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I shall not be absent till your return, except by the usual peregrinations to Kensington Gore.

I forgot to ask, if you advanced the driver any thing for the keeping of the horses on the Dover tour, and I hope you did not give him any thing, as I desired. I have well rewarded him, which I hope he merited by his care. Mrs. Gordon and Mr. Hutton have already their little parcels and letters. All the rest I will take care of to-morrow. The box did not arrive till this afternoon.

Mr. Hutton accepted a late dinner here by a previous invitation from Brighthelmstone, and we drank the King, as our friend, and the archangel at Paris, as our favourite, in a bumper. I am glad that I have pleased him, and all my friends, by the late Address to the County,

The Dutchess's second letter is charming, but my dear daughter's are divine. I always regret the coming to the end of them. I wish to read on by the hour, by the day.

Adieu, dearest Polly: the bellman gives his last summons.


Tuesday, June 8, 1784,

Seven in the Evening. I am just returned, my dearest Polly, from the House of Commons, where the High Bailiff of Westminster has done the honours of the day like a Dutch burgomaster. Mr. Welbore Ellis has taken notice of the necessity of sleep, and other sustenance. The first he gave The other sustenance I am come home for, and to answer your letter of June 3, which I received yesterday, and enjoyed very highly. As I must return to the division on the Westminster election, I shall mention very little but matters of business by this post.


I wrote to Lady Asgill, and find that she had received the print, and sent her acknowledgments to

your excellent Dutchess.

Your bill for 211. came to hand on Saturday, which was duly honoured my acceptance, and I think that mode very convenient, but you should insist on paying the exchange.

I will send you by the first diligence Lady Asgill's letter, Mr. Fector's, &c. &c. I am in raptures with the Sève figure; and if the figures of that kind and size, or rather exceeding them in height, are not above a guinea, or a guinea and half each, I wish for two or

three more, or a group, and one single figure.

Elmsly has got the “ Memoires du Maréchal de Villars,” in 4 vols. and is to send me a copy. Anquetil I think a very superior writer, and very sage on the most knotty points.

I believe that there is not an idea of any opposition to the Chamberlain on Midsummer-day; but it could never come against greater preparation, or greater general approbation.

Rosenhagen dined at Kensington Gore on Sunday, and here yesterday. He seems to me without compass or ballast.

I shall send you a long letter to me from Mr. Paice in consequence of his to you at Dover miscarrying, which he found to be the case after he received that you sent me by the diligence, and I transmitted to him. I should think it too delicate a point to propose drawing

on him, and I can certainly accommodate you in the way you have begun, or otherwise by Sir Robert Herries, and you cannot begin too early taking your plan, and making your arrangements for your return after the Dutchess's fête by Spa.

Adieu !


Monday, June 14, 1784. I was so entirely engaged, my dearest Polly, with our City causes, and the business of other men's petitions of various kinds, that I had not time to write to you by Friday's post. From the fear of the like accident, I pay my compliments to you this morning on my re

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