The English Reformation: How it Came About, and why We Should Uphold it

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Strahan, 1879 - 512 страници

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Страница 387 - THE Body of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, which was given for thee, preserve thy body and soul unto everlasting life. Take and eat this in remembrance that CHRIST died for thee, and feed on Him in thy heart by faith with thanksgiving.
Страница 423 - Be of good comfort, master Ridley, and play the man. We shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.
Страница 328 - ... these many years passed, this godly and decent order of the ancient fathers hath been so altered, broken, and neglected, by planting in uncertain stories and legends, with multitude of responds, verses, vain repetitions, commemorations, and synodals ; that commonly when any book of the Bible was begun, after three Or four chapters were read out, all the rest were unread.
Страница 329 - Moreover, the number and hardness of the rules called the Pie, and the manifold changings of the service, was the cause, that, to turn the book only was so hard and intricate a matter, that many times there was more business to find out what should be read, than to read it when it was found out.
Страница 182 - And enter not into judgment with thy servant: for in thy sight shall no man living be justified.
Страница 441 - Christ's natural Flesh and Blood. For the Sacramental Bread and Wine remain still in their very natural substances, and therefore^ may not be adored; (for that were Idolatry, to be abhorred of all faithful Christians...
Страница 375 - And now I would ask a strange question : who is the most diligent bishop and prelate in all England, that passeth all the rest in doing his office? I can tell, for I know him who it is; I know him well. But now I think I see you listening and hearkening that I should name him. There is one that passeth all the other, and is the most diligent prelate and preacher in all England.
Страница 376 - God with, than God himself hath appointed. Down with Christ's cross, up with purgatory pickpurse, up with him, the popish purgatory, I mean. Away with clothing the naked, the poor and impotent, up with decking of images, and gay garnishing of stocks and stones; up with man's traditions and his laws, down with God's traditions and his most holy word. Down with the old honour due to God, and up with the new god's honour.
Страница 375 - There is one that passeth all the other, and is the most diligent prelate and preacher in all England. And will ye know who it is? I will tell you: It is the devil. He is the most diligent preacher of all other ; he is never out of his diocese...
Страница 36 - I am always glad," ran the ironical answer, " to explain my faith to any one, and above all to the Bishop of Rome; for I take it for granted that if it be orthodox he will confirm it, if it be erroneous he will correct it. I assume too that as chief Vicar of Christ upon earth the Bishop of Rome is of all mortal men most bound to the law of Christ's Gospel, for among the disciples of Christ a majority is not reckoned by simply counting heads in the fashion of this world, but according...