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delivering, and accompanied by an unction which made its way to the hearts of his audience. With this was combined a fidelity at once forcible by its justice and intrepidity, and penetrating by its affection. There was, in short, a power of holy love, and disinterested earnestness in his addresses, which commended itself to every man's conscience in the sight of God.

One only of the sermons in this volume--the last, entitled Christian India?-was intended for publication, and was printed during the Author's life time. Of the rest, the ten first in order were preached on successive Sundays, at the Old Church, in the latter end of 1810, just before his final departure from Bengal. Those which follow have been selected from a parcel of his manuscript sermons in the possession of the Author's friends. These were preached, (as appears from their superscriptions) at various periods of the Author's ministry. It is hoped they will be read with the indulgence usually granted to posthumous works. Though they want the fie polish which they might have received from his own chaste and accurate: pen, if they had been revised by himself for; publication, the editors are persuaded that they: will be read with lively interest; and they send forth: this, volume, earnestly praying that the Author, “though: dead. inay yet hereby 'speak’ with power to many; and that the great Head of the Church may graciously crown the perasal of these discourses with his blessing.

P. S. The proceeds of this publication will be appropriated to the funds of the Church Missionary Society.

Calcutta, Jan. 23, 1822.


The state of Nature.

EPHESIANS ii, 13.—And you hath he quickened, who

were dead in trespasses and sing; wherein in time past

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