Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Том 2

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Страница 96 - No, faith, not a jot; but to follow him thither with modesty enough, and likelihood to lead it; as thus: Alexander died, Alexander was buried, Alexander returneth...
Страница 98 - There is, however, a circumstance attending these colonies, which, in my opinion, fully counterbalances this difference, and makes the spirit of liberty still more high and haughty than in those to the northward. It is that in Virginia and the Carolinas they have a vast multitude of slaves. Where this is the case in any part of the world, those who are free are by far the most proud and jealous of their freedom.
Страница 94 - There is no antidote against the opium of time, which temporally considereth all things : our fathers find their graves in our short memories, and sadly tell us how we may be buried in our survivors.
Страница 324 - And I do hereby further declare all indented servants, negroes, or others, (appertaining to rebels,) free, that are able and willing to bear arms, they joining his Majesty's troops, as soon as may be, for the more speedily reducing this Colony to a proper sense of their duty to his Majesty's crown and dignity.
Страница 98 - Freedom is to them not only an enjoyment, but a kind of rank and privilege. Not seeing there that freedom, as in countries where it is a common blessing, and as broad and general as the air, may be united with much abject toil, with great misery, with all the exterior of servitude, liberty looks, among them, like something that is more noble and liberal.
Страница 98 - ... them, like something that is more noble and liberal. I do not mean, sir, to commend the superior morality of this sentiment, which has at least as much pride as virtue in it, but I cannot alter the nature of man.
Страница 323 - Proclamation ; hereby declaring, that, until the aforesaid good purposes can be obtained, I do, in virtue of the power and authority to me given by his Majesty, determine to execute martial law, and cause the same to be executed, throughout this Colony. And, to the end that peace and good order may the sooner be...
Страница 223 - Convention of 1776 of the resolution first instructing her delegates in Congress to move that body to declare the colonies free and independent States; — signer of the Declaration of Independence, war governor of Virginia, and one of the most brilliant of that body of great men who stand, a splendid galaxy, in the firmament of our nation's history. "The old store...
Страница 324 - Majesty's liege subjects to retain their quit-rents, or any other taxes due, or that may become due, in their own custody, till such time as peace may be again restored to this at present most unhappy country, or demanded of them, for their former salutary purposes, by officers properly authorized to receive the same. " Given under my hand, on board the ship ' William,' off Norfolk, the seventh day of November, in the sixteenth year of his Majesty's reign. " DUNMORE. " God save the King ! " (Force's...
Страница 92 - Who to his plighted vows and trust Has ever firmly stood; And, though he promise to his loss, He makes his promise good...