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In portable size, 16mo form. The paper is of fine quality; the stereo-
type plates are not old ones repaired, the type having been cast expressly
for this edition. The Novels are illustrated with capital steel plates en- o
graved in the best manner, after drawings and paintings by the most emi-
nent artists, among whom are Birket Foster, Darley, Billings, Landseer, -
Harvey, and Faed. This Edition contains all the latest notes and cor- -
rections of the author, a Glossary and Index; and some curious additions,
especially in “Guy Mannering” and the “Bride of Lammermoor; ”
being the fullest edition of the Novels ever published. The notes are at
the foot of the page,_a great convenience to the reader.

It is the intention of the Publishers to issue two volumes elegantly bound o in cloth, stamped with original and appropriate designs, every month, until . the whole is complete. The price is 75 cents per volume. Any Novel o may be had separate from the set. *

(3; For opinions of the Press as to the superiority of TICKNOR & FIELDs’ “Illustrated Household Haverley,” over all others, see elaborate notices in the New York Tribune, Publishers’ Circular, Home Journal, Evening Post, Merchants’ Magazine, Mirror, Albion, Herald, Knick- i erbocker, The Atlantic Monthly, Harper's Magazine, Boston Courier, Traveller, Journal, Transcript, Evening Gazette, Christian Examiner, Advertiser, Post, Bee, and all the other principal Papers and Periodicals published in the country.


Now Ready. St. RoNAN's WELL, 2 vols.
WAverLEy, 2 vols. REDGAUNTLET, 2 vols. -
Guy MANNERING, 2 vols. The BETRothed, } 2 vols -
The ANTIQUARY, 2 vols. The Highl.AND WIDow, -
Rob Roy, 2 vols. THE TALISMAN,
Old MoRTALITY, 2 vols. Two DRovers, -

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LEGEND OF MontROSE, 2 vols. The TAPEstriFD CHAMBER, :-
HEART of Mid LothiaN, 2 vols. THE LAIRD’s Jock, T.
o BRIDE of LAMMERMooR, 2 vols. ows
Ivanhoe, 2 vols. Volumes in Press. o
The MoMASTERY, 2 vols. Woodstock, 2 vols.
The ABBot, 2 vols. THE FAIR MAID of PERTH, 2 vols.
KENILworth, 2 vols. ANNE of GEIERSTEIN, 2 vols.
The Pir Ate, 2 vols. Coux.T Robert of PARIs, 2 vols.
Fortunes of NIGEL, 2 vols. THE SURGEoN’s DAUGHTER,
PEveRIL of the PEAK, 2 vols. CASTLE DANGEROUS, | 2 vols.


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