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7 February 1928-3 August 1928.



Adjournment Motions under Standing Order

No. 10:

122. Return of Motions for Adjournment under Standing Order No. 10, showing the date of such Motion, the name of the Member proposing, the definite matter of urgent public importance, and the result of any Division. taken thereon, during Sessions 1926 to 1928 (in continuation of No. 202 of 1924-25).



Business of the House :

p. 183

Return showing with reference to Session 1928, the total number of days on which the House sat; and the days on which Business of Supply was considered (in continuation of No. 131 of 1927). 187

Closure of Debate:

Return respecting application of Standing Order No. 26 (Closure of Debate) during Session 1928 in the House and in Committee of the whole House and in the Standing Committees (in continuation of No. 132 of 1927). 189

Private Bills and Private Business : 0.001. Return of the number of Private, Hybrid and Provisional Order Bills introduced into the House of Commons and brought from the House of Lords, and of Acts passed in Session 1928; of all such Bills which have been reported on by Committees on Opposed Private Bills or by Committees nominated partly by the House and partly by the Committee of Selection; of all such Bills which have been referred by the Committee of Selection to the Committee on Unopposed Bills; with the names of the Members who served on each Committee; the number of days on which each. Committee sat; and the number of days on which each Member attended; and, of the number of such Bills withdrawn (in continuation of No. 0.005 of 1927). 203

Public Bills :

0.002. Return of the number of Public Bills, distinguishing Government from other Bills, introduced into this House, or brought from the House of Lords, during Session 1928: showing the number which received the Royal Assent; the number which were passed by this House, but not by the House of Lords; the number passed by the House of Lords, but not by this House; and distinguishing the stages at which Bills were dropped or postponed and rejected in either House of Parliament (in continuation of No. 0.001 of 1927). 221

Public Petitions :

0.003. Return of the Number of Public Petitions presented and printed in Session 1928; with the Total Number of Signatures in that Session (in continuation of No. 0.002 of 1927).

Select Committees :

p. 229

0.004. Return of the Number of Select Committees appointed in Session 1928, and the Court of Referees; the Subjects of Inquiry; the Names of the Members appointed to Serve on each, and of the Chairman of each; the Number of Days each Committee Met, and the Number of Days each Member Attended; the Total Expense of the Attendance of Witnesses at each Select Committee, and the Name of the Member who moved for such Select Committee; also the Total Number of Members who Served on Select Committees (in continuation of No. 0.003 of 1927). 231

Standing Committees:

0.005. Return for Session 1928 of the Total Number and the Names of all Members who have been appointed to serve on one or more of the five Standing Committees ; the number of Bills considered by all and by each of the Standing Committees; the number of days on which each Committee sat, and the names of all Bills considered by a Standing Committee (in continuation of No. 0.004 of 1927).

Standing Orders:


128. Standing Orders of the House of Commons, 1928, Part I-Public Business. Part II-Private Business; with Table of Fees, and Index.




75. Return showing particulars of all Aliens to whom certificates of Naturalization have been issued and whose Oaths of Allegiance have, during the year 1927, been registered at the Home Office; Information as to any Aliens who have, during the same period, obtained Acts of Naturalization from the Legislature; and particulars of cases in which Certificates of Naturalization have been revoked within the same period (in continuation of No. 66 of 1927). [Cmd. 3113.] Return of Alien Passengers, excluding Transmigrants, landed, embarked, and refused leave to land, in the United Kingdom during the year 1928. [Cmd. 3130.] Statistics in regard to Alien Passengers who entered and left the United Kingdom in 1927.




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