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of Commons, in the full intention of returning in time to finish my letter by the post, but was detained there till near two in the morning. Wednesday little business was done, and yesterday chiefly matters of form were gone through. Mr. Byng's petition is in the common form, charging bribery, and other corrupt and illegal practices ; but I have availed myself of the circumstance in the enclosed address. I had not treated him with such severity, if he had not pointed all his artillery against me, and talked of my cavil. The address however from me is still more approved than any of

my former. July 29 is the day appointed for the hearing the petition, when the House is to adjourn the second week in that month, so that it necessarily falls to the ground this session, and probably may not be renewed. I am however indefatigable in collecting all my proofs.

I wish to know what English news

papers you see at Paris, that I may judge what to put up in the packets by the diligence. I have sent you several, and the new correct Court Kalendar, which is greatly improved.

The spar vase from Harris's is come this morning, very carefully packed, and will

go in to-morrow's diligence, for the days are now changed to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I have written to you by every post, except last Tuesday. I am setting out this afternoon for Brighthelmstone to return on Wednesday, but I will contrive to write to you by next Tuesday's post, and send the letter to James.

I received three letters from you at Paris; the first dated May 16, the second May 19, and the third May 23; all of which gave me very great pleasure. I have likewise a pretty letter from Mademoiselle Sophie, for which I beg you to thank her, and to plead my great hurry for not answering it in any other way than by thanks through the medium of my dear daughter. I think you are very lucky in having such a person


you, and the gaucherie will go off daily. I have read the “ Memoires de M. de Voltaire, ecrits par lui-même," which carry the strongest internal evidence of being genuine. I suppose it is défendu, très défendu, at Paris, and you cannot own you have read it, but if read it, I will send it to you. I think


had better draw on me at one or two usances, for twenty or twentyfive louis, and that will facilitate every thing for you, and it may be repeated as often as you will. I think you would be right to stay till after the Dutchess's fête towards the end of July. It would be a more marked compliment, and if you take your measures early, I should think

you wish to

you might contrive to return by Spa, and be in London by the end of August, or the first week of September. This would be giving sufficient time for the settlement of all your affairs, and I can contrive for you in all pecuniary con


You mention giving tea to the Dutchess. Have you good tea at Paris, or shall I send you some? I am perfectly well, and was strong enough to fast entirely from nine in the morning till past midnight, when I came home, and dined heartily alone on mackarel and lamb. I do not mean however to repeat such a Carthusian strain.

Mr. Pitt is greatly improved as an orator. He has more smoothness and grace, more Attic laugh and easy irony, without the sharpness and gall of the last session. Mr. Fox's power declines hourly, and it is not supposed he will be the sitting Member for Westminster. Mr. Pitt said that he had foreseen that circumstance, and therefore took refuge on the hospitable shores of the Orkneys. I wonder that he did not quote Pope :

But where's th' extreme of vice was ne'er

agreed :
Ask where's the North-at York 't is on the

In Scotland at the Orcades ; and there
At Greenland, Zembla, or the Lord knows


The servants here behave very well ; but they and their master think Prince's Court much changed for the worse within this month, notwithstanding the verdure and gaiety of the Park.

Your account of good Madame De Chantereine made me very happy, and your pleasing picture of Baron d'Holbach's family. I beg my best compliments to all of them, and don't forget to

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