cause it hath lain against thy cheek. disconsolate through the creviced ice,

All night thou dancest with the sum- like a frantic mother looking for her lost children, now rushing in eager hope, her God, and the calmness of adoration now melting away with a sigh of despair. rested upon her face-upon those eyes Even over that are thy fetters flung. To which are like liquid dreams, and those the heart of arctic solitude, silence is cheeks, fair as if masked by lilies, and vocal: is it thy voice or God's ?

that mouth whence love has so often Thy dwelling, too, is in the deeds of drawn bis arrow that his golden bow men. Thou art with man in all his hath shaped the lips; and I called upon epochs : from pearly infancy, tender as this queen who boasts herself omnip an angel just crystalling into flesh; tent, to paint upon my memory a picture through full-eyed childhood, faltering of this exile of heaven; but baffled boyhood, calm-lipped manhood; through Poetry hung down her head, and as she solemn age, coroneted with the milk withdrew her reluctant steps, beckoned white pledge of wisdom, to where Decre- to her great enemy, Truth, as the pitude stands with his snowy head bent acknowledged master of that hour. down, and from beneath his cloak of serge lifts up his brown and withered fist to knock at death's last door. Thou art with man in all his characters; from the THE WITCHES OF NEW ermined monarch, whose seat is the fo.

ENGLAND. cus of fame's and splendour's brightest rays, whose looks are words, whose words “ From my childhood I was extremely are acts, whose acts are epochs-to the inquisitive about witches and witch sto. poor parson, rich in simple thoughts and ries. My maid, and more legendary sacred deeds, who daily exerciseth him- aunt, supplied me with good store." self in the manly discipline of doing Essays of Elia. well; from the cold-eyed queen, whose only vicissitudes are from splendid to The admirable essayist and quaint more splendid, and from gay to yet humorist from whom I have borrowed more joyous--to the simple peasant-girl, the motto to my desultory remarks, alarumed by the lark and curfewed by thought that he could not have existed the lamb, who meets her sylvan lover in those evil days when a belief in witchwith bashful eyes and senseless pause, craft was almost universal. For my own yet what her tongueless love postpones part, when I was a little reckless uris extant in her face. Thou art with chin, with hair as white with youth as him who digs rubies from the mines of it is now snowy with age, I always knowledge to build love's altar ; thou art sighed that I was born at a period when with her whose eye lightens smiles to the powers of darkness have been bacheer the student's toil. Thou sittest nished to their realms of lurid light, or by the desk of the philosopher, thou only visit the earth upon extraordisuppest at the gay festive board of kings; nary occasions.

I take it upon me, thou ridest upon the warrior's lance, however, to aver, that I can recollect thou sittest at the council table of the the time when many people, famed for wise.

intelligence and clear - sightedness in Where the eagle eye of reason has worldly things, believed as firmly in the blenched with weakness, and the very existence of witchcraft, and the potency frame of knowledge hath dissolved in of the black art, as they did in the truth fear, thou hast calmly stood! Thou hast of that revelation which inspired them reclined upon the golden thrones of with the hopes of immortality. Among heaven, thou hast leaned over the wall these credulous persons were the worthy of the nether chasm, and looked down uncle and aunt who took charge of me upon the horrors of the lowest vault; in my early years, brought me up bethere thou hast gazed upon the secretest neath the shelter of their rustic roof, conclave of demons, and pondered the and imbued me, all innocent of Lilly monstrosities of hell. Thou hast mocked, and the Lexicon, with the lore of the in thy mad mimicry, the growling thun- spelling book, with a veneration for the der, and hast caressed the lightning's Scriptures, and a love, a fearful yearn. beard. Thou art with these and thou ing, for those direful tales of malignant

rt elsewhere, but thou art not every- women and godless sorcerers which where. Listen to me, proud one, and I found a believer and a chronicler in the will tell thee where thou art not.

pious and learned Cotton Mather. Yet My beloved one knelt at the altar of my uncle and aunt were the last beings

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