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turn from Kensington, lest the hurry of Burke's motion, and the consequent debate this afternoon, and all to-morrow's business, should engross my whole time. Thursday in the next week being Midsummer-day, you will naturally suppose calls forth the exertion of every nerve; but there is not any where a breeze arising against the Chamberlain, whose ears are open to the smallest whisper of an unfavourable wind.

I received the Vicomte de Barjac, and have struggled through it. The gold pen, which you mentioned from the Dutchess to me, is not yet arrived; but I have your two letters of June 7 and 10, since I wrote last. I send you by to-night's diligence the tea, but more than you mentioned, Mrs. Gordon's packet, and Mr. Hutton's little note, with the newspapers, &c.

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Tuesday, June 15. This morning at one Sir B-rn-rd T-rn-r expired, after suffering incredible pain from a broken leg, fractured thigh, &c. On his return from Tottenham, being on a vicious mare, in company with Grindall, and others, perfectly sober, the mare took fright, jammed him between two post-chaises, and notwithstanding all the care of the drivers, he was killed almost on the spot. He leaves seven children, poor Lady T-rn-r, without a sixpence we believe, and no provision for either brood. She was his second wife, and is now pregnant. I recommended the inquiry into the circumstances of our late brother, to all the aldermen present at the Court this day, and a care of the children.

To quit so melancholy a scene for one the most cheerful. We are al

ready preparing for your return, which we all long for, and wish the excellent Dutchess's fête had been the end of June instead of July. Yet notwithstanding my impatience to have you here, I wish you to contrive to return by Spa, if you can with convenience and propriety. I know nothing yet of Navy bills, but I know enough to say, that I can always contrive for you at one or two months advice. The good, benevolent Paice I see continually. He really goes about doing good, like his great Master, and his worthy disciple the Moravian. I intended to have said, that your bed was sent home nicely done yesterday, and to-day I shall pay the 187.. I hear you agreed for, the most agreeable payment I can make. Once a fortnight I have paid the washerwoman, and oncea week the cook, butcher, &c. since your absence.

The P. of W. is thought to have declared war against the Court by removing Lord Courtown, as one of the lords of his bedchamber. Lord St. Asaph succeeds Lord Courtown.

The Westminster scrutiny goes on. Sir Wm. Bis at the head of the list of those who advertise for subscriptions for Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray. Sir William drank your health yesterday here in a tête-à-tête with me. Miss Kitty Molineux has been, and continues very ill. Lady B Lady B advances very happily. On the 30th of this month they go to Lisle, from thence to the South of France, in the intention of being absent near a year.

The Dutchess's giving you leave to ask your friends to dine with you in your apartments, is the comble of elegance, friendship, and hospitality, and pray say that I feel the favour as I ought.

Brook Watson succeeds poor T T as Alderman, and perhaps as Sheriff. Your Dutchess is indeed a very superior being, and does honour to the country in which she was born. I have the 4 vols. of "Vie du Maréchal Duc de Villars," but have not read a page. You have humanized the Dutchess de Chatillon. Methinks I see the Prince and Princess de Tarente playing about like two kittens.-Happy, happy, happy, pair!

Yet ah! why should they know their fate?
Since sorrow never comes. too late,
And happiness too swiftly flies.
Thought would destroy their paradise.
No more; where ignorance is bliss,
"T is folly to be wise.


The parcel, with the enclosures for

As a French word has a milder signification. than in English, humanizer-to render gentle.EDIT.

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