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just that same trick when he was driving me to And hail, ye scenes of ancient Border war! Bryn; ah, how many years ago!' His eye once Ye Cheviot Hills, that gaze stern Flodden o'er ! more ranged over the snowy landscape, and fixed

And thou, Hume Castle, in the west afar, itself on one black spot hovering in the air. “That's old Bannoch the raven ; what has he got for supper

And Berwick town, dim on yon eastern shoreto-night, I wonder ? There's a sheep lying there Ah, once ye flowed with streams of human gore ! with a broken leg, I'll bet, just under Craigddu.' And war rang round you also, Eildons three ; The mournful croak of the raven was borne upon But you, brave builders of the days of yore, the wind. “Ah! my friend, you 'll feast to-night.

And Thomas True, beneath the fairy tree, I know by your voice you've something lying there waiting for you. Amongst those stones, I expect, And Scott, have crowned with nobler immortality! by the old Roman station.' Owen bent his head and listened, for he fancied he heard a faint cry;

Lo ! now the sun with western brilliance breaks, but whether it was the shout of man, or the bark of dog, or the shrill whistle of scampering sheep,

And sullen Cheviot, smit as with a spell, or but the brattle of the impatient stream, he All down his side, with radiant laughter shakes, couldn't tell, so faint and far the voice, whatever And bloomed with splendour is his vaward dell, it might be. There was no other sound, and Owen

'Gainst which the purple peak of Yeavering Bell, gathered up his reins and drove on.

And all her sister peaks, in clear outline,

Loom forth. O light and shade! what muse can tell ON THE HILL.

With wbat a magic pencil ye define

The distant, formless mass, and there make beauty WELCove, once more, dear mount of solitude !

Loved tower of happy sights and musings ! Here
We mingle with a blessed brotherhood
Of trees, flowers, bees, and other objects near;

The vale of Tweed a molten river washes,
And with yon hills, and that cerulean sphere.

Which lake-like o'er the distant east expands, We move among the speechless, yet we talk

A thousand panes are bright with fiery flashes, Not by the tongue, but by the eye and ear

And every blade burns o'er the emerald lands; With all that charm us on this airy walk,

How king-like in the glare huge Twisel stands ! Down from the kingly sky, to every blooming stalk.

And, Berwick town, though thou art far away,

Standing obscurely on Northumbrian sands, This hill recalls the Past; these slopes, that brow,

We see, amid the dazzling western ray, Were once alive with armed thousands, who,

White waves and sails flash brilliant o'er thy azure Scorning beneath a tyrant king to bow,

bay. Who strove their Rights of Conscience to undo, Came bither, and unrolled their banner blue

Good-night! brave, healthful hill; and may the mom In the Invader's face. On yonder mound,

Be not far distant when again our feet Whose camp-like lines still draw the curious view,

Will walk amid the violets that adorn Stood Leslie's tent, and, in great rings around,

Thy grassy brow. Be ofttimes our retreat, Ran tents and warriors over all the embattled ground.

Blessing our hearts, and pouring river sweet Since then, two hundred years have stamped their

Of bracing air through all our panting veins, changes,

Raising our spirits to the mercy-seat Few on this hill, but many o'er that plain,

With thankfulness to Him, who loring reigns, As the pleased eye discovers while it ranges

And round us pours the bliss of skies, and hills, and O'er the once waste, now rich in grass and grain,

plains. And decked with recent wood, and tower, and fane, And that old Border town's new-fledged wings,

The Publishers of CHAMBERS'S JOURNAL beg to direct Nestled among yon trees, through which the train, the attention of CONTRIBUTORS to the following notice : Waving its smoky pennon, weird-like springs,

1st. All communications should be addressed to the Like some huge dragon on its daily journeyings !

* Editor, 47 Paternoster Row, London.'

2d. To insure the return of papers that may prove How sweet the air tastes on this goodly top !

ineligible, postage-stamps should in every case accomHow swift the eye flies o'er that pictured vale ! Like a young eagle, joying in the scope

3d. All MSS, should bear the author's full CHRISTIAN For his strong wing. Hail, ye green pastures ! hail,

name, surname, and address, legibly written.

4th, MSS. should be written on one side of the leaf only. Ye brighter corn-fields, hued with emerald pale ! And hail, ye woods, from whose embowering shades

Unless Contributors comply with the abore rules, the

Editor cannot undertake to return rejected papers. The stately mansion towers! Hail, clouds, that sail

With the soft summer shower, and come like maids, Who bring the fountain to the thirsty leaves and Printed and Published by W. & R. CHAMBERS, 47 Pater

noster Row, London, and 339 High Street, EDINBURGH. blades !

Also sold by all Booksellers,

pany them.

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a toast.' Arbuthnot rhyming about a TOASTS.

famous club, says : At first sight, the incongruity between the mean- Whence deathless Kit-kat took his name, ings attached to the word 'toast' would seem to

Few critics can unriddle; be irreconcilable ; it is none the less true that one Some say from pastrycook it came, was born of the other. Toasted bread and toasted

And some from Cat and Fiddle. biscuit were as necessary to many an old English From no trim beaux its name it bears, drink as roasted apples were to the wassail bowl.

Gray statesmen or green wits; Rochester craved a drinking-cup

But from the pell-mell pack of toasts,

Of old Cats and young Kits.
So large, that filled with sack
Up to the swelling brim,

The Kit-kat toasts were elected by a majority of
Vast toasts on the delicious lake,

votes, and their names inscribed, with some comLike ships at sea may swim !

plimentary verses beneath, upon the drinkingA poetaster, inspired by punch, describes the gods glasses of the club. Once allied to the pledging assembled in solemn conclave to test the worth of a lady's health, it was easy for the word to of the newly invented beverage ; Apollo con- slip into its more general meaning, and so 'a tributes water from Parnassus, Juno finds lemons, toast' came to mean any home sentiment evoked Venus sugar white as her own doves; Bacchus by the command : brings wine, Mars brandy, Saturn a few nutmegs, Give the Toast, my good fellow; be jovial and gay, and then

And let the brisk moments pass jocund away! Neptune this ocean of liquor did crown

Giving the Toast was a thing every man did in With a hard-baked biscuit well browned in the sun

turn at convivial meetings, long before the phrase -their united efforts producing a liquor, the first was known to ears polite or unpolite. “He that taste of which made Jupiter declare that heaven begins the health, hath his prescribed orders : first was never true heaven before.

uncovering his head, he takes a full cup in his The connection of a toast with drinking is there hand, and settling his countenance with a grave fore one of ancient standing ; but it was not until aspect, he craves for audience. Silence being once the beginning of the last century that the word obtained, he begins to breathe out the name, permade its first step towards its present meaning ; adventure of some honourable personage that is for in 1709 the Tatler speaks of it as a new name worthy of a better regard ; but his health is drunk found out by the wits to make a lady's name as to, and he that pledgeth must likewise off with effective as borage in a glass when a man is drink- his cap, kiss his fingers, and bow himself, in sign ing. According to the same authority, the new of a reverent acceptance. When the leader sees forin of gallantry sprung from the freak of a half- his followers thus prepared, he sups up his broth, fuddled worshipper of the sex. A celebrated turns the bottom of the cup upward, and gives the beauty dabbling in the public waters at Bath, one cup a fillip to make it cry ting. The cup being of her admirers filled a glass with water from newly replenished to the breadth of a hair, he that the bath and drank it to the fair one's health. is the pledger must now begin his part; and thus Another young fellow, not to be outdone, swore it goes round throughout the company, provided that though he did not like the liquor, he would always there must be three at the least still uncovhave the toast, and tried to jump into the bath ered, till the health hath had the full passage ; to the lady. He was prevented doing so; but which is no sooner ended, but another begins again, from that time, every lady whose charms offered and he drinks a health to his Lady of little worth, an excuse for a glass in her honour was dubbed l or peradventure to his Light-heeled Mistress !'

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Ever at heart monarchical, and loving the crown, posed; or, accepting the first health, its pledger however much they despised or hated its wearer, would pass his glass across the water-jug, in token it was only natural that whenever Englishmen met he meant the king over the water. Dr John Byrom,

under pretence of allaying the violence of partyfor conviviality, their first bumper should be spirit by inventing a toast both the Jacobites and dedicated to their sovereign.

their triumphant opponents might drink in comThe Puritans would, of course, have no drinking pany, wrote: of healths at all, so, while the Protector's sword

God bless the King-I mean the Faith's Defender. usurped the place of the regal sceptre, cavaliers

God bless—no harm in blessing—the Pretender. were fain to content themselves with dropping a Who that Pretender is, and who that King, crumb into their mouths and ejaculating, as they

God bless us all, is quite another thing ! raised the glass to their lips : May the Lord send More ingenious, however, was the manner in which this crumb well down!' Many a health was doubtless a Scotch dame fulfilled her threat of pledging King pledged in a quiet way, even by Parliamentarians, James in the presence of a number of stanch for the latter were not all of the strait-laced order. Hanoverians. Filling her glass, Miss Carnegy gave The son of great Oliver, who preferred living the for her toast : ‘The tongue can no man tamelife of a country gentleman to being either a crown

James the First and Eighth ! In a similar spirit,

discontented Irishmen who looked to France for less king or the plaything of a parliament, was evidently of a different mind to those among

substantial aid, used to drink to “The feast of the

Pass-over!' father's friends who held it a great pity the inventor

Modern Orangemen have shorn their standard of health-drinking was not hanged ; for it was a toast. Originally it ran : "The glorious, pious, and pet joke of his to start up from the table, seize a immortal memory of the great and good king, candle, and bidding his guests follow with bottles William the Third, who saved us from pope and and glasses, shew the way to a garret. Pulling an popery, brass money, and wooden shoes. The pope old trunk into the middle of the room, the ex-pro- in the pillory, and the devil pelting him with tector sat down upon it and drank a glass to "The priests!' According to another version, there was Prosperity of Old England;' as the others followed a further addition in the shape of “He that will his example, Richard Cromwell would caution them bellows-blower, grave-digger, or any other of the

not drink this, whether he be bishop, priest, deacon, to sit lightly, for they had under them the lives fraternity of the clergy, may a north wind blow him and fortunes of all the good people of England : to the south ; a west wind blow him to the east; the trunk was a relic of his short rule, and filled may he have a dark night, a lee shore, a rank with addresses of congratulation upon his assump-storm, and a leaking vessel to carry him over the tion of the Protectorate. When Charles II.'s return river Styx !' At the anniversary dinner of the enabled his subjects to drink the king's health Highbury Society, an odd association of Dissenters without fear of the consequences, they made up for who used to meet at Highbury Barn in commemor

ation of the death of Queen Anne, an event that the lost time so heartily that it became necessary prevented the passing of the Schisin Bill, the toast to call them to order. This was done by a Pro- of the day was: “The glorious first of August, with clamation, in which his Merry Majesty says: “There the immortal memory of King William and his are another sort of men of whom we have good Queen Mary, not forgetting Corporal John' heard much, and are sufficiently ashamed, who Marlborough], 'and a fig for the Bishop of Cork, spend their time in taverns, tippling-houses, and that bottle-stopper!!

Timid folks of the Croaker school think the debauches, giving no other evidence of their affection to us but in drinking our health. In those end of the British monarchy is at hand because days, it is evident plain English was not considered Let them take heart of grace by remembering

a few persons proclaim themselves Republicans. out of place in official documents.

that in the time of Queen Victoria's grandsire When the Revolution sent the Stuarts on their the premier duke of England could propose Our travels, the adherents of the old house vented their sovereign's health—the majesty of the people!! dislike to the new order of things by pledging 'The in the presence of two thousand gentlemen, and sit old man over the water,' a toast which, with that down unrebuked. His Grace of Norfolk found, of Confusion to the King!' was declared treason- however, his other majesty not quite so lenient: able by act of parliament. In 1697, Craik of George III.-rightly holding the duke could not Stewarton and Dalziel of Glencoe were charged his lord-lieutenancy of the West Riding, and can

serve two masters—immediately deprived him of before the privy-council for offending against the celled his colonelcy of militia ; whereupon For act; but as they kept a judicious silence, and the took the first opportunity of proposing 'The soveronly evidence against them was hearsay evidence, eign people !' at the Whig Club. Both the peer they escaped conviction. After William III.'s and the commoner shewed they did not understand death, the Jacobites took to drinking to “The little their countrymen, who, if they had wanted to toast gentleman in black,' meaning the mole that turned their noble selves, would assuredly not have up the hillock over which Sorrel stumbled, and imitated the Republicans of France, seeing the thereby ended his master's life. As long as a nation to the French ! It was a fashion then with

popular toast at the time with the mob was . DannStuart advanced pretensions to the crown of his fathers, methods were devised to display baccha- tion of the champions of liberty, equality, and

a certain sort of politicians to profess great admiranalian loyalty to the lost cause. After The King' fraternity, and at their gatherings they drank; had been given, “The King again !' would be pro- May the last king be strangled in the bowel of


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the last priest !' At the Calf's Head clubs, as soon substituted, as was the custom at the table of as the cloth was removed, and the anniversary Speaker Onslow. Archbishop Secker, however, hymn sung in honour of the execution of Charles appears to have originated the change, as Dr I a calf's skull was filled with wine, and passed Johnson declared his proposing Constitution in ronnd to. The pious memory of the worthy patriots Church and State, in place of the old toast, a very who had killed the tyrant, and delivered the suspicious act, as unwarrantable as it was innovatcountry from his arbitrary sway! In 1735, a riot ing. The time-honoured toast, "The Army and took place in Suffolk Street, Charing Cross, only Navy' still holds its place, although another quelled by the calling out of the Guards. Accord- ancient favourite, The wooden walls of Old ing to a magazine of the time, some noblemen and England,' is heard no more. gentlemen met at a tavern, dressed up a calf's head It is hard for the proposer or acknowledger of in a napkin, and threw it into a bonfire, waving at such well-worn toasts to say anything new, but the same time handkerchiefs dipped in red wine a popular actor contrived to do so when it fell from the windows. A mob assembled, smashed the to his lot to propose the two services, by owning windows, and then forced their way into the house. that he had never been in the army, though

he had been in many a mess, while the only Strange times ! when noble peers, secure from riot, chance he had had of entering the navy was Can't keep Noll's annual festival in quiet; Through sashes broke, dirt, stones, and brands Fleet! Lord Chelmsford being called upon to return

when he had a narrow escape of getting into the thrown at 'em, Which, if not scand- was brand- alum magnatum.

thanks for the navy at a Royal Academy dinner, Forced to run down to vaults for safer quarters,

said: 'I must confess that, considering it is now And in coal-boles their ribbons hide, and garters! many years since I was in the service, and that I

have since passed through a long course of law, I A different story is told by one of the sup- cannot help being reminded of a circumstance that posed Republicans. Writing to Spence, Lord occurred to a noble friend of mine, a most distinMiddlesex says : 'Eight friends met together by guished lawyer, many years ago, who, being at a chance on the 30th of January, and after dinner, public dinner, by some mistake, when the Navy had having drunk very plentifully, some of the com- | been proposed, was getting up to do honour to the pany going to the window saw a boys' bonfire in toast, when he was pulled down by his neighbour, the street, and cried out : “ Damn it! why should and told that navy was not spelt with a k. A not we have a fire as well as anybody else?” The civic dignitary once created no little amusement imprudent drawer sent for fagots, and a large fire by making a slight alteration in a very familiar blazed before the door. Upon which, some of us, toast

, and asking the company to drink to Lord wiser, or rather soberer than the rest, bethinking Palmerston, Lady Palmerston, and Her Majesty's ourselves, for the first time, what day it was, and Ministers.' fearing the consequences a bonfire on that day If awkwardness in proposing a toast be at all might have, proposed drinking loyal and popular excusable, it is doubly so when a man has the healths to the nob, out of the window, in order to very unusual task of proposing his own health. convince them we did not intend it as a ridicule Charles Mathews—our Charles-was placed in upon that day. The healths that were drunk were that predicament when he doubled the parts of these, and these only: The King, Queen, and Royal host and guest upon taking leave of his friends Family ;

the Protestant Succession ; Liberty and before starting for the antipodes; and admirably Property; the Present Administration. Upon the well-graced actor justified his novel position, which the first stone was thrown, and then began on the ground that he was naturally the fittest our siege, which, for the time it lasted, was at least man to propose the toast of the evening. 'I venture as furious as that of Philipsbourg. It was more emphatically to affirm there is no man so well than an hour before we got any assistance ; the acquainted with the merits and demerits of that more sober part of us had a fine time of it, fighting gifted individual as I am. I have been on the to prevent tighting; in danger of being knocked most intimate terms with him from his earliest on the head by stones that came in at the window; youth. I have watched over and assisted his in danger of being run through the body by our progress from childhood upwards, have shared in mad friends, who, sword in hand, swore they would all his joys and griefs, and I am proud to have go out, though they first made their way through this opportunity of publicly declaring that there 09. At length, the justice, attended by a strong is not a man on earth for whom I entertain so body of Guards, came and dispersed the populace. sincere a regard and affection. Indeed, I don't This is the whole story from which so many calves' think I go too far in stating that he has an equal heads, bloody napkins, and the Lord knows what, affection for me. He has come to me for advice have been made. It has been the talk of the town over and over again, under the most embarrassing and the country, and small beer and bread and circumstances

, and he has always taken my advice cheese to my friends the garreteers of Grub Street in preference to that of any one else.' Ready enough

A few years back, some little stir was created by to raise a laugh at his own expense, we doubt if certain gentlemen at a public dinner giving the our comedian would be equal to perpetrating such pope precedence over the Queen in the matter of a joke as the builder did in sweet unconsciousness, health-drinking. The defenders of the innovation when returning thanks to those who had drunk his argued that religion must be preferred to politics. health, he modestly observed that he was more of just the contrary opinion was a Surrey magis- fitted for the scaffold than for public speaking trate, who complained, in 1794, of the toast of Modesty did not trouble Lunardi the balloonist,

Church and King," because it placed the church who, being called upon for a toast at a public above the law which made the king the head of it. dinner, actually had vanity and impudence enough The worthy justice expressed a hope that hence- to rise and propose Lunardi, the favourite of the forth the toast of 'King and Constitution’might be ladies !'

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Women have long since ceased to be “toasts,' House, Health and Happiness, Here and Hereafter. but the sex is still honoured collectively as “The The Duke of Buckingham who bowled time away Ladies.' Taking a limited view of his subject, a in Marylebone Gardens, used, at the end of the benighted man at a bachelors' supper took the season, to give a dinner to the sharpers who made liberty of giving, 'Our Future Wives-distance that once popular resort their hunting-ground, and lends enchantment to the view !' The addenda at always gave the last toast of the evening himself; least would have been appreciated by the old fogy this was a very suggestive alteration of the old who, having escaped being caught by the 'sweet- formula, “To our next merry meeting – May 25 briers in the garden of life,' when asked for a many of us as remain unhanged next spring meet toast, proposed • Woman—the morning-star of in- here again ! fancy, the day-star of manhood, the evening-star of • Horses sound, dogs hearty, earths stopped, and age ; bless our stars, and may they always be foxes plenty,' was a toast old fox-hunters always kept at a telescopic distance !' He would probably honoured with pint bumpers. The South Highhave made a very wry face at the old Scotch land couplet, toast

Green hills and waters blue,
May we a' be canty and cosy,

Gray plaids and tarry woo',
An' ilk hae a wife in his bosy ;

is still a favourite at agricultural gatherings, at although he might not have dared to decline the which no better toast could be proposed than old invitation, for in deep-drinking days it was held Tusser's quatrain : a great affront to refuse to accept a toast. Two young noblemen were staying at Brechin Castle,

Good luck to the hoof and the horn ; and Lord Panmure invited his tenant Panlathie to

Good luck to the flock and the fleece; meet them at dinner, telling him to be sure and

Good luck to the growers of corn,

With blessings of plenty and peace! bring some money with him. As soon as the cloth was removed, Lord Panmure led off with the first The mining toast in Yorkshire is, “May all our toast : “All hats in the fire, or twenty pounds on labours be in vein. Punning toasts are rarer than the table.' Four hats were immediately in the would be supposed. Here are three old ones, - May fire. From one of the Englishmen came: 'All coats our commanders have the eye of a Hawke and the in the fire, or fifty pounds on the table,' and four heart of a Wolfe ;' •May we never have a Fox too coats went off their owners' backs. The next toast cunning nor a Pitt too deep ;' May our liberty was: “All boots in the fire, or a hundred pounds never be swallowed in a Pitt.' The statesman on the table.' Then came Panlathie's turn; crying whose name is thus played upon is credited with out: “Two fore-teeth in the fire, or two hundred the authorship of May the trade of Kidderminster pounds on the table,' and pulling his teeth out- be trodden under fooť by all the world;' but acfalse ones, of course—he threw them into the fire. cording to another story, Sheridan, when soliciting The example was not followed ; so Panlathie went the votes of the shoemakers of Stafford, mightily home minus his hat, coat, and boots, but with his offended the obtuse sons of Crispin by proposing pockets richer by six hundred pounds. The story at a dinner, 6 May the trade of Stafford be trampled may be true, although we have read of a very under foot' by all the world !' similar performance in which Panlathie's part was company welcomed Judge Story's toast at the played by witty Sir Charles Sedley, for such dinner in celebration of Everett's appointment as freaks jumped with our grandsires' notions of ambassador to the Court of St James : Genius–sure humour.

to be welcome where Ever-ett goes!' a compliment A writer in the Connoisseur betrays his nativity responded to by the new-made envoy with, • law, in a curious way. Arguing against the folly of Equity, and Jurisprudence-no efforts can raise trusting one's friends with secrets, the essayist says: them above one Story. The profane-sounding * Happy to have been thought worthy the confi- toast, Dam the canals, sink the coal-pits, blast the dence of one friend, they are impatient to manifest minerals, consume the manufactures, disperse the their importance to another; till between them and

commerce of Great Britain,' has been attributed to their friend, and their friend's friend, the whole Erskine and to Smeaton the engineer. matter is perfectly known to all our friends round

During the reign of crinoline, the following toast the Wrekin. Only a proud Salopian could have was drunk with enthusiasm : The Press, the Pulpit, thus dragged in the county toast. The ancient city and the Petticoat, the three ruling powers of the of Lichtield has its peculiar toast, Weale and day; the first spreads knowledge, the second spreads worship,' always given immediately after the health morals, and the last spreads considerably. Among of the sovereign has been drunk. St Dunstan' those who followed Lord Brougham's grandfather to is a standing toast at the dinners of the Goldsmiths' the grave in 1782 was the then Duke of Norfolk, Company. Tattersall

, the founder of that famous who acted as chief-mourner, and took the chair at institution, the Corner,' had a special toast of his the funeral feast. Dinner over, the duke rose and own, which he loved to hear given with all the said : • Friends and neighbours

, before I give you honours by the Newmarket jockeys at the end of the toast of the day-the memory of the deceased, every racing season; this was · Hammer and High- I ask you to drink to the health of the founder of flyer, two is that had won him fame on the turf the feast-the family physician, Dr Harrison. and fortune in the rostrum. Tattersall's allitera- Alphonse Karr made a happy hit at a dinner of tion reminds us of two toasts called The Four Hs homeopathists, whereat, after one medical celebrity and The Eight Hs, one running

after another had been toasted, the president be Happy are we met, Happy have we been, thought hiniself to call upon Karr, and remindel Happy may we part, and Happy meet again;

him that he had not yet proposed any one's health.

Thus challenged, Alphonse rose, and gravely said: and the other–Handsome Husband, Handsome • I propose the health of the sick!' À Scotchman

A quicker-witted

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