Cavalry Drill Regulations, United States Army. Adopted Oct. 3, 1891

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Страница 48 - At the command march, given as the right foot strikes the ground, advance and plant the left foot, then face to the right in marching and step off in the new direction with the right foot.
Страница 62 - ... third and fourth fingers back of the grip; at the same time hook up the scabbard with the thumb and first two fingers of the left hand, thumb through the upper ring, fingers supporting it; drop the left hand by the side. This is the position of carry saber dismounted.
Страница 49 - In a direction' 45* to the right of his original front. He preserves his relative position, keeping his shoulders parallel to those of the guide...
Страница 447 - Should the entrance to the cemetery prevent the hearse accompanying the escort till the latter halts at the grave, the column is halted at the entrance long enough to take the coffin from the hearse, when the column is again put in "march. The cavalry and artillery...
Страница 400 - While riding around the troops, the reviewing officer may direct his staff, flag and orderlies to remain at the post of the reviewing officer, or that only his personal staff and flag shall accompany him ; in either case the commanding officer alone accompanies the reviewing officer.
Страница 444 - Escorts of honor are detailed for the purpose of receiving and escorting personages of high rank, civil or military. The troops for this purpose are selected for their soldierly appearance and superior discipline.
Страница 156 - The men yield to pressure from that side and resist pressure from the opposite direction: by slightly shortening or lengthening the step they gradually recover the alignment, and by slightly opening out or closing in they gradually recover the interval, if lost...
Страница 446 - When the distance to the place of interment is considerable, the escort, after having left the camp or garrison, may march at ease in quick time until it approaches the burial ground, when it is brought to attention. The music does not play while marching at ease.
Страница 13 - He requires the recruits to take the proper positions unassisted and does not touch them for the purpose of correcting them, except when they are unable to correct themselves. He avoids keeping them too long at the same movement, although each should be understood before passing to another. He exacts by degrees the desired precision and uniformity.
Страница 16 - Right (left), 2. FACE. Raise slightly the left heel and right toe; face to the right, turning on the right heel, assisted by a slight pressure on the ball of the left foot; place the left foot by the side of the right. Left face is executed on the left heel in the corresponding manner. . Right (left) half face is executed similarly, facing 45°.