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remind the Bonne of me. Pray tell my little wife that I summon her to come to her husband with her daughter-in-law, when she returns. We have lost our spring this year, and the intense heat of summer succeeded almost immediately the severity of winter. Much thunder and lightning Wednesday and yesterday: now it is a good deal cooler. Have you seen, or heard any thing of, poor Panchaud ?

No petition yet from Atkinson against Sawbridge, nor from Lord Verney against Aubrey. Rosenhagen is in town at Aubrey's, in perfect health and good spirits.

Adieu, my dearest daughter; take care of

your health, and continue to love me.



Castle at Brighthelmstone,

Monday, May 31, 1784.

ARRIVED here, my dearest Polly, on Saturday to dinner, after a very pleasant journey, and propose continuing here till Thursday, when I shall return to the capital, and hope to find a letter from you, which I shall answer by Friday's post. I am in possession solus of this great Castle, and spend my time in conversing with old ocean, while the tongue-pads of lawyers are wrangling about the Westminster election. The House of Commons agreed to no adjournment even for Whit Monday and Tuesday, but I was glad to escape for a few days. The raging of the seas puts me, as well as the Psalmist, in mind of

the madness of the multitude; but I hope calm, moderate weather will now soon succeed on the political horizon as well as on the terraqueous and aqueous globe.

Your letters have been my highest entertainment since you left Prince's Court, and I participate with you in all the pleasing scenes with the Dutchess, and all her societé. I hope she received the tribute of thanks I paid her by letter on your account.

I wrote to you on many particulars last Friday before I set out, so that I have now 'little to add.

The great majority of the ministration has driven the opposition almost to despair, while Mr. Fox loses his temper more and more every day. It is comical to see the divisions of our Castle. Shergold and Tilt are strong Foxites, Best (the best of the three) a violent Pittite; but zeal without knowledge distinguishes all three.

present ad

The Marquis de Bouillie embarked from hence last Saturday. I had the opportunity of paying my compliments to him for a few minutes. He inquired about you.

You have brought me acquainted with the Princess de Tarente, the Dutchess de Crussol, the Duke and Dutchess de la Trémouille, &c. &c.; and therefore I am obliged to add every compliment of respect to them on your account. The good Moravian has been so kind as to dine with me, and he says that he is charmed with my last Address to the Freeholders of Middlesex still more than with all the preceding. I hope your spar-vase is arrived safe.

I intend to return by Tunbridge. The Gordons continue their kindness to me, and are always anxious about your health.

Adieu, my dearest Polly.


Friday, June 4, 1784. IF I have tired my dearest Polly with too long letters by almost every post of late, I shall make her amends to-night, for I have little to say, except to mention that I am just arrived from Brighthelmstone after a very pleasant tour, and that I have received three letters from her since I wrote last Tuesday, the 24th, 26th, and 29th of May, with the Dutchess's, several letters to Madame de Kageneck, &c. &c. and a most elegant Sève figure of Constancy. Constancy, thy name is Wilkes. I am exceedingly charmed with it, and your kind partiality.

I shall accept your draft as soon as it appears, and


others which you draw.

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