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He wore,

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Desperado Dick must have altered a few, he must, science of Desperado Dick, if it seemed the readiest if he ran into a trap that way, as a prairie turkey method of securing immunity from detection. It walks into a log-pen baited with corncobs.' was only too likely that Robert Carthew was lying

"Tain't like him! not one scrap!' sententiously in an unblessed grave by land or sea, and that observed the taller of Mr Bunce's satellites, a gaunt, Harvey had not scrupled to remove from his path sinewy man of middle age, with a face tanned by a troublesome witness. the sun. This latter, who was now introduced to We reached Detroit in due course of time ; but me by the name, or rather sobriquet, of Western there a disappointment awaited us.

The captive Jem, had been successively hunter, trapper, guide, in the red wig turned out to be, not Richard gold-digger, and policeman. His practical acquaint- Harvey, but a noisy, whisky-drinking Irishman, ance with backwoods life, and the shifts and strat- who vehemently demanded his liberty, and as obagems of the wilderness, made him valuable to his stinately proclaimed his name to be Dan Mahoney, official superiors, while his strength and courage, onst' of County Clare, but now of America genertested in many an encounter with bears and Indians, ally. This clamorous Milesian had been, so the earned him the respect of his better-educated com- Detroit police assured us, in a far more advanced rades. The other policeman was a New-Englander, and incoherent state of intoxication when just slight made, pale, and intelligent. His name was arrested, and even now it was very difficult to Hucks; and he afterwards told me, somewhat vain- draw from him an intelligible answer. gloriously, that he was a graduate of Harvard however, according to the description supplied by College, and had been a newspaper reporter, an the landlady of the fictitious Robert Carthew, the * assistant physician,' a sub-collector of customs, identical clothes in which our absconding cashier and the contributor of many poetical effusions to had made his final exit from Chicago ; while in his the Boston Illuminator, before destiny impelled pockets were letters and memoranda obviously him to accept a constable's truncheon, or, as he belonging to the defaulter, and, to cap all, the red worded it, a marshalship, in the Chicago police. wig was undoubtedly the same which had long

It was, at all events, necessary that we should passed muster among us as the genuine capillary forthwith set off for Detroit, to make sure of the growth of Julia's brother. The man himself was identity of the arrested person with our absconding an unpromising subject from whom to extract incashier; but, as there was yet a little time before the formation. His whisky-soddened brain-for his early train should start, I hurried off to have a brief intemperance was evidently habitual—was proof interview with Julia at the hospitable mansion of against argument and remonstrance, and, beyond the friends to whose care I had, on the previous wild assertions that the Mahoneys were an old night, so summarily consigned her. Summoned stock, that America was a land of freedom, and by a young negress whom I had found in the act that he, Dan, would soon apply a shillelagh to the of polishing, with an air of great importance, the skulls of the dhurty police to whom he owed his brass fittings of her master's mahogany street-door, detention, little or nothing could be drawn from and whose white teeth glistened with good-natured him. wonder at my matutinal errand, the dear girl came I should have given up this Hibernian Trinculo promptly down to speak to me. Her pale, pretty in despair ; but the superintendent, more familiar face and tear-stained eyes told that she, too, had with the foibles of this interesting class of Irish passed the night with but little sleep. She immigrant, took the patient in hand, and, by dint eagerly assured me, however, that it was not her of patience, flattery, and mint-juleps, wormed out own solitary position among strangers in a strange of him whatever information mortal ingenuity country - that had broken her slumbers. The could extract. Mr Bunce looked very serious when Grays—few names were more respected in Chicago he came back to us. than that of Enoch Gray-were, she declared, the Now, Mr Gresham,' said he, this, I calculate, kindest and best of hosts, and their welcome of is like a game of chess with half one's pawns lost, her had been so simply frank and genial that she and the moves muddled. We've given Dick time, felt herself instantly at home with them. But the and if he has used it as so spry a chap had shock of the

discovery of the imposture, the annoy- oughter, we mout as well try to run down an elk ance and probable loss that I had sustained, with on foot. But nobody's perfect, and he may have the uncertainty as to the fate of her dearly loved thrown away a chance as well as we. Here is brother, had combined to banish sleep, and she was what I have pumped out of the drunken Paddy

yonder. This fellow Dan had been at a Fenian Do

you think, John, dear,' she said, in a low lodge at Marshall, on the line we've travelled. voice and hesitatingly, as if dreading the answer, There he met Desperado Dick, who saw his condithat he has done any—serious harm—to poor tion, treated him to liquor, and paid him fifty Robert ?'

dollars to exchange clothes with him, saying that I answered, as confidently as I could, in the the barter was for a wager. That is all he knows. negative fortifying my opinion by the more com- What we have to do is to get back to Marshall as petent judgment of Superintendent Bunce, and fast as the cars will take us.' even ventured to aver that, the traitor once in safe Arrived at the small township of Marshall, and custody, there would be little difficulty in extract- having in vain made inquiry among the porters ing from him such information as would enable us and hangers-on, white and black, of the station as to trace out young Carthew, wherever he might be. to the proceedings of the fugitive, we stood for As the train sped on, however, the remembrance a while perplexed, when, to my delight, I caught of Julia's sad eyes haunted me, and I could not sight of a sun-browned face that I well knew, that but feel considerable misgivings as to the fate of of the old farmer who had once told me of his young Robert. "Dead men,' so the pirates' proverb floating recollections connected with the features runs,

tell no tales ;' and one crime the more could of the false Robert Carthew. but slightly affect the seared and hardened con- • Dick Harvey, be he?' exclaimed the old man

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anxious and uneasy.

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with a west-country whoop of exultation. “Then, Katamayoo a full half hour before the normal squire, you may say to your dying day my memory's train could possibly arrive there. none so bad for my years, nor yet my eyesight, I Chap in coarse blanketing, black hair, neck-orguess. Reckon I saw the critter, an hour since, in nothing look, arrived here from Marshall by last his own black hair and a suit of coarse blanket-cars. What's come of the critter ?' inquired Mr cloth, such as bricklaying Irishers wear, start by Bunce of the station-master, whom he knew. the cars for Katamayoo.

What the station-master, who was a little, ‘Only an hour ago! Why, it was late last night meagre, inquisitive old man, with a green shade that the exchange of clothes was effected !' said I over his eyes, knew regarding the fugitive was wonderingly.

quickly ascertained. Among several travellers in But the old farmer chuckled. “You know blanket suits, more or less labour-stained, one our country pretty well for a Britisher, Mr active, dark-haired passenger had attracted more Gresham, but you don't know it quite. The bridge notice than the others. He had asked questions, over Blue Clay Gully has wanted repairs a long thereby proving himself to be a stranger to the while, but the secretary of this railway wouldn't district. He had expressed, firstly, a desire to hire present the repairs till he'd netted his premium on a horse and gig; and on hearing that no vehicle the dividends. Last night there was a tidy smash was to be had on hire at that sequestered spot, he --no life lost, but work for the bone-setters—and had purchased a horse, with saddle and bridle, at fifty fine oxen, besides hogs, smothered in the Bryant's farm, and had set off, at a round pace, Gully mud. They turned out a gang at four on the road to Corunna, to which place he had dollars and what they chose to drink, by lantern- somewhat ostentatiously' inquired the distance light, felled the trees, sawed the planks, threw before starting. over a sort of bridge, and set the line to work, they “That's a blind,' said Superintendent Bunce did. That's why Dick war delayed; but he's at scornfully—a mere cave-in. Corunna, forsooth! Katamayoo now, for I heern him book for it.' I wish I may be branded mean, if Dick's point

This news electrified us. Western Jem smiled isn't Grandhaven, yonder, beside the lake, among grimly, and thrust his bony hand into the bosom the woods. Onst there, he could take boat across

, of his frayed and tarnished waistcoat of black silk, and make tracks for St Louis and California feeling for the buckhorn haft of his inseparable Push on, and we'll hev him yet.' bowie-knive. The literary policeman was radiant ; So, by dint of private influence and liberal pay. while, to judge by the expressive countenance of ment, we hired a wagon drawn by two powerful Superintendent Bunce, he might have been en- horses, and with a spare saddle-horse in tow, off gaged in closing the steel handcuffs on the wrists we struck into the forest-road in pursuit of the of the runaway with a sharp and satisfactory snap. fugitive. * But how are we to get there in time?'

It is a wild country that fills up the peninsula It was I who put the question, and nobody could between Lakes Huron and Erie to the east and answer it. Katamayoo, by American measurement, south, and the far-stretching waters of Lake was not far off

, perhaps some twenty miles distant, Michigan to the west. The black pine-forest, or, it might be, a league or so more, from our base intersected by sluggish streams, near which grew of operations. But no train would come up for ash and alder, willow and mimosa, rolled away ninety-seven minutes, and to give that amount of before us for leagues untold. The clearings were law, added to the start he already possessed, to few, and the population scanty, and it was but Desperado Dick would be fatal to the success of seldom that we encountered a human being, or our enterprise.

saw any trace of man or his works, save only the No use telegraphing,' said the superintendent rough road and the rude bridges of unhewn timber ruefully. There's no squire, nor yet no lawyer, that spanned the creeks. At last, we came to a to Katamayoo township, and if there is a county point where the route formed a fork, and where, constable, most like he is some doddering dotard on a blazed' tree, the bark of which had been on crutches, not fit to hev a rough-and-tumble slashed away by the axe, were painted with Dick Harvey. If we could get there our gleaming white wood two ill-executed arrows, selves'

beneath one of which was written, “To Corunna;' “We can,' said the Boston man, whose quick while beneath the other was inscribed, “To Grandeyes had been busy in every nook and corner- haven,' in characters almost obliterated by time

we can, Mr Bunce, if you and Mr Gresham air and weather. The superintendent hesitated for a willing to risk a few. Under the shed to the left few moments, and then ordered our driver, is an old locotomotive, rusted and broke down, but taciturn country lad, to take the latter route. On not badly hit. Now, I'm a bit of an engine-smith, we plunged into the pine-forest, the sandy road and if somebody would loan me a hammer and growing rougher, and the swamps more frequent

, drill, and you gentlemen would stoke up logs and until at length we espied a long, low, straggling tote the water, we'd be off, greased-lightning building, roofed with bark, which stood by the fashion, up line.

road-side. This was plainly one of those "shebeens' The former contributor to the Boston press was or taverns of the humblest pretensions, so common as good as his word—nay, better, for he approved in the sparsely settled West, and which are in most himself so skilful in handling such rude tools as cases kept by Irish immigrants. This was ofe af we could procure for him in the overgrown village, the poorest of its class, and we should have passed that, seconded by our hearty efforts as regarded it with little heed, had it not been that a sadulled water and fuel

, the creaking, crazy old engine was horse stood before the clumsy door, his brille ere long under weigh, and we started for Katamayoo fastened to a stake. at a jumbling, staggering trot, such as that which We have him! Look to your arms, boys. a worn-out but well-bred cab horse can occasionally cried the superintendent breathlessly. But the perform under pressure of whipcord. We reached object of our pursuit had quick ears, and had


on the

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no doubt distinguished the sound of wheels, for frightened horses to renewed exertions, on we flew before we reached the house there darted from it straining every nerve to keep ahead of the fire. the lithe, active figure of the man we sought. He Deeper and deeper, louder and nearer, and was clad, as we had anticipated, in a suit of coarse nearer yet, came on that awful roar of the billowy and clay-stained blanketing, and his dark hair was conflagration, fed by the dried trunks of ten now undisguisedly exhibited ; but I knew him at thousand forest trees, and growing like a baleful once—the false Robert Carthew, the real Richard prodigy into portentous proportions as it rushed Harvey: With a dexterous jerk, he detached the on, pressing on our heels, and sending before it the bridle from the stake to which it hung, but the hollow sound that heralded its menacing approach. half-broken young horse swerved and reared as he We saw the withered grasses by the road-side, the tried to mount, and for a moment it seemed as if parched mosses on the trees, the yellowed reeds of capture were certain. He drew his revolver, while the brake, dry as tinder with the long summer's his pale, stern face grew paler. White and desper- heat, take fire as if spontaneously, and send long ate, it flashed defiance on us as we approached. snaky tongues of flame wreathing along before us,

Curse you l'he hissed out savagely, between as if to cut off our retreat. Showers of blazing his clenched teeth. * Take that, and that, and twigs and red-hot flakes of burning bark went that!' And as he spoke he fired three shots, the whirling down the hot wind, and were blown first of which crippled the left wrist of the Boston upon us as we fled, while the hoarse and gathering detective, the second drilled a round hole in Mr roar of the approaching fire seemed to mock our Bunce's stiff hat, and the third grazed me so closely, feeble efforts to escape. The horses that drew the that I felt as if a hot iron had been drawn across light wagon, as fully alive to the coming danger as my right cheek, from the lip to the ear. I bear ourselves, strained every muscle and sinew in the the mark to this day.

arduous struggle to keep ahead of the fiery flood Crack, crack, the repeating pistols of the police that rolled on behind us, and the cart absolutely men answered the fire of our enemy, but fruitlessly, bounded as we flew at mad speed along the illfor with a laugh of contempt the object of their constructed road. The slightest accident to wheel aim swung himself into the saddle, and went dash or axle-tree, the snapping of a trace, the breaking ing down the road, discharging as he went the of a strap or buckle, would have been our deathremaining chambers of his pistol, but this time warrant. As it was, twice we saw the flames without effect. The Kentucky blood of the super- crawl past us and ignite the brushwood on both intendent was now fairly up.

sides of the road, and twice we were forced to "Ye pesky scoundrel !' he cried aloud, shaking charge through the smoke and blaze of burning his fist at the flying horseman, 'we'll hev your pea-vines and dead branches, before the more solid scalp yet. Up with you, Jem, and give chase ; saplings had had time to take fire, but, choked and you, boy, if you'd keep whole bones in your and dizzy with the smoke, on we went; and as our skin, larrup the nags, and go like steam !' steeds began to flag, a wild whoop of triumph from

On sped the fierce pursuit, the ex-hunter, as the our mounted guide renewed our hopes. The best rider of the party, being mounted on the spare lake-two minits, boys, and we've whipped. horse, and galloping far ahead, although our pace Yonder shines old Michigan. And, true enough, was a rapid one, when, ere long, Western Jem the bright waters began to become visible, gleamcame spurring back, his sunburned face paler than ing through the dusky glades of the pine-woods. before.

It was not the broad expanse, however, of Lake “The cuss has done it. Dick Harvey is the Michigan which met our eyes as we emerged from devil's own child, I reckon. Anyhow, he has the wood. We were on the shores of a creek, wide done it, and we are dead men.'

and deep, which indented the shore, and at the •What has he done ?' asked the superintendent. western extremity of which the seemingly bound

Already the pungent smell of scorched weeds less sheet of the inland sea was dimly visible. In and green wood burning told its tale, and a low any case, however, the means of safety lay before dull roar broke sullenly upon our ears.

us, and, by a common impulse, men and animals *Fired the woods ! gasped out Western Jem. rushed 'down the bank, and waded into the water “That's what he's done, and what he'll hev to of the shallows, until it reached nearly to our answer for one day before the Almighty. But we necks. Then we turned instinctively to look back must run for it, misters. Wind 's from the north. at the horror behind us. Down it came, hard at Our only point is the lake.

our heels, a very deluge of fire, rolling along the No fancied horrors of the direst nightmare could ground, scaling the highest tree-tops, devouring all easily have outdone the actual horrors of that that lay in its cruel path, and rushing forward like frenzied rush for life-life and immunity from a an angry giant, robed in lurid light-red, yellow, death of

agony, which then seemed to condense violet-while the flames licked greedily at the into a few miserable minutes the anxieties of a very water that was our refuge, and showers of lifetime. As we swept on at fullest speed, the

fire sparks and burning bark fell in fiery rain around followed us, coming relentlessly down with a deep us, and the waves of the creek_became blood-red hoarse roar, like that of a wild beast impatient to in the glare of the forest-fire. For hours we were be fed, and greedy for prey. We heard the fall of compelled to remain thus, half-suffocated by the barning trees, we felt the scorching breath of the volleying smoke, and gasping in the oven-like coming flames, hot as the blast from a furnace heat, until at length, little by little, the danger mouth, while anon the smoke rolled past in eddy- passed away, and left no traces but those of ing volumes, mixed with a thousand fiery sparks, thousands of acres of charred fragments of trees and for the time hid from us alike the road we and a blackened soil. Then we emerged from the travelled, and the blue sky overhead. The heated water, and, on a smooth sand-bank at the edge of atmosphere was suffocating ; and we had to draw the creek, established our camp for the night. our breath painfully, as, lashing and goading the In this improvised bivouac of ours, comfortless




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as it was, since, with the exception of a couple of the theatre, on the day following that of young flat loaves of corn-bread and a flask of whisky, we Carthew's disembarkation, he had contrived to were destitute of provisions, I was surprised to inveigle his victim into one of those dens where hear Western Jem chuckle to himself, not once, illicit gambling, crimping of sailors, and mad orgies but repeatedly, with a secret sense of satisfaction of drunkenness go hand in hand, and where nothonly comparable to that of a magpie that has tri- ing that occurred remained present to Robert's memumphantly succeeded in concealing stolen property. ory save that he drank a glass of some unknown

•What amuses me, mister ?' said the ex-hunter liquor, lost his consciousness, and, when he regained in answer to my somewhat peevish inquiry. “What his senses, found himself in the wet forecastle of an does that sinnify, 'cept to this nigger ? Ănd then, American whale-ship, beating out to sea, and was as if the joke were too admirable a one to be lost, informed, in answer to his remonstrances, that he he added : • Dick fired the bush to blind his trail, had ‘shipped as a landsman,' and must hold to his he did, and to make the bush too hot to hold us. bargain, and do his duty for three years, under the Then he set spurs to his nag, and made for Leap- gentle persuasion of rope's-end, marline-spike, and ing Buck's Pool, a place every woodsman of these knuckle-duster. parts knows; and Dick Harvey larned of it, I Poor Carthew received thereupon the fare and guess, when he broke prison at North Buffalo, and wages of a common seaman until such time as the lay híd eight months in the forests. But he was good ship Flying-fish luckily sprung a leak, and put out in his calculation that time, and didn't make into harbour at San Francisco, where he was forallowance for the wind_let alone knowing what a tunately able to desert and claim the protection of forest-fire is, as this child knows it. I'd bet ten the British consul, by whose assistance he had at beaver-skins, squire, to the meanest pelure ye like, length reached Chicago, in time to fill his post of mink or squirrel, that Desperado Dick has been cashier, and to give away his sister on the occasion caught in his own trap.'

of her wedding. This happy event took place two And so it proved ; for when, under the guidance months later, and when, after a few years, we of the hunter-policeman, we reached the little finally left America for England, Robert deservedly oasis in the forest where the runaway had sought succeeded to my place as manager. shelter, and where the Pool of the Leaping Buck, with its crystal-clear fountain and girdle of swampy

LOOKING BACK. soil lay belted in by blackened trees and charred vegetation, we found the unhappy man lying dead I LEAN on the rectory gates again, among the moss-grown rocks that bordered the As oft I've leant in the days of old, pure water of the spring. The moist soil, and the When the rector's daughter, Miriam Mayne, many small rills that intersected the marshy clear- Was aye a treasure to me untold; ing, combined with the absence of dry timber, had

And straight I muse on that olden time, indeed checked the actual progress of the confla

In the fading light of the autumn day, gration, and, unburned, a patch of wet ground lay

As the dreamy tones of the curfew's chime exempt from the general ruin. But the fugitive had not reckoned on the effects of the fierce fur

Float over the shadowy woods away. Dace-heat that had withered the very wild-flowers

The cushat calls, as of old, from fields that grew in the spray of the trickling fountain,

That fill with mist as the daylight fades, nor on the blinding and suffocating smoke, which had probably served to shorten his sufferings. He

And the dim, mysterious twilight steals was lying among the stones, as if asleep, with his O'er hill and dale with her dreamy shades; head pillowed on one arni, nor was there any

And the pale, proud moon, with her wan lip curled, expression of pain or of alarm on his haggard,

Who asks no aid of sail or of oar, handsome face, now fixed for ever. The belt which Swims up the east from the under-world, he wore beneath his clothes, and which was heavy As she swam in the autumn eves of Fore. with gold, contained the whole sum with which he had absconded.

But there comes not now, as then there came, At Chicago a new surprise awaited me, for, on Up the gravelled pathway unto me, entering the house of the friend to whose hospitable

A maid it was, oh, so sweet to name ! care Julia had been consigned, I was confronted by,

A form it was, oh, such bliss to see! this time, no counterfeit presentment of Robert

And, standing here by the gates, I miss Carthew, but Julia's brother in genuine flesh and

The silvery ring of her every tone, blood. His sallow complexion and hollow cheeks told of hardships lately endured ; but he seemed,

The smile and the look, the greeting kiss, what I had always expected him to prove, a

And the soft white hand within mine own. thoroughly good fellow, and we shook hands and fraternised with sincere pleasure. Robert's story

Nor ever again, at the twilight hour, was simply this: He had, in landing in America,

When stars steal out in the heavens above, fallen in, at a waterside hotel, with a stranger of And dew hangs light upon leaf and flower, fluent speech and winning manners, who had, with- Oh, never again shall I meet my love! out apparent effort, extracted from the unsuspicious For one May morn, as the eastern skies lad full information as to the nature of the business Were flushing faint with the dawn, she died; that had brought him across the Atlantic, and the And cold, cold now in her grave she lies, situation that awaited him at Chicago. It was easy

By yon gray church on the bare hill-side. to guess that Desperado Dick had soon formed the bold project of substituting himself for our cashier elect, and his first care was necessarily to get his Printed and Published by W. & R. CHAMBERS, 47 Pater

noster Row, LONDON, and 339 High Street, EDINBUSCL dupe out of the way. With this view, on leaving Also sold by all Booksellers,

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of their depth. But my father, who succeeded him OUR FEATH ER FARM. as head of the firm, was unluckily drawn into a

more modern and speculative style of banking,

and we had suffered heavy loss by the bursting of * We may as well put up the shutters at once!' certain pretentious bubble-companies in London. said I, with the bitterness of sheer despair in my Then, at my father's death, I found myself sole heart and in my voice. As I spoke, from my surviving partner, and was soon compelled to sink leathern arm-chair in the trim bank parlour, where my small private fortune in the apparently unthe white flowers of the jasmine-creeper peeped availing effort to keep the good ship, Crump and coyly through the deep window, I could see through Warburton, afloat. And now, while depositors, the open door into the bank itself. Very quiet warned by some strange instinct which leads rats and deserted the latter looked, with its matted to desert a falling house, were leaving us, and bills floor and counter of well-worn mahogany, the coming due, the collapse of a new association in wire-blinds, the fire-buckets, the copper scoop and the City had deprived us of a portion of our scales, and the loud-ticking office clock, that kept remaining assets. Bankruptcy stared us in the up its pertinacious beat with irritating regular- face. ity. We were not much disturbed by customers But the old cashier, a most excellent accountant, at Dullingham, except on market-days, but I was, for once, more sanguine than myself, his thought I had never seen the old place wear such junior. He was confident that a timely supply of an aspect of hopeless stagnation.

money would enable us to meet our engagements; "No, no, Master Morris—beg pardon, Mr War- and he pointed out to me, with an array of figures burton, now—while there is life there is hope, sir. to back his opinion, that we had still resources, It would break my heart, I think, to see us and might recover our old position, could we gazetted. If we could but get some small supply but keep our credit untarnished. 'I don't like of ready cash-two thousand pounds or so-we to press you about selling that reversion, Master might keep our heads above water. So spoke the Morris,' said the old clerk, unconsciously reverting old cashier, little, faithful, formal Mr Pritchard, to the familiar mode of address that dated from my whose shining bald head was among my very childhood, “and it is certainly a sacrifice. But, for earliest recollections.

the good name of Crump and Warburton'. 'If you think so, Pritchard,' said I, wavering, • For the good name of the old house, and to 'the reversion might bring as much, or more ; but clear us fairly with the world,' I broke in with a I am afraid it would only be a stop-gap-another warmth pardonable in a man of four-and-twenty, sop to Cerberus.'

'I would give my last crust. Let me, if we are to Times were changed with the long-established break, at least finish as an honest man, owing no country banking firm of Crump and Warburton, one a sixpence. Besides, Aunt Letty is a fine, in which, for three generations, my kith and kin tough old lady, who may outlive me any day. I'll had been concerned, and which deservedly bore an sell the reversion.' honoured name through all that southern county Now, the reversion which I had agreed to sell of which Dullingham is an ancient market-town. was simply my contingent life-interest in a sum of It had been all very well in Old Crump's lifetime money bequeathed by my bachelor great-uncle, (I really owe an apology to the shade of my great- Crump, and which had been thus curiously settled. uncle for thus unceremoniously describing him, The first usufruct of the money, which was in but such was the name by which he was every- the Three-per-cents, Consols, and produced somewhere known), for he was one of those quaint, thing over six hundred a year, free from incomestiff-backed men of business who never venture out | tax, had been given to my aunt, Miss Letitia

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