The history of Taunton, in the county of Somerset

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Printed for J. Poole, 1822 - 608 страници

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Страница 40 - Elizabeth, anno 1574, for inquiring into the lands and goods of all her bondmen...
Страница 521 - He seemed to lay nothing of his business to heart nor care what he did or left undone ; and spent in the Chancery court what time be thought fit to spare. Many times on days of causes at his house...
Страница 58 - ... of all such stamp duties, fees, and sums of money as would have been lawfully due and payable in respect of...
Страница 84 - Edmondsbury, in Suffolk, to write and illuminate a grand copy of the Bible for their library, could procure no parchment for this purpose in England.
Страница 185 - Houses, and commodious also for all such as have forgot the Latin Tonge, and would, by themselves, without a Scholemaster, in short time, and with small paines, recover a sufficient habilitie to Understand, Write, and Speake Latin.
Страница 469 - For my taking up arms, it was never in my thought since the king died: the prince and princess of Orange will be witness for me of the assurance I gave them, that I would never stir against you. But my misfortune was such as to meet with some horrid people, that made me believe things of your majesty...
Страница 456 - Scouts were despatched to ascertain this point, and their report being that there was no intrenchment, an attack was resolved on. In pursuance of this resolution, at about eleven at night, the whole army was in march, lord Grey commanding the horse, and colonel Wade the vanguard of the foot. The duke's orders were, that the horse should first advance, and pushing into the enemy's camp, endeavour to prevent their infantry from coming together; that the cannon should follow the horse, and the foot...
Страница 479 - I do not attribute it to my own nature, for T am fearful as other men are ; but I have now no fear, as you may see by my face; but there is something within me which does it, for I am sure I shall go to God.
Страница 390 - All his majesty's subjects of the kingdom of England and dominion of Wales are, both by their allegiance and the act of pacification, bound to resist and repress all those of Scotland, as had, or should enter upon any part of his majesty's realm.
Страница 521 - Many times, on days of causes at his house, the company have waited five hours in a morning, and, after eleven, he hath come out inflamed, and staring like one distracted. And that visage he put on when he animadverted on such as he took offence at, which made him a terror to real offenders ; whom also he terrified with his face and voice, as if the thunder of the day of judgment broke over their heads : and nothing ever made men tremble like his vocal inflictions. He loved to insult, and was bold...