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Tue carly records of Kent County, Maryland, which contain the only memorials extant of many of the first settlers of the Eastern Shore, are time-worn, mouldering, falling to picces, and in a few years will become illegible, decay, and be lost. Upon their faded and perishing pages are chronicled some of the acts and doings of good men who have gone before us—whose graves are unknown—whose tombstones have disappeared--and whose names are forgotten, or are no longer mentioned among men.

To rescue from oblivion, to perpetuate a knowledge of these memorials, and to preserve a momento of our fathers—to whom, under Providence, we are indebted for the blessing of life, for all that we partake of on Earth and may enjoy in Heaven-was the motive which inspired the preparation of these pages, and which, though not contemplated when the foundation was laid, bas naturally, at the request of others, led to the publication of this volume.

To clothe with interest the dryasdust and barren details of trivial and ordinary affairs, I have endeavoured—with the light afforded by ancient Tombstones, Wills, Parish Registers of Births, Marriages and

Deaths, and the assistance of friends and their family annals—to connect, genealogically, the first settlers with their children—the present generation-and to weave, as it were, a living garland around the crumbling monuments of the dead.

Many of the genealogies are founded, exclusively, upon public Records, Wills and Parish Registers of unquestionable authority; though they are, in some instances, widely at variance with venerable and long cherished traditions. Others are drawn out from private sources, which are received as authentic by the respective families.

The extent, fullness and accuracy of the histories of families depended, in a great degree, upon the inclination to impart information, ability and concurrence of persons now living, and it is due to myself to say that I have gladly embodied and added to all proper and reliable information furnished to meand, also, which will explain omissions, that I have been frequently asked to omit names and family connexions, and that with all such requests I have regretfully complied. De gustibus non est disputandum."

With regard to the mechanical execution of the work, the proof-sheets were entrusted to Peter A. Kelly, Esq., the Superintendent of the Printing Department of Messrs. Kelly, Piet & Co.

The copper-plate engravings were executed by Messrs. Anderson & Son (James M. Anderson and W. Scott Anderson), of Baltimore.

The abbreviations used are b., for born,-d., for died, deceased,—dau., for daughter, child., for children-m.,

for married, and unm., for unmarried. In the spelling of names, words, etc., and capitalization, I have followed my originals.

It is proper that I should express my appreciation of the considerate courtesy and painstaking politeness of David C. Blackiston, Esq., Clerk, and of Messrs. Henry C. Chasc and John W. Palmer, in the Clerk's Office,—and of William Stevens, Esq., Register, and Mr. Harry Rickey, of the Register's Office, at Chestertown.

Remembering, with gratitude all whose sympathy encouraged me in my labor of filial love, I return the warmest expression of my thanks to those who aided me in obtaining information. Their names are many, and are designated in the Index by (*) an asterisk.

Imperfect as this tribute is, I hope that it will be indulgently accepted as an humble effort to repay my debt of gratitude to Maryland and my native County.


83 EDMONDSON AVENUE, Baltimore, 30th December, 1876.

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