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Tappan Pres. Ass


A CORRECTED EDITION.-The Author having availed himself of the advantages for perfecting the subject, which have been afforded by the expiration of a second grand prophetic period, the ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY years of Daniel.


P. xxii, line 4. for A. D. 1822-3. read with the seventh Vial.

xxx. for line 6. read Gabriel and Michael the only Angels that are named in Scripture.

229. 1. 9. for the 30 years read period of the Vials.

285. 1. 6. for successively read successfully.

291. 1. 25. for horns come read horn comes. 297. 1. 24. for apostacies read apostasies.


Soon after the publication of the following work, at the latter end of the year 1814, the attempt of Buonaparte, to re-establish himself upon the throne of France, led the Author to state the conclusions relative to that event which naturally followed from his views of prophecy.

He had decidedly, in his first edition, stated his opinion, that the imperial and tyrannical reign of France had already come to its end, and was to be succeeded by the future tyrannical reigns of imperial Austria and Rome; and that the latter, the ancient seat of Paganism and Popery, and not France, would be the seat of the Infidel Antichrist when he leads the nations to the battle of Armageddon: and a'so that the rise of Antichrist, in his last form, to imperial power, was not to be expected till after the great popular Revolution, or symbolical Earthquake, of the seventh Vial.

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As therefore neither the theatre or the period of Buonaparte's enterprise afforded any ground to suppose that it would be successful, he did not hesitate, on a consideration of the description given of the fifth Vial, containing a judgment upon the kingdom of France, to state his belief that it would be the means of bringing on that judgment; and to date accordingly the commencement of this Vial in the prophetic chart, prefixed to his second edition, from 1st March 1815, the day of his landing at Frejus. The ever memorable overthrow of the power of France, which shortly after followed, and the consequent occupation of its territory by the allied armies until October 1818, afforded a striking evidence of the correctness of these general principles *.

See also following pages, 109-112 for note dated 8th April, 1815.

The author's expectations, formed purely on prophetic grounds, were so decided, as to the failure of Buonaparte's enterprise, that he made them known on various occasions to his private friends, and particularly the last words he addressed, in the spirit of an interpreter of prophecy, to a friend setting out to join the Duke of Wellington's army; some time previously to the battle of Waterloo were, you will drive

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