Literary Landmarks of the Scottish Universities

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G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1904 - 200 страници

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Страница 56 - If, however, it should ever fall to the lot of youth to peruse these pages — let such a reader remember, that it is with the deepest regret that I recollect in my manhood the opportunities of learning which I neglected in my youth ; that through every part of my literary career I have felt pinched and hampered by my own ignorance; and that I would at this moment give half the reputation I have had the good fortune...
Страница 66 - Dr. made his lectures on human anatomy as dull as he was himself, and the subject disgusted me. It has proved one of the greatest evils in my life that I was not urged to practise dissection, for I should soon have got over my disgust; and the practice would have been invaluable for all my future work. This has been an irremediable evil, as well as my incapacity to draw.
Страница 100 - Dr. Hutcheson had given a superior degree of illustration. The period of thirteen years which I spent as a member of that society, I remember as by far the most useful, and therefore as by far the happiest and most honourable period of my life; and now, after...
Страница 41 - I found an unsurmountable aversion to every thing but the pursuits of philosophy and general learning ; and while they fancied I was poring upon Voet and Vinnius, Cicero and Virgil were the authors which I was secretly devouring.
Страница 12 - Edinburgh continued still to be wonderfully cheap, as there were ordinaries for young gentlemen, at fourpence a head for a very good dinner of broth and beef, and a roast and potatoes every day, with fish three or four times a week, and all the small beer that was called for till the cloth was removed.
Страница 49 - To me his lectures were like the opening of the heavens. I felt that I had a soul. His noble views, unfolded in glorious sentences, elevated me into a higher world.
Страница 115 - ... presence of the chapter assembled. The king, in his letter to the pope, gave a most deplorable account of the barbarous state, at that time, of the north or highlands of Scotland. He stated " that the inhabitants were ignorant of letters, and almost uncivilized; that there were no persons to be found fit to preach the word of God to the people, or to administer the sacraments of the church; and besides, that the country was so intersected with mountains and arms of the sea, so distant from the...
Страница 41 - I passed through the ordinary course of education with success, and was seized very early with a passion for literature, which has been the ruling passion of my life, and the great source of my enjoyments.
Страница 88 - Glasgow gowns appear very scrimped, in contrast with the flowing academic dress of St. Andrews. The College, in Lockhart's time, as in my own, was the black old quadrangle, guarded by an effigy of some heraldic animal, probably the Scottish lion, in whose open mouth it was thought unbecoming to insert a bun. Blackness, dirt, smoke, a selection of the countless smells of Glasgow, small, airless, crowded rooms, thronged by youths at whom Lockhart could not have scoffed for exaggerated elegance in dress,...
Страница 96 - What house is this ? here's neither coal nor candle, Where I nothing but guts of fishes handle ; I and my table are both here within, Where day ne'er dawn'd, where sun did never shine ; The like of this on earth man never saw, A living man within a monster's maw, Buried under mountains, which are high and steep, Plunged under waters...