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October 3, and the whole winter. You shall know more soon.

I have just received your letter of July 1, with one enclosed for the Dutchess, which I shall forward by to-morrow's post, and a little addition about Captain Cook, and the medal. The Sève china is a maggot which bites me at present, but I do not mean any thing expensive. If in the Rue St. Honoré you find some odd pieces tolerably cheap, or odd plates, &c. at the manufactory, a little cracked, I should be glad you would purchase, and if you sent them before you to Calais to Monsieur Leguillon, you would easily contrive to put them on board your packet, and I could contrive to get them here, when we are at Dover.

I have no objection to your seeing Ermenonville and Chantilly, if you

do not return by Spa, which I suppose can

not be contrived. Lady B talked to me this morning of an engagement to meet you at Lille, and hopes to set out for the continent this week. This plan will, I imagine, be impracticable. Sir William was not at home. Captain and Mrs. Montgomerie are at Lille. Another revolution has happened about Sir William's servant Thomas. Mrs. Molineux commends him highly. He is very desirous of being out of livery, which I have at last agreed to: no vails of any kind : thirty guineas standing wages.

Your note was brought at three, which I have accepted.

Tuesday, July 6. By the advice of Mrs. Mand other learned ladies, I am beginning to change my mourning, which they have settled for six months, after the inquiries made by the said lady from the late hope of her own wearing sables.

Mr. White, a very old, and the senior attending, Clerk on Election Coinmittees told me yesterday that I might be assured there was an end of the Middlesex petition, although he was not authorized to say so. He loses by its not proceeding. I am however going on procuring all legal evidence to substantiate my own votes, and invalidate Mr. Byng's, that I may leave nothing unprepared for every event.

Good night, my dearest Polly.



Friday, July 9, 1784. YESTERDAY I had the pleasure of my dearest Polly's letter of July 5, with the enclosure about the legacy. I shall return it to you, for I do not find that the Hoares act as executors, and therefore we must both wait till we hear from the other parties. I desire that this may not in the least check your drawing upon me in the former way of two usances, for I am now almost at a certainty for every thing you can wish, and likewise for October 3. As

you now propose to make a short stay both at Ermenonville and Chantilly, you might contrive to get a day's quiet and leisure before you reach Calais, and dedicate it to the excellent Dutchess,

Madame de Chantereine, &c. by letters, which you might put into the post before you

embark. This attention cannot fail of pleasing, and then a very few lines at Dover will be sufficient just to mention your safe arrival.

If there is any new elegant book of Maps in 4to, lately published, I should be glad to purchase it, and odd pieces of Sève, or other French china, which might be cheap. You might send such things before you to Mons. Leguillon at Calais, ordering him to keep them till your arrival. I do not regard small imperfections, or even little cracks. Monsieur's china I wish to possess one piece of, however small, and I would expend from twelve to fifteen guineas in the china.

You will now soon make your calculations about Paris, and you cannot have less than 30 Louis in your pocket for travelling expenses. As to what



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