Transactions of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science

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The volume for 1886 is a report of the proceedings of the "Conference on temperance legislation, London, 1886."

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Страница 35 - In full-blown dignity, see Wolsey stand, Law in his voice, and fortune in his hand...
Страница 555 - Inasmuch as ye did it unto the least of these my brethren, ye did it unto me.
Страница 148 - Tyrants! in vain ye trace the wizard ring; In vain ye limit Mind's unwearied spring : What! can ye lull the winged winds asleep, Arrest the rolling world, or chain the deep? No! — the wild wave contemns your sceptred hand: It roll'd not back when Canute gave command!
Страница 323 - Animal " shall be taken to mean any Horse, Mare, Gelding, Bull, Ox, Cow, Heifer, Steer, Calf, Mule, Ass, Sheep, Lamb, Hog, Pig, Sow, Goat, Dog, Cat, or any other domestic Animal...
Страница 421 - Commission on the employment of children, young persons, and women in agriculture — "fearful to contemplate.
Страница 237 - Her Majesty's high commissioners to proceed to Washington for the purpose of discussing in a friendly spirit with commissioners to be appointed by the Government of the United States the various questions on which differences have arisen between Great Britain and that country, and of treating for an agreement as to the mode of their amicable settlement...
Страница 68 - Law is a mode of human action respecting society, and must be governed by the same rules of equity which govern every private action ; and so Tully considers it in his Offices as the only utility agreeable to that nature ; unum debet esse omnibus propositum, ut eadem sit utilitas uniuscujusque et universorum ; quam si ad se quisque rapiat, dissolvetur omnis humana consortio.
Страница 101 - ... reservoirs from which the supply of water is drawn, or into the soil in which the wells are situate ; a danger which may exist on a small scale (but, perhaps, often repeated in the same district) at the pump or dip-well of a private house ; or, on a large and even vast scale, in the source of supply of public water-works.
Страница 11 - No religious catechism or religious formulary which is distinctive of any particular denomination shall be taught in the school.
Страница 86 - That in accordance with the general practice of existing elementary schools, provision may be made for offering prayer and using hymns in schools provided by the board at the 'time or times' when, according to Section VII., Sub-Section II., of the Elementary Education Act, ' religious observances ' may be