Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers and Other Poems

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Redfield, 1858 - 351 страници

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Страница 45 - But when he came, though pale and wan, He looked so great and high, So noble was his manly front, So calm his steadfast eye ; — The rabble rout forbore to shout, And each man held his breath, For well they knew the hero's soul Was face to face with death. And then a mournful shudder Through all the people crept, And some that came to scoff at him Now turned aside and wept.
Страница 50 - He is coming ! he is coming ! Like a bridegroom from his room, Came the hero from his prison To the scaffold and the doom. There was glory on his forehead, There was lustre in his eye, And he never walked to battle More proudly than to die...
Страница 43 - Assynt's name — Be it upon the mountain's side, Or yet within the glen, Stand he in martial gear alone, Or backed by armed men — Face him, as thou wouldst face the man Who wronged thy sire's renown ; Remember of what blood thou art, And strike the caitiff down ! They brought him to the Watergate, Hard bound with hempen span, As though they held a lion there, And not a fenceless man.
Страница 110 - And we clasped the hands of kinsmen, And we swore to do or die ! Then our leader rode before us On his war-horse black as night — Well the Cameronian rebels Knew that charger in the fight ! — And a cry of exultation From the bearded warriors rose ; For we loved the house of Claver'se, And we thought of good Montrose, But he raised his hand for silence — " Soldiers ! I have sworn a vow : Ere the evening star shall glisten On Schehallion's lofty brow, Either we shall rest in triumph, Or another...
Страница 14 - All last night we watched the beacons Blazing on the hills afar, Each one bearing, as it kindled, Message of the opened war. All night long the northern streamers Shot across the trembling sky : Fearful lights, that never beckon Save when kings or heroes die. News of battle! Who hath brought it? All are thronging to the gate ; "Warder — warder! open quickly! Man — is this a time to wait?
Страница 113 - And the voices of the foe ; Down we crouched amid the bracken, Till the Lowland ranks drew near, Panting like the hounds in summer, When they scent the stately deer. From the dark defile emerging, Next we saw the squadrons come, Leslie's foot and Leven's troopers Marching to the tuck...
Страница 24 - No one failed him ! He is keeping Eoyal state and semblance still ; Knight and noble lie around him, Cold on Flodden's fatal hill. Of the brave and gallant-hearted, Whom ye sent with prayers away, Not a single man departed From his Monarch yesterday. Had you seen them, O my masters ! When the night began to fall, And the English spearmen gathered Round a grim and ghastly wall ! As the wolves in winter circle Round the leaguer on the heath. So the greedy foe glared upward, Panting still for blood...
Страница 68 - Sound by the rocky shore. Then down we went, a hundred knights, All in our dark array, And flung our armor in the ships That rode within the bay.
Страница 41 - There's war within the blast — Old faces look upon me, Old forms go trooping past. I hear the pibroch wailing Amidst the din of fight, And my dim spirit wakes again Upon the verge of night.
Страница 47 - It might not be. They placed him next Within the solemn hall, Where once the Scottish kings were throned Amidst their nobles all. But there was dust of vulgar feet On that polluted floor, And perjured traitors filled the place Where good men sate before. With savage glee came Warristoun, To read the murderous doom ; And then uprose the great Montrose In the middle of the room.