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satisfied himself that there was no great mischief the table, and the harmless witch sat down and to be apprehended ; for presently he came in to had her dinner before clearing away. Of course I his master's side, gave him a rub on the knee, and had been abstemious. One rabbit amongst four is then began to groom himself with his tongue. not a gorge ; try it.

* Poor old Dabble,' said his master, scratching his I have gone into these details of my first meethead with a fore-finger; and the animal, instead of ing with Walter Musgrave in his ruin, because purring, like another cat, gave a little murmured they made a great impression upon me. I should

Yow, yow!' as evident an attempt to speak as not have been surprised to find a poor but proud possible.

Don placed in a corresponding position in some Dabble. Polite for diable?' I inquired. corner of Spain; or even in Ireland, the situation

“Yes. He is my familiar, and, with one excep- would not have seemed abnormal. But that an tion, my only friend and companion. Are you not, English gentleman, so reduced, and having good Dabble ?

health, should not have emigrated, or enlisted, or • Yow, yow!'

driven a cab, supposing no one would give him Is he old ?'

ninety pounds a year as a clerk, was an unintel. *Very. Fifteen years, I should say.'

ligible muddle to me. I do not think that I am very curious about But an impatient reader will decline to take other people's private affairs as a general rule, but any interest in such reflections, so I will simply I certainly confess to having felt that impertinent state, without explanation, that my host and I passion in the present instance. Who was this grew very friendly before we parted that night; young man, whose manners, phraseology, and that I walked over from Dowd again next day, accent bespoke him an educated gentleman; and and persuaded him to go back with me and eat why did he live in a ruin alone with a black cat a return dinner ; that I became very intimate with double the size and intelligence of other black him, and prolonged my stay in the neighbourhood cats? Well, he didn't, quite. There was a witch in consequence ; and that he told me his history. connected with the establishment, and presently It was a story of a lawsuit.

For three generashe came in. Her hooked nose, curved chin, and tions the Musgraves had been throwing away general appearance might fairly have burned her, substance in their race after a shadow, until the were faith not cold, without collateral evidence; family and its acres had dwindled down to this but she carried her broom in her hand, and the one member, the old ruinous mansion, and a few black cat ran to her, rubbed against her old legs, roods of grass-land about it. Lawyers had devoured sat up and plunged his claws again and again into the rest. Honest lawyers, look you ; for the shadow her dress with ecstatic grasps. Damnatory signs appeared very tangible, and I believe that the against the whole family: - Tortures for three !' cleverest of them had a bona fide confidence in the order peremptorily demanded by the fitness of pulling his client safe through. things, Mr Toole. Yet she was a poor, degenerate, The bone of contention was freehold ground in harmless witch ; perhaps a lapsed witch, who had a thriving city; a very nice bone, with plenty of been baptised, for she was afraid of the thunder, meat upon it.' The Musgraves could not make and shook like a screw-steamer in a gale whenever their title clear; neither could the Contremusa fresh clap came. She had taken refuge in a graves make their title clear, and so the property vault which was à cellar, and had been remained unproductive. The houses could not be flooded out. The sight of me frightened her almost let, or pulled down, or patched up. The Musgrave as much as the thunder and the water.

claim was admitted to be very strong, but one link “We are not used to visitors,' said the young in the chain was wanting : à certain deed which man with a smile of explanation. This gentle was known to exist, but could not be found any. man has come in for shelter, Molly. Have we where. The provoking part of the matter was that anything to offer him besides dry bread and hard it had been discovered once, by the present claimcider?

ant's grandfather, but at that time other necessary Dabble brought in a rabbit early this morning, legal evidence, since collected, had not been got Master Walter,' mumbled the old woman.

together, and the old man, who was queer

from “Good Dabble !' and he patted the cat's head. the effects of hope deferred, combined with that of "Well, cook the rabbit for us, please, Molly.' a pistol-wound in the head he had received in a

There were some smouldering wood-embers on duel arising out of the suit, had stowed the imthe large learth, which the old woman raked to- portant document away in a safe so carefully, that gether and blew up into a flame; and then adding no one had since been able to find it ; for he was fresh fuel

, she disappeared to 'skin the Dabble- struck down by a fit, and died without having the captured bunny, which was in due time boiled and power to communicate the hiding-place to his only set before us. Our table-cloth, though very coarse, son, who was hurriedly summoned to his dying was clean, and the same might be said of the iron bed. A minute description of the document, forks. I added the bread and cheese from my together with an account of how he obtained it

, knapsack to the common stock. My host took the was found in his will; and in the next legal tussle

, head of his table with the air of a Belgravian this was put in with some confidence that, com entertainer; Dabble stood at his side on his hind- bined with the

rest of the case, it would be accepted legs, with his fore-paws and black head appearing as evidence. But after a deal of learned argument

, over the edge of the board till he received a suit and some hesitation, the authorities who had to able morsel, when he went down and despatched decide the matter declined to take the will for the it on the floor, reappearing when it was finished. deed, and the case was kept for the benefit of a If his master proved dilatory, he put out a paw fresh set of lawyers

, at that time not out of their sideways, and "dabbed his arm, at the same time dinners and articles. Thus the Musgrave property uttering a plaintive meaow.

remained bleeding. My friend's father got pretty When we three had finished our meal, we left well the last drop out of it, and then married, not


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for love, but partly in hopes of an heir to carry on wrench himself free of the serpent-folds ; if he the suit, partly because the lady had a little money could, they would twine round him again when he to be sucked into the Chancery quicksands. He was weary.' did get an heir; he did sink the money. For- So I never annoyed him with common-sense tunately for her, the wife died before it was quite again, and indeed, after a little while, I caught the spent.

Chancery infection myself. Of course, it was but in The goodly Musgrave estates were now all gone, a mild form, as I had no property of my own at as has been said, the house and homestead being stake, but I had it sufficiently to alter my ideas alone retained. This last bit of strand was stuck entirely, and sympathise with the persistent struggle to tenaciously, because it was pretty certain that with fate in which my new friend was engaged. the iron safe, with the coveted parchment inside To tell the truth, I was in an unhealthy state of it, was somewhere about the premises. But where ? mind at that time, having been recently jilted, a It is needless to say that it had been well hunted misfortune which, till they grow accustomed to it, for, experienced detectives having been employed often makes young men sulky with the world in in the search ; and, indeed, the ruinous state of general. My sulks took the form of isolation temthe house was in no small measure owing to the pered by photography; and residence at Dowd, with ruthless manner in which some of these investiga- a man bound to go crazy, a witch, and an uncanny tions had been conducted.

black cat for my sole acquaintances, exactly suited Happily, not quite all the money of Walter me just then. There is a freemasonry amongst the Musgrave's mother went to the lawyers ; some of forlorn in love which enables them to recognise it was spent in educating him in a manner befitting one another, and I soon learned that Musgrave had the position he would hold when the lawsuit was met a certain Mary, the daughter of a poor clergyover, and the valuable house-property at his dis- man who had acted as his private tutor, and that posal

. But his father died, and the funds gave out he had indulged in day-dreams of taking his degree, before he had finished his intended course, and he going into orders, and leading a life of married found himself in the queer, tantalising, poverty- bliss in a parsonage on a hundred a year ; but he stricken, brain-destroying condition in which I had to leave the university abruptly when his discovered him when photography and a thunder- father died and left him the dormant lawsuit, and storm brought us together.

nothing else. Then at firs he was sanguine of When he first commenced his confidences, I was being able shortly to offer his Mary a better home beyond expression dismayed. “O my prophetic than they had modestly pictured for themselves ; soul, his great-grandfather!' I mentally exclaimed, but after awhile, when he had well studied the when he opened with a short biography of that story of the family failures, his love was but ancestor. But by degrees I grew interested ; his another wedge in the torture-boot. account was clear enough, if mine is not, and he I consoled him with the reflection that his case had confirmatory documents to shew for every- was far better than mine ; his girl was faithful to thing he advanced. At last, I was unable to con- him, or at least he thought so, and he had a ceive how it was possible to keep him out of what chance; whereas, I knew for certain that the seemed so undoubtedly his own; but then I am heart of mine was a mere pop-gun, and that I had not a lawyer.

been shot out of it as another fellow popped in. Nevertheless, as soon as we were intimate enough But he did not pity me properly, for he considered for such a liberty, I talked reason to him, urging that I was lucky in that she had changed her mind him to throw the losing game up, leave the ruin to before marriage instead of after, and I could not the care of Molly and Dabble, and look about for contradict that. some inethod of earning bread and bacon ; for even But the cup of Musgrave's misfortunes was not as an unskilled artisan he would live better than yet full. Dabble died. he did at present.

Do you laugh at people who grieve for pet He let his remaining patch of grass-land for animals? I don't

. “Only a dog!' folks say. Well, forty pounds a year; he got about ten pounds for a dog who loves me is better worth my regret the apples in his orchard, and half as much more than a continent full of men and women who for the hay which was cut in it. Dabble, who was an don't. Still more absurdly, argument is sometimes arrant, but not a self-seeking poacher, occasionally attempted, and we are told not to give a second brought in a rabbit or a leveret, and that was what thought to the loss of an animal that has no soul.' the last of the Musgraves lived on.

Now, surely, if the death of dog, cat, or horse He owned that it savoured of lunacy to go on meant its utter annihilation, that is an extra cause like that ; that his best course would be to sell for sorrow. But there is no reason for such a what little homestead remained to him, which he notion. Read Butler's Analogy, and never speak could do at a fancy price, as his retaining posses- with that ignorant confidence again, I do not sion of it destroyed the compactness of the refer you to Plato, a heathen Greek, but to remainder of the estate, and make a fresh start in Bishop Butler, as orthodox a man as yourselfthe world, but said that he simply could not do it. perhaps more so.

'Surely you could make one vigorous effort, Well, whatever may be the spiritual endowment said I.

of other animals, Dabble must have had a soul ; Of course I could,' he replied, 'if that were all ; at least, he reasoned, and certainly would have but after it was made—a week


, or a month, talked, if the formation of his mouth had peror a year, or five years after-I should be drawn mitted him. Do you mean to tell me that a mere back into this inherited struggle, and if I then had breathing-machine would have found out that his to bear the reflection that I had thrown away a master wanted rabbits, without being told, and so chance, I feel certain that a sentiment of remorse- brought them home when he caught them, instead ful regret would drive me mad. No, you might of eating them quietly in the woods? just as well tell Laocoon to make an effort and He took no medicine, he had no doctor, and yet




he died, poor dear, which looks as if the medical | Armenians had hats closely resembling those still profession was slandered sometimes. His illness worn by their Christian descendants, and these were was short.

He did not eat one morning; the chiefly of thick felt or of varnished cloth, while the next, his coat was rough, and he did not lick it; only Egyptian representative of this style of headon the third, he went about mewing, and his eyes dress was the shapeless structure of coarse straw got filmy ; on the fourth, he had convulsions, in that crowned the head of the Coptic husbandman. the course of one of which he succumbed.

That the Jews wore hats, at anyrate during and We made a wooden box for him, and determined after the Captivity, is tolerably certain. The Eng. to bury him in the orchard, under his favourite lish translators were accurate on this point. Those tree, where he used to scratch holes, and lie in were hats, not caps, which were bound down over wait for dickey-birds. It was on a lovely autumn the brows of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, evening that we bore the box to this spot, and before they were cast into the burning fiery furcommenced our sad preparations. Musgrave being nace, filled with the fuel peculiar to that timberchief-mourner, I took the part of sexton, and struck less land—the cut grass of the weedy plain. The the spade into the ground. For a little while, the helmeted legionaries of Rome fought against Zealots task was easy; then I came on roots, which delayed in hats, and when Jerusalem fell, and every mar: Hacking through them, however, I dug a ket was glutted with Jewish slaves

, the scattered grave some three feet deep, and we tried to carry Hebrews familiarised the provincial populations of the obsequies a stage farther ; but the box stuck: the empire with the sight of a covering for the the grave was not wide enough. I began again at head that must to most of them have been strange the sides, and soon widened it ; but then it looked indeed. Greece has never taken kindly to the hat. too shallow, and I dug down a little deeper-not Still less was old Hellas willing to adopt one of the much, for I was stopped by something harder than most distinctive badges of her hereditary enemies. a root; a big stone, probably. It was impossible That the Mede wore a hat would of itself have to make any impression on iť ; so, as one does not been a reason for hating such an article of attire. like to be beaten, I dug round it, and tried to get The old Persian Sun-worshippers wore hats when

Ι it up bodily. Musgrave had to help, and then we they followed Xerxes or marched with Chostoes, disinterred a square iron box.

as their humble offspring the Parsees of India still • By Jove !' cried I, ‘I wonder if it is the safe do. Most members of the huge Mongolian family hidden away by your grandfather ?'

have preferred this style of head-gear to anything Musgrave flushed very red, and then turned more soft or supple. The literary aristocracy of deadly pale.

China have deserted it for the mandarin сар,

but 'Bound to be,' said he ; "and the deed is in it.' the coolie's shaven head is still protected by a

In spite of the suspense, he put the safe on one crown and brim of thickly plaited rice-straw. Tarside until we had lowered Dabble into its place, tars, whether Buddhist or Blohammedan, hold fast which he exactly fitted, and filled in the grave to the hat. It was with stiff cylinders on their Then we took our discovery home, and wrenched heads that the Turks, Seljukian and Ottoman alike, the lid off. There was the parchment safe enough, first poured over the frontier of the helpless By zazconsiderably discoloured, but quite legible. tine empire.

Well, Musgrave had no other way of raising The turban, which to most of us seems so dismoney for the reopening of the big suit, so he sold tinctively the mark of the Moslem, is not by any the ruin and the orchard. The case was clear means universally adopted by followers of the enough, now the missing link was supplied ; and Prophet. It is not only that Mussulman heretics, he established his claim to the property which had like the Shiites of Persia, adhere to their high caps been so long in dispute without much trouble or of black lambskin. Nobody ever impugned the delay. He married his Mary, did not cut me orthodoxy of the finder of the rusty sword of the when the increasing value of his freeholds made victor of Bajazet, the terrible Timur-Lenk. Yet him very rich, and was always grateful to Dabble

, the Scourge of Asia wore a hat as he told his beads who had brought him rabbits when living, and a and concerted his conquests and his massacres. fortune when dead.

The crafty conqueror of Constantinople, Mahounet

II. himself, unconsciously sat for his portrait to OLD HAT S.

some draughtsman among those convenient Genoese

merchants who helped him to capture the capital Those grand pictorial works of history, the frescoes of Eastern Christendom, and he has come down to of Egypt and Assyria, supply us with a sort of us in an absurdly tall white hat, such as those fossil fashion-book of the dead past. There, on red professionally holy men, the dervishes, now wear. granite and baked clay, on gray limestone and black There are in the Tell of Algeria native chiefs, enbasalt, stands limned'in imperishable colours the titled to the prefix of Cid or Sidi, and whoxe long array of slaves, and captives, and auxiliaries lives are rigidly shaped on Koran precepts, pet that graced the triumphal procession of some con- who wear on all occasions of ceremony weighty quering king. A great variety of physical types hats with brims of impossible breadth. Among and of national costumes have thus been preserved Asiatics who do not turn their faces to Mecca ilien from oblivion, and amid other head-gear, there here they pray, there are the Japanese, who build bats and there crops up what may fairly be dubbed a for civilian wear, like most other things, of paper, hat. More often, however, at Nineveh than at and the Philippine and Molucca islanders

, whom Memphis or Luxor.

The mighty Mesopotamian the Spaniards found thatched with cone-shaped empires were indeed brought into closer contact head-coverings of reeds and straw, such as they with hat-wearing races than was the case with still affect. Pharaoh and his subjects. The Scythian foes of During the dark, and indeed, if the phrase may the Great Queen wore hats ; so did the Parthian be used, even the twilight ages, hats were supe light horse who served beneath her standard. Pagan pressed throughout Europe. The cap, the coif, the

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hood, lorded it everywhere. No one wore a hat but also, what was perhaps more interesting to the except the poor Jew, at the sight of whose detested Girl of the Period, the advent of hats for ladies' gabariline and the yellow cylinder which, as per wear, not very dissimilar to the 'Dolly Varden' act of pa rliament, he slunk abroad in, the boys hat of our own day, and which held their ground set up a hoot of scornful opprobrium. The revival pretty firmly through the century, until they were of learning was also the revival of hats. Indeed, extinguished by the gigantic bonnets that were just as some scholarship and some art-knowledge worn when George III. was struggling against the existed before Francis I. of France kindly took obtrusive Corsican, and Queen Charlotte as yet Minerva and the Muses under his splendid patron- but a middle-aged princess. age, so had hats begun to assert themselves before Steeple hats, as regarded masculine wear, came the first French soldier found a grave in Italy. It to be a badge of faction. The men of buff and was a hat around which Lonis XI. wore those tiny iron, they of the falling bands and sad-coloured leaden effigies of saints whom he was apt to in- raiment, and terrible trenchant rapiers, wore them voke before murdering or robbing somebody as a in battle and in council. The members of that matter of state policy. Germany favoured absurd High Court of Justice that doomed the king little hats that could not easily be balanced on to block and axe-Bradshaw and Ludlow, and the head they were supposed to shelter. The Low the other irregular judges-thrust down their Countries had elected a more comfortable breadth steeple hats more firmly over their frowning of brim. English 'men of worship’ had assumed brows as one by one they signed the sentence of a hat, frequently with an iron lining, as a proper death. On the other hand, the cavaliers, who rode precaution in the days of handblows and the Wars after Rupert, and who scoffed at the stiff ugliness of the Roses. And presently the hat reigned su- of Puritan attire, wore a hat perhaps prettier and preme, sending down the deposed cap to take a more picturesque than any that has been invented subordinate place in the world's esteem, and abolish- since that day. Moderate as to crown and brim, ing the hood altogether.

elegant of shape, and gaily set off by its dancing Among the hats of the later middle ages, two plume of white ostrich feathers, it surpassed the stand conspicuously forth. The cardinal's red was Spanish beaver of Charles II.'s reign, and was far known everywhere within the compass of a legate's superior to the flat-topped hat which had suited journeyings, or a nuncio's jurisdiction. The hat the round face of bluff King Harry, and which is of state of the archducal House of Austria had now considered the natural appanage of Her merely a local interest; but then it was as dear to Majesty's beef-eaters. The three-cornered hat, of Austrians as the Iron Crown to Lombardy, or the which Louis XIV. was the great patron, enjoyed a diadem of Stephen to the Hungarians. With them, long popularity, although it underwent, in the the head of the Hapsburgs—Emperor of the course of a hundred years or so, as many changes Romans and King of the Germans as he might as the renowned knife of that sentimental sailor have been proclaimed at Worms-was simply who, after having the instrument thrice rebladed, Archduke—their own Archduke. He did not and once fitted with a new handle, regarded it as wear a crown when he appeared as their ruler ; a 'keepsake' still. The fierce little hat of Marlhe wore a hat. And that glorified hat, to this borough's days, with its Ramillies cock, its broad very hour, is carefully guarded and jealously lace, and the dainty snow-white edging of tiny, locked up in the innermost chamber of a town- downy feathers, was not by any means twinhall as strong as a fortress; and the nine keys of brother to the ungainly head-gear which, in times the chest that holds the treasure are intrusted to not very remote, the naval veterans of Greennine councillors, who may never, without pro- wich Hospital put on as part of their uniform ; digious fuss, publicity, and ceremony, extract the and this, again, differed much from the opera sacred beaver from its honourable durance. The hat' of our great-grandsires, the chapeau bras of hat which Geissler, Austrian bailiff in a Swiss the French ; a slim contrivance that was made to valley, is fabled to have set upon a pole to receive be worn under the arm rather than on the head, homage from the sturdy dalesmen, and which drew and which never seemed quite in its right place forth for us the pretty story of Tell and the apple, when it was perched on the frizzled and powdered must surely have been a pale reflex of the locks of its owner. tremendous hat of Geissler's archducal master. Hats, by the first year of the seventeenth cen

The steeple-crowned hat of Queen Elizabeth's tury, had begun to moult, so far as their feathers time really has a weird look. It has come, as an were concerned, but they were decorated with article of feminine attire, to be attributed to cockades of the national or dynastic colour, and witches, The witch of the earlier half of the above all, they were handsomely bound with gold seventeenth century might as well have equipped or silver. We have come, with the change of herself to ride to some midnight festival without manners and opinions, inevitable after a lapse of her broomstick and black cat, as without one of the time, to think lightly of these ornaments. We pointed hats which had been in high fashion when smile as young Buttons, the surgeon's page and the Armada threatened our shores. Yet these hats bottle-boy, goes by with his oil-cloth-covered lingered in use among rustic females long after the basketful of pink draughts, and a glittering band court had discarded and the poets ridiculed them. of gold around his shiny hat; but even lynx-eyed We see in the vignettes of Izaak Walton's Angler Swift saw nothing ridiculous in the richly laced -executed in the

reign of James II.--the deathless beavers worn by the gentlemen whom he daily milkmaid and her quaint mother in these por- met, and Johnson could not easily have been made tentous hats, with long and broad strings hanging to understand how soon such finery would be down. Queen Anne beheld, not only as the relegated to footmen. The tall hats of the French scholastic rhymer declared

revolutionary epoch, the astonishing things which Newton high enthroned

the Merveilleux and Incroyables, the dandies and Amongst the heavenly host;

wits of the Parisian party of progress, clapped upon



their heads as the monarchy tottered to its fall, Fountain of Youth, is really a very creditable were probably meant as a protest against the lank work of art. No Old Master, worm-eaten and three-cornered head-gear, which withered old vis- chocolate-hued, disinterred from a garret in Ghent, counts and fresh-complexioned cadets of Breton and furbished for sale to millionaire purchasers in houses persisted in retaining as they hung about England, could be touched up with lighter hand the Tuileries and sneered at the popular ferment. or more trembling care. There it is at lastPerhaps it was in a similar spirit of defiance to brighter than new, sleek, trim, oily, the sprucest, subversive Gaul that our own grandfathers put on if not the most durable of hats. A thing of beauty the hideous hat that is still, throughout the conti- , it is, but not for long destined to be a joy to its nent, more or less associated with the idea of an sanguine purchaser. Englishman. That low-crowned, uncompromising Among the things which they manage best in broadbrim of the coaching-days, was supposed to France are certainly old hats. French Nathan, be somehow mixed up with high taxes cheerfully for some mysterious reason, is deeper than his borne, high prices willingly paid, and the general brother, Nathan of Petticoat Lane, in the secrets maintenance of our glorious constitution against of the elixir which turns old clothes into new. home renovators and foreign foes. We see it in M. Nathan is no conjurer. He never tries the mildewed caricatures, usually in company with a proverbially difficult experiment of placing young many-caped greatcoat, flapped pockets, a stout heads on old shoulders. But how many, many stick, and a bull-dog; the whole being the acknow- times has he succeeded in putting old hats on ledged presentment of that sturdy John who was young heads! That French Israelite is a real once esteemed rather as a model to ingenuous youth artist. His womankind serve him well

, making it than in any merely ludicrous point of view. a labour of love to replace the lost nap, and

The bell-crowned successor of the flat old handling the bare edges as gingerly as if the felt favourite of the public never attained to the same or pasteboard below were nitro-glycerine ready to rank in popular reyard. It was a rakish hat from explode under rough usage. Nathan's refreshed the beginning, associated in men's minds with hats are not dear. At the world-famous Marché punch, pugilisin, and the wild Mohock pranks to du Temple, an old hat, styled, in the technical which the roystering bucks and bloods of the later jargon of the market, aniolle retapée,' was Georgian era were peculiarly prone. It suggested quoted, on an average, at three francs. Eight sous not merely the turf and the road, the tavern and represents the rag-picker's charge; the rest is for the prize-ring, but also debts, gambling, wrenching labour, embellishments, and a fair profit. At halfoff of knockers, thrashing of watchmen, painting a-crown, the pretty, brilliant thing-a very Faust house-fronts of a staring red and pea-green, and all of a hat, made beautiful by some ringleted the practical joking of Corinthian Tom and his Mephistopheles in an entresol-seems cheap. It high-spirited comrades. It was replaced by a more bears fine weather well, and may figure creditably domestic-looking beaver; and from that time to on the Boulevards for three consecutive Sundays. this, the chimney-pot cylinder, though subject to But at the first downpour of rain, glue and gum some variations as to height and breadth, has only and paint, silk and brown paper, resolve into been notable in so far as silk has utterly super- their original constituents, and the whole fabric seded the costly fur of the North American rodent. collapses like a dissolving view. Some mention is deserved by the so-called Leghorn hats, delicately braided by deft fingers out of selected straw, among the pleasant vales of Tuscany; A WOMAN'S VENGEANCE. by the yet daintier sun-shades of Panama, for

CHAPTER XXIX. - BRIGNON. which French customers are willing to give what to us appears a preposterous price ; by the cab- IF Alice Renn had been the sort of girl Helen took bage-palm hats of Australia, the Talipot hats her for, or endeavoured to convince herself she of Ceylon, the pith hats worn as a protection was, it is probable that she would now have had against sun-stroke both in India and China. The good cause for jealousy. The two things that Burmese hatter knows no material handier for his conduce to a man's unfaithfulness, in about equal purpose than split bamboo, while the water-proof proportions, are dislike of his wife, and liking for hats of seamen probably earned for th their another woman; and Arthur, who had been seventeenth century nickname of tarpaulins.? hitherto influenced by the latter feeling only, was

So long as it will hold together, a hat, be it now urged by both. \It is true he did not dislike never so battered and shapeless, retains a certain Helen to the extent of aversion, and far less did value in the eyes of the experienced rag-picker. he wish her harm. But his love for her, now pity Those Jewish perambulating merchants

, whose had ceased, was gone, and, what is worse in such melancholy monotone of ‘Old clo” is as familiar cases, much of his respect had gone with it. He to the inhabitants of London as is the sight of the had no suspicion that she had permitted Allarlyce chiffonier's hook and bag to the denizens of Paris, to speak to her such words as he had spoken, but will seldom refuse to invest their copper capital in his confidence in her was shaken to its foundation. hats. Those ill-treated cylinders, crushed, frayed, If he had ever given her his real affections, they and dim, are carried off to be rejuvenated, in returned to him now, perhaps to be bestowed elsefrowsy back-shops, by dark-eyed Miriams and where, if there had been a chance of their accepthook-nosed Josephs. It is wonderful to mark the ance. But he well knew there was none. Jenny transformation which the cunning touch of these never spoke with him, never looked at him again, manipulators can effect; or how their glue and after that fatal meeting in the chalk-pit. But he brown paper, their peach-black and dyed rabbit's did not burn his old love-letters, as he had once fur, can stiffen and smarten the mangiest old intended to do, and he hung the love-gift that she chimney-pot into the semblance of its glossy had been wont to wear about his own neck, and prime. An old hat, refreshed at this perennial | next his heart. If Helen could have looked into

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