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Spain, takes the lead in order of time, as well as importance, in the history of the present year. However trifling the object of dispute might appear, it was capable of involving the greater part of Europe in its consequences. Con tinental wars must be in fome degree limited in their operation and effects; but those which take place between the great naval powers, whose colonies and maritime poffeffions are extended into every quarter of the globe, take so comprehensive a fange in their line of action, that the remoteft nations may be affected by their consequences.

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PREFACE. This subject became so blended, both in its foreign and domestic parts, with our other public affairs, that it could not with propriety be separated from them, which has occasioned some change in the usual arrangement of our history; the account of the Russian war, and other foreign matters, being now comprized in the latter part of that. 'article. However interesting that war may be in its future consequences, it : languished this year in the operation. Conquests were indeed made ; but the circumstances that attended them were 'neither striking nor brilliant. The superiority on one side is so apparent, and the misconduct and inefficacy on the other so glaring, that the contest 'now ceases to be interesting.

Our domestic affairs were highly important. The winter produced a long and a busy feffion of parliament; distinguished by some uncommon events, and by the number of public questions of greatest consequence, which were discussed in it.


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To this part of the work we have directed our particular attention, and hope our endeavours to give a tolerably clear representation of matters so interesting to the Public, have not been altogether fruitless. We shall however, in this instance, as in every other, have frequent occasion to claim the usual indulgence of our Readers, and hope they will believe, that whatever deficiencies they may perceive in other respects, there are none on the side of gratitude; and that it is as much our wish as our duty, to be able, in some degree, to merit that favour which we have so long and so hap, pily experienced.



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