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extracted from state statutes to cover the 10 categories selected by the Council of State Governments; as a summary of a subject that holds national attention, this book has had wide circulation and acceptance. The second publication was a trade barrier digest covering 9 States.

The present work is a factual presentation of the antitrust laws of the 48 States set forth in actual text of the statutory provisions or in summary where, in instances, that was more practical. Decisions of the Federal and State courts interpreting the antitrust provisions of each State from the earliest years of such enactments is an important feature of the present analysis.

The selection and compilation of these statutes and the digests of the applicable court decisions represent the work of the MARKETING Laws SURVEY staff of attorneys and their research assistants employed in Washington, D. C., and in the regional offices at Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City. Research followed a carefully developed outline of compilation that had been prepared by the Survey in consultation with Federal agencies and groups of recognized authorities in the special field of trade regulatory law. The staff extracted the present compilation from a study of some 400,000 statutory provisions affecting marketing and more than 97,000 court decisions interpreting these acts over a period of 100 years.

The organization, preparation, final review, and analysis of this important body of legislation and its interpretation by the courts was under the general, legal, and technical direction of IRWIN W.SILVERMAN, Chief Attorney; L. THOMPSON BENNETT, Jr., Chief Administrative Attorney; and HERMAN GRANT, Assistant Chief Administrative Attorney.

Special acknowledgment is made by the MARKETING LAWS SURVEY to the many law libraries in each region, including those of Federal and State courts, the law schools of many universities and colleges, legal publishing houses and other private libraries—all of which generously placed their invaluable special facilities at the service of the Survey. This splendid cooperation saved months of labor in selecting and compiling the statutes and court decisions.

A final acknowledgment must be made to the entire staff of this legal Survey, for each had a share in gathering and organizing this volume for publication. Its worth awaits appraisal by the lawyer handling problems of marketing law and by the business executive.

A. H. MARTIN, Jr., Director.


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