The Fortnightly Review, Том 36

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Chapman and Hall, 1881 - 28 страници

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Страница 493 - All which they most humbly pray of your most excellent majesty as their rights and liberties, according to the laws and statutes of this realm ; and that your majesty would also vouchsafe to declare, that the awards, doings, and proceedings, to the prejudice of your people in any of the...
Страница 311 - I mean to give peace. Peace implies reconciliation ; and where there has been a material dispute, reconciliation does in a manner always imply concession on the one part or on the other. In this state of things I make no difficulty in affirming that the proposal ought to originate from us.
Страница 122 - ... no greater demand for silver than for gold to be exported to India, and if gold were lowered only so as to have the same proportion to the silver money in England, which it hath to silver in the rest of Europe, there would be no temptation to export silver rather than gold to any other part of Europe.
Страница 237 - THE EPITAPH OF EROTION. Underneath this greedy stone, Lies little sweet Erotion ; Whom the fates, with hearts as cold, Nipt away at six years old. Thou, whoever thou may'st be, That hast this small field after me, Let the yearly rites be paid To her little slender shade ; So shall no disease or jar Hurt thy house or chill thy Lar ; But this tomb here be alone, The only melancholy stone.
Страница 224 - It flows through old hushed ./Egypt and its sands Like some grave mighty thought threading a dream, And times and things, as in that vision, seem Keeping along it their eternal stands,— Caves, pillars, pyramids, the shepherd bands That...
Страница 312 - Sultan gets such obedience as he can. He governs with a loose rein that he may govern at all; and the whole of the force and vigour of his authority in his centre is derived from a prudent relaxation in all his borders.
Страница 311 - Lastly, we have no sort of experience in favor of force as an instrument in the rule of our colonies. Their growth and their utility has been owing to methods altogether different. Our ancient indulgence has been said to be pursued to a fault. It may be so ; but we know, if feeling is evidence, that our fault was more tolerable than our attempt to mend it, and our sin far more salutary than our penitence.
Страница 493 - That it is the ancient and indubitable right of every Freeman, that he hath a full and absolute property in his goods and estate ; that no tax, tallage, loan, benevolence, or other like charge ought to be commanded or levied by the King or any of his Ministers without common consent by Act of Parliament.
Страница 235 - scholarship and a rapt ambition,' which we have in Milton. He could have passed his whole life writing eternal new stories in verse, part grave, part gay, of no great length, but 'just sufficient,' he says, 'to vent the pleasure with which I am stung on meeting with some touching adventure, and which haunts me till I can speak of it somehow.
Страница 120 - ... an ounce) be diminished ; for as often as men are necessitated to send away money for answering debts abroad, there will be a temptation to send away silver rather than gold, because of the profit, which is almost 4 per cent. ; and for the same reason foreigners will choose to send hither their gold rather than their silver.