The Speeches of the Right Honourable Charles James Fox, in the House of Commons ...

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1815

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Страница 93 - Religion — language — interest — affections may, and I hope will yet prove a bond of permanent union between the two countries : to this end, neither attention nor disposition shall be wanting on my part.
Страница 112 - That an humble address be presented to his majesty, that he will be graciously pleased to give directions that there be laid before this house...
Страница 285 - Company shall, and they are hereby required to, pay due obedience to, and shall be governed and bound by, such orders and directions as they shall from time to time receive from the said Board, touching the civil or military government and revenues of the British territorial possessions in the East Indies.
Страница 32 - To this address his Majesty returned the following answer : — " Gentlemen of the house of commons, There are no objects nearer to my heart, than the ease, happiness, and prosperity of my people. You may be assured, that, in pursuance of your advice, I shall take such measures as shall appear to me to be most conducive to the restoration of harmony between Great Britain and the revolted colonies...
Страница 268 - His Majesty allowed Earl Temple to say that whoever voted for the India Bill was not only not his friend, but would be considered by him as an enemy ; and if these words were not strong enough, Earl Temple might use whatever words he might deem stronger and more to the purpose.
Страница 238 - ... should sweat, not for his own benefit, but for the luxury and rapacity of tyrannic depredation ; in a word, that thirty millions of men, gifted by Providence with the ordinary endowments of humanity, should groan under a system of despotism, unmatched in all the histories of the world ?* What is the end of all government ? Certainly the happiness of the governed.
Страница 67 - That an humble address be presented to his Majesty, that he will be graciously pleased to give directions that a monument be erected in the Cathedral Church of ST.
Страница 291 - An act for establishing certain regulations for the better management of the affairs of the East India Company, as well in India as in Europe...
Страница 265 - That it is now necessary to declare, that to report any opinion, or pretended opinion of his Majesty upon any bill or other proceeding depending in either House of Parliament, with a view to influence the votes of the members, is a high crime and misdemeanour, derogatory to the honour of the Crown, a breach of the fundamental privileges of Parliament, and subversive of the Constitution of this country.
Страница 238 - Freedom, according to my conception of it, consists in the safe and sacred possession of a man's property, governed by laws defined and certain ; with many personal privileges, civil and religious, which he cannot surrender without ruin to himself ; and of which to be deprived by any other power, is despotism.