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x. Risking it,

74 XI. The Luck,

436 | Americanisms not always Novel-

XI. Negotiations,

XII. A Night with the Ara-



XII. Emancipation,


bian Nights,

438 Ancient Musical Instruments, 570

XII. The Cloven Foot, 100 XIII. On the Bridge,

451 | Arithmetic, the Romance of, 449

XIV. Defeat,

103 XIV. A Considerate Challenge, 453 Arthurian Legends, the Last of

xv. The Golden State, 121 XV. A Good Night's Work, 467 the,


XVI. Spoiled Five,

123 XVI. In the Suminer-house, 471 Arts and Science - 62, 126, 207, 270,

XVII. Warning,

139 XVII. Too Late,


335, 409, 473, 558, 622, 682, 766, 830

XVIII. Between Dark and Dawn, 142 XVIII. Under the Sycamore, 490 | Ashore on the Cape Verd Islands, 491

xix. Marked Immediate, 147 XIX. A Terrible Infant, 500 Authors, Yesterdays with,


xx. Mrs Dixon, .

150 xx. With the Rector, 503 Autobiography, a Poet's,


XXI. Influence,

161 XXI. Patched Up,

517 Beard, Jones's,


XXII. From Miriam to Florence, 167 XXII. The Watch-dog, 520 Beauty and the Barber, . 025

XXIII. From Florence to Miriaın,179 XXIIL The Chalk - pit - the Beetles,


XXIV. Friendly Offices,


Lower Path, 533 Besieged by Catamarans, 318

xxv. Where is Walter ?

196 XXIV. The Chalk. pit the

Bim among the Beasts-

XXVI. After all, I have done

Upper Path,




Him no Wrong,

193 xxv. Face to Face,


1. The Speculating Beaver, 137

XXVII. Lethe,

216 XXVÍ. Helen astonishes the Burial Vagaries,


XXVIII. For England, Home, and


550 Buses and Busmen,



219 XXVII. A Letter from an Old Butcher-meat,


XXIX. Welcome Home, 232

Acquaintance, 564 Cain, the Tomb of,


xxx. The Lie Circumstantial, 235 XXVIII. Unreconciled,

567 Calling, a High,


XXXI. Information Required, 213 XXIX. Brignon,

582 Cambodia to China, From, 793, 805

XXXII. An Old Man's Darling, 216 xxx. In Hospital,

585 Canada, Good News from, 593

XXXIII. Revolt,


XXXI. At the Masquerade, 594 Cape Verd Islands, Ashore on the, 494

XXXIV. A Crisis,

267 XXXII. An Unlooked-for Meet- Cat, the Guardian,


xxxv. Once more, a way of


598 Catamarans, Besieged by, 318


280 XXXII. An old Story Re-toid, 612 Cats,


XXXVI. Once more Risking it, 283 XXXIV. Too much Happiness, 616 Central India, Forest-life in, 214

'XXXVII. Halcyon Days,

295 XXXV. A Legacy,

630 Chambers's Journal,


XXXVIII. A Terror of Great Dark-

XXXVI. A Counsellor,

633 Chase after a Kidnapper, an 705


298 XXXVII. Daneton,

644 Chemistry in the Kitchen, 131



309 XXXVIII. The Vision,

617 China, From Cambodia to, 793, 805

XL. Swift Retribution, 312 XXXIX. A Homopathic Remedy, 660 Chronograms and Chronophons, 382

XLI. Our Client,

327 XL. Inexplicable,

662 Civilisation in Japan,


XLII. The Testimony of the XLI. Recognition,

676 Claimant, a French,



330 XLII. Reconciliation,

678 Coinmerce, a Pioneer of,


XLIII. Griselda,

695 Country of the Ostrich, In the, 153

Guardian Cat, the,

577 XLIV. Hearth and Home, 697 County Court Practice,



769, 798, 803, 827

Culpeper, Nicholas,


Hereditary Nobleman, Doing foran,817

Curiosities, Testamentary, 421

Jones's Beard, :


Curious Curatives,


Kidnapper, a Chase after a, 705

Grave-yard, a,


Last Banquet, De Quesnoy's, 289

Notices of Books.

Customs, Polish,


Life, a Race for-

Danger from Lightning,

9, 29, 45, 59, 77, 92, 110, 115 Calverley's Fly Leaves, . 302 Days, the Homes of Other, 358

Middle-Aged Love Story, a, 513 Cooper's Travels of a Pioneer of

Dead Sea, Jerusalem to the, 161

Nervous Traveller, a,

731 Cornierce, &c.

106 De Quesney's Last Banquet, ·


Offering, the Accepted, .

97 Fields's Yesterdays with Authors, 313 Desertion, a Story of,



369 Forster's Life of Charles Dickens, 17, 40 Desolation, the Land of,


Our Feather Farm, 4i7, 413, 460, 475 Forsyth's Highlands of Central Development,


Race for Life, a- 9, 29, 45, 59, 77, 92, India,

214 Dickens, the Youth of, 17, 40

110, 115 Hayes's

' Land of Desolation, .

390 Discoveries, Livingstone's, 009

Romance, a Counting-house-

Hutchinson's Cracow and the Drawing-room Games,


129, 155, 172, 187, 201 Carpathians,

665 Ducks and Geese, My,



385, 411 Life and Letters of Captain

Eden, Isles of,


Story, a Middle-Aged Love, 513 Marryat,

691 End, Preparing for the,


Story of Desertion, a,

347 Life of Thomas Cooper,

373 English Masons, the Work of, 33

Telegraphist's Story, a,

273 Longfellow's Poems,




Through Fire,

321 Olrig Grange,

773 Escurial, the, .


Traveller, a Nervous,

734 Poole's Queen Charlotto Islands, 201 Experiences Matriinonial, 515

Verdigree, On the,

49 Recollections and Retiections of Fly-leaves,



801 J. R. Planché,

600 Folks Long Ago, Stirlingshire, 785

Wife, a New Method of Choosing a, 353 Rhymes in the West of England Forest-life in Central India, 214

Without Further Delay-

Dialect, by Agricola,

730 Forty, About,


481, 508, 525, 540,556, 573, 590, 605, Shaw's Visit to High Tartary, French Claimant, as


620, 638, 653, 667, 684 Yarkand, and Kashgar,

185 Frontier Law,


South-Sea Bubbles. By' the Earl

Games, Drawing-room,


WOMAN'S VENGEANCE, A. By the and the Doctor,

315 Garden, In a, ..


Author of 'Cecil's Tryst,' &c.

Tennyson's Gareth and Lynette, 813 Geese, My Ducks and,


1. At the Mitre,

337 | Wright's Homes of Other Days, 358 Genteel Poverty,


II. Two Nice Young Men, 340

Glacier, the Shore and the, 69

III. What is my Thought

Good News from Canada,




Grave-yard, a Curious,


IV. Against Time,


Miscellaneous Articles


Great Scheme, the Utopianisms

v. The Bargees,



VI. Othello charms Desde.

Instruction and Enter-

Green Mountains,


mona with the Tale


Greenwich Hospital,


of his Adventures, . 393

Growths, Parasitic,


VIL. Nearing Home,

396 | About Forty,

367 Guardian Cat, the,


VIII. A River Legend, 404 Accepted Offering, the, . 97 Hallucinations,


IX. Home,

406 Across the Walnuts and the Hats, Old,


x. In Paris,

426 Wine,

618, 759 | High Calling, a,



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Home, Timur the Tartar at, 238 Mount Tyndall, the Naming of, 824 Scotland, University Life in the
Homes of Other Days, the, 358

401 North of,

Humorist, a West Country, 730 Mountains, Green,

665 | Secret Police, the,



637 Muscular Hypochondriac, a, 193 Sepulchral Memorials, Our, . 537

Hypochondriac, a Muscular, 193 Musical Instruments, Ancient, 570 Sbips, Rusty,


India, Forest-life in Central, 214 My Neighbour,

257 Shore and the Glacier, the 69

Indian Verandah, From an,

657 Nicholas Culpeper,

651 Sleeping Preacher, a,


Instruments, Ancient Musical, 570 North of Scotland, University Slice, Poetry by the,

Islands, Ashore on the Cape Verd, 494 Life in the, .

276 Slips of the Press,

The Queen Charlotte, 201 Novelties, Americanisms

Square, Leicester,


Isles of Eden,

315 always,

77 Stage, 'the Last \lalf-Century of

Ivories, Ancient and Medieval, 822 Numbers, Lucky;

796 the,


Japan, Civilisation in,
710 Odd Matches,
712 State Poison, a, .

Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, 161 Offering, the Accepted, 97 Stirlingshire Folks Long Ago, 785
Jones's Beard,
689 Old Hats,
580 Story of Desertion, a,


Journal, Chambers's, .

65 - Himalayan Town, an, 57 Swallow, Parental Sagacity of

Kashgar and Yarkand,

185 On the Verdigree,




Kidnapper, a Chase after a, 705 | Orphanage, the Little,

225, 252 Tailors,


Kitchen, Chemistry in the, 134 Ostrich, In the Country of the, 153 Testamentary Curiosities, 421

Land of Desolation, the,

390 Parasitic Growths,

819 Timur the Tartar at Home, 238

Language, a Universal,

7 Parental Sagacity of the Swallow, 263 Toasts,


Last Banquet, De Quesney's, 289 Passports,

405 Tomb of Cain, the,


-Half-Century of the stage, the, 600 Pioneer of Commerce, a,

106 | Town, an Old Himalayan,


Law, Frontier,

305 Poetry by the Slice,

553 Tyndall, the Naming of Mount, 821

Legends, the Last of the Arthurian, 813 Poet's Autobiography, a, 37:3 Universal Language, a,


Leicester Square,

430 Poison, a State,

699 University Life in the North of

Light for the Million,

778 Police, the Secret,

561 Scotland,


Lightning, Danger from,

222 Polish Customs,

523 Utopianisms of a Great Scheme,


Little Orphanage, the, 225, 252 Portugal, the Vintage in,

81 the,


Livingstone's Discoveries, 609 Poverty, Genteel,

411 Vagaries, Burial,


Lucky Vumbers,

796 | Practice, County Court,

497 Verandah, From an Indian, 657

Makers, Railway,

27 | Preacher, a Sleeping,

99 Verdigree, On the,


Marked Men, :
12 Preparing for the End,
229 Vesuvius, Mount,


Hasons, the work of English, 33 Press, Slips of the,

433 Vintage in Portugal, the,


Natches, Odd,
712 Queen Charlotte Islands, the, 201 | Vov-Kulak,

Matrimonial, Experiences, 545 Railway Makers,

27 Walnuts and the wine, 'Across

Mayfair by a Poet,

773 Rattlesnakes,

611 the,

018, 759

, Our Sepulchral, 537 Red Men of ro-day, the, 721 Weed, the,


Memory, a Resuscitated,

691 | Resuscitated Memory, a,

691 West Country Humorist, a, 730

Men of To-day, the Red,

721 Ring of Rings, the,

350 What can Women do?


Microscopes, Early,

505 Romance of Arithinetic, the, 449 | Wine, Across the Walnuts and

Monitors, English,

170 Rusty Ships,

515 the,

Scheme, the Utopianisms of a Work of English Masons, the, 33

MONTH, THE: Science and Arts-


119 | Yarkand and Kashgar,


62, 126, 207, 270, 335, 409, 473, 558, Science and Arts, 62, 126, 207, 270, Yesterdays with Authors, .


022, 632, 760, 830 335, 409, 473, 658,622, 682, 706, 830 | Youth of Dickens, the, 17, 40

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I swear, 'tis better to be lowly born,
And range with humble livers in content,
Than to be perked up in a glistering grief,
And wear a golden sorrow.


usually attends a sweeping censure in this designaVIRIAN CLIXT was about to leave school. She tion. Mr Clint was an old brute. Until within was not glad of it. She was eighteen years old, three days of breaking-up time, Miriam had hoped and had her notions and her visions about coming to gain her father's consent to her remaining at out,' like other girls of her age, and especially of Crescent House, not because she wished to remain, her appearance. The time to which these notions and counted on his indulgence for that reason, but vould naturally have tended, and these visions because she honestly believed he must dislike the scared, was at hand, and yet Miriam Clint was prospect of her return as much as she did. not glad of it. This is a paradox which requires "It is impossible I can ever be anything but a explanation. Miriam had every reason to believe tremendous bore to papa, you know,' she said, that her visions would remain entirely unfulfilled; frankly, to Miss Monitor, with whom she was on she had good cause to like the school at which she confidential terms. “Every one bores him, you had passed eight years, in tolerable comfort to know, but Walter and I bore him above and herself, and harmony with her surroundings; and beyond every one else. I suppose it is just for sie had no cause whatever to like home, or to appearances' sake he wants me home, and I can't anticipate that it would be more endurable when help hoping he won't be able to resist the temptashe should have returned thither ‘for good,' than tion of getting rid of me for six more months. it had been during her dismal holidays.

Miss Monitor shook her tight little head, and Biriam was not of a sentimental disposition, replied : “My dear, I uld not count on that, if but she had strong feelings, and a good deal of I were you. If your papa is having you home decision of character, a combination which had against his inclination, or even without it, for made her a favourite at Miss Monitor's school. appearances' sake, I can only say it is the first She was in earnest in her likes and dislikes; and time I have ever heard of his making such a being as good-natured as a clever, healthy girl sacrifice. No, no, Miriam ; depend upon it, you usually is, especially when she is freely acknow- will have to go.' leriged to be much prettier than her companions, Miss Monitor was right. Suspense in the schoolher likes were more numerous than her dislikes. room, and hope in the breast of Miriam and her Thus, there was commotion and dismay at Cres- young friends, were put an end to by the arrival cent House, Hampstead, when it became known of the post on the following morning. Miriam that Mr Clint had refused to accede to Miriam's opened her father's letter, and the first glance petition for one more half, and that she was dissipated her hopes. to go home immediately. Miriam became more

THE FIRS, 3d June 18–. emphatically than ever a 'poor darling;' and Mr DMiriam [There !' was the girl's mental comClint, her father, who had always been considered mentary; "he is always more ill-tempered than a horrid man,' now received public mention as usual when he uses abbreviations ! What illan old brute.' There was less injustice than tempered and ill-bred things they are !']—You have




given me the trouble of writing two letters instead Miriam Clint, but she had no accurate compreof one. Don't do that again. You will come home hension of either her strength or her weaknesses; as arranged, on the 6th; I have put an advt and she could hardly have been expected perfectly for a maid in some papers, and directed to understand how much the girl stood in need applicants to call at Crest House to-morrow between of pity, who would have genuinely preferred to the hours of 12 and 4. From among them you remain at Crescent House rather than return to will select, with Miss M.'s advice, a suitable person, her father's roof. To Miriam, duty translated itself to attend upon you, make your clothes, dc. Wages by "devoirs,' and pleasure meant going to select L.20. The person you select must be ready to evening parties, and occasionally to the opera, come here with you on the 6th. You will come by with one or two other favoured pupils, under the express, leaving Lond. Bge at 11 A.M.— Yrs truly, auspices of Miss Monitor; and taking riding lessons

REG. CLINT. in the early summer mornings, with her particular

school-friends, on which occasions the ridingTears of anger rose in Miriam's eyes. 'It isn't master was accompanied by his pretty young wife. only that he refuses my request, but he puts it Nothing could be more proper or more pleasant, aside in such a cold, contemptuous way,' she Miriam then thought. She hated leaving all this, muttered ; “I shall never be able to care for him and she hated the thought of the home she was in the least, or get on better with him; and I did going to. mean to try. It's well for Walter he's a man ; The position of affairs seemed to absolve Miss he can do as he likes; he is not obliged to stay at Monitor and Miriam from any bonds of convenhome, and put up with papa. I don't wonder tional restraint. at him; I couldn't blame him for anything !' * I never was a hypocrite about it, was I, dear?'

“Miriam,' said Miss Monitor, entering the room said Miriam. * Don't you remember, long ago, with her accustomed precision of step and manner, when we did our compositions for Mr Walker, I but with a decided increase of the winter-apple never would write letters about the pleasures of colouring of her plump cheeks, 'I need not ask home and the delights of the country? There is you what news you have. Your father treats me no pleasure in home to me, and I always did and with scanty courtesy, and I suppose blames me for always shall hate the country' your unwillingness to go home. He might recog- * Don't say that, Mirian,' said Miss Monitor, nise that at least you have been happy here.' with a wise shake of her head. “You would like

He doesn't care, dear,' said Miriam, flinging it very much if you were married to a country her arms round Miss Monitor's prim little figure gentleman with a nice property.' Miss Monitor's with an energy that caused that lady to rock upon own vision of ultimate bliss was retirement to a her tightly shod little feet, and obliged her to cottage, with a cow and a poultry-vard. • Depend rearrange her collar, her apron, her cuffs, and her on it, that would make all the difference. And, neck-ribbon. “He doesn't know anything about iny remember, you must have gone home in order for being happy or unhappy, and as for gratitude !– that to happen. You couldn't have married here.? well, never mind that. I'm grateful, and I always 'I'm not so sure of that,' said Miriam impetushall be.

ously ; but then, recollecting herself, she added I am sure of that,' said Miss Monitor; and then with some confusion : “At least-I mean, something perhaps remembering that the tone in which they might have turned up, you know. However, it is were discussing Miriam's father was not quite all over now, and there's no good in talking about most appropriate to their mutual relation, she it; but of one thing you may be certain, if ever I changed it for one of admonition mingled with marry a country gentleman, he must be well consolation. Miriam listened with ill-disguised enough off to take me away from the country-no impatience, and then shewed how very little she rurality for me.' understood the principle of that filial obedience The dialogue was interrupted by Jane, a trim and reverence which Miss Monitor was, with some parlour-maid, who informed her mistress that a inconsistency, endeavouring to instil into her, by young person' had called about the maid's place assuring her impetuously that she would do her for Miss Clint. There was an additional shade of very best to put up with’ her father for Miss respect in Jane's manner of mentioning Miriam, a Monitor's sake.

recognition of her aulded dignity in the prospective Miss Monitor had some reason to be offended possession of her own maid. with Mr Clint. His letter to her contained the “Take her into the waiting-room, and say I will following words: D" Madam,De so good as to see her presently,' said Viss Monitor; and then acknowledge by return the enclosed cheque for amt of added, when Jane withdrew: 'Go and smooth your yr acct, and to send Miss Clint home, according to hair, Miriam, and make yourself tidy before you my directions.--Yrs truly,

REG. CLINT. see this person. It would never do for her to see Miss Monitor was not a high-minded woman, but you looking like that.' neither was she a humbug. She did not 'train "Oh, what can it matter ?' said Miriam rebelthe minds of her pupils,' as the modern style of liously, in the thoroughness of her ill-humour and prospectus has it, to any transcendental heights of discontent. "The question is, whether she will principle or feeling; she made no professions of suit me, not whether I shall suit her.' horror at the notion of a lady's boarding-school “There is a little of both in the question, my being a speculation intended to pay, for she had dear,' replied Miss Monitor decisively; "and it is intended hers to pay, and it was paying, and no always worth every one's while to make a favourwoman in the world knew better than she did that able impression.' no school could be really like home, if home were This was one of those lessons which Miss all it should be. But she knew equally well, and Monitor might be fully trusted to administer practically, that honesty is the best policy; and conscientiously to her pupils. she was honest according to her light. She liked Miriam ran up-stairs to her own room, as the

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