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quite in the Dutchess's assertion, suis sure que sa femme en mourera de douleur.”

Colonel Barré is here, and I have much conversation with him. We Bowwood to dine next Sunday, but return in the evening. I am happy that


like the cottage, and I will write to Mrs. March in time, and enclose


the letter for fear of its miscarriage by a cross post.

Bath is not alive, even to scandal, and only two cotillon balls remain to be danced.

Bon jour, ma très chère fille.


South Parade, Bath,

Friday, May 20, 1785. I am very glad, my dear Polly, that Cawdron's draft to bearer came safe. It was a great indiscretion in him to risk it by the post. It ought to have been on a stamp, and to order,

Company arriving soon after dinner at Mrs. -_'s prevented my being teased with the foolish young Squire's letter ; and the squabbles of every part of that family are tiresome and uninteresting to all but relations.

Lord Lansdowne has just sent me an invitation to Bowwood, which I accept for Sunday, but return here in the evening.

Mr. L-sc-lls is arrived, not wafted here, as I understand, by the warm


wishes of Lady F

He has just been to see me.

Lady Conyngham had a grand rout last night, at which the beautiful waistcoat, which you brought me from France, was displayed and admired. These routs bid fair to ruin Bath, as a public place.

Monsieur D’Adhémar is surprisingly recovered, but appears to me very lowspirited. He talks more of his regime than any thing else, and is very shy about accepting dinners from some late sufferings.

Clarke is so stupid, that he is almost useless, except for the dressing my hair. I am always shaved by a barber. I cannot long keep him, yet do not think of parting with him in a hurry, and when I do, it will be in perfect good humour, for he is honest and sober, but, from his ignorance and gaucherie, he is really troublesome, I have not yet for this reason given any dinner, and doubt whether I shall or not, upon this account.

Lord N-t has just left me. He complains much of a scratch on his leg, which has assembled all the foul humours of his body, and they are not few. Be so good to keep Cawdron's 50l. till my return.

I mean to leave Bath next Friday, to lie at the Castle at Speen Hill that night, and hope to join you by two at the cottage, on Saturday the 25th.



South Parade, Bath,

Sunday, May 22, 1785. I REALLY ought, my dearest Polly, to make you the amende honorable for repeating the fi donc, fi donc, on the supposition that you did not write last Wednesday, for this day's post has brought me your letter, and the Morning Post of that day's date, marked on the cover, Mis-sent to Maidenhead. I thank you for the Bulletin, which accompanied. The Bulletins on such interesting subjects are worth preservation.

Poor Mrs. G! to be so suddenly struck! Heaven guard us all from Cupid's bow, shall always be a part of

my Litany at every age, for poor Mr. P- at eighty, bien sonnées, has been within the

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