Tide Tables for the Year ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1904

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Страница 45 - A red flag with a black center indicates that a storm of marked violence is expected . The pennants displayed with the flags indicate the direction of the wind: red, easterly (from northeast to south); white, westerly (from southwest to north).
Страница 40 - When the end of the hawser is got on board, a tally board will be found attached, bearing the following directions in English on one side and French on the other: " Make this hawser fast about 2 feet above the tail block, see all clear and that the rope in the block runs free, and show signal to the shore.
Страница 44 - If natural breathing be not restored after a trial of the bellows movement for the space of three or four minutes, then turn the patient a second time on the stomach, as directed in Rule II. rolling the body in the opposite direction from that in which it was first turned, for the purpose of freeing the air passages from any remaining water.
Страница 40 - The tailblock should be hauled on board as quickly as possible to prevent the whip drifting off with the set or fouling with wreckage, etc. Therefore if you have been driven into the rigging, where but one or two men can work to advantage, cut the shot Hue, and run it through some available block, such as the throat or peak-halyards...
Страница 43 - Separate the jaws and keep them apart by placing between the teeth a cork or small bit of wood ; turn the patient on his face, a large bundle of tightly rolled clothing being placed beneath the stomach; press heavily on the back over it for half a minute, or as long as fluids flow freely from the mouth.
Страница 45 - Two red flags with black centers, displayed one above the other, indicate the expected approach of a tropical hurricane, or one of those extremely severe and dangerous storms which occasionally move across the Lakes and northern Atlantic coast.
Страница 40 - ... and hauling with them. When the end of the hawser is got on board, a tally board will be found attached, bearing...
Страница 39 - Most of the life-saving and life-boat stations are provided with the international code of signals, and vessels can, by opening communication, be reported or obtain the latitude and longitude of the station, where determined; or information as to the weather probabilities in most cases; or...
Страница 41 - Circumstances may arise, owing to the strength of the current or set or the danger of the wreck breaking up immediately when it would be impossible to send off the hawser. In such a case a breeches buoy or life car will be hauled off instead by the whip or sent off to you by the shot line, and you will be hauled ashore through the surf. If your vessel is stranded during the night and discovered by the patrolman — which you will know by his burning a brilliant red light — keep a sharp lookout...
Страница 41 - ... the lifts of the buoy. Children, when brought ashore by the buoy, should be in the arms of older persons or securely lashed to the buoy. Women and children should be landed first.