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The Merits of the Sabbath Hymn Book," and of the means which are employed to introduce it into the Churches. By a Clergyman of Massachusetts. Boston: Crocker & Brewster. 1859. pp. 23.

Sovereign and Subject : in six Sermons. Preached at Shrewsbury, Mass. By N. W. WILLIAMS. Andover : 1859. pp.

104. The Metropolitan Catholic Almanac, and Laity's Directory for the United States. 1859. Baltimore : John Murphy & Co. 12mo. pp. 307. Price 25 cents.

Fourteenth Annual Report on Public Schools in Rhode Island, made to the General Assembly, at its January Session, 1859. Providence. pp. 44.

The Mother's Mission. Sketches from real life. By the author of “The Object of Life.” Boston: Henry Hoyt, 9 Cornhill. 1859. 18mo. pp. 330.

Capt. Russell's Watchword: or, I'll Try.” Boston: Henry Hoyt. 1859. 18mo. pp. 291. For sale by F. T. Jarman,

Pleasant Pathways: or, Persuasives to Early Piety. By Daniel WISE. New York: Carlton & Porter. 18mo. pp. 285.

Now. By NEWMAN Hall, LL. B., Author of “Come to Jesus,” “Follow Jesus," &c. New York: Robert Carter & Brothers, No. 530 Broadway. 1859.

The Precious Stones of the Heavenly Foundation. With illustrated selections in Prose and Verse. By Augusta BROWNE GARRETT. New York : Sheldon & Co. 1859. 12mo. pp. 328.



We regret to learn that the word "carelessly," applied (p. 35) to the enlargement of Worcester's Select Hymns, in 1834, has been understood as referring to the whole execution of that enlargement, instead of the two hymns to which alone it was meant to apply. These hymns are the 370th and 411th, the originals of which are the 215th Select and the 14th of Dr. Watts's 3d Book. And as regards even these, we are happy to retract the charge implied, inasmuch as we find that the esteemed editor considered them so much more available and suitable for public worship in their altered form, as to warrant their insertion among bis additions, while he was precluded by his plan from making any change in the already existing portion of the collection.


The NAMES OF THE Authors of the Articles in this Number will be found on the fourth page of the Advertiser.

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