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ARGUMENT. In Epirus the consuls assemble the senate, who unani

mously appoint Pompey general of the war against Cæsar, and decree public thanks to the several princes and states who assisted the commonwealth. Appius, at that time prætor of Achaia, consults the Oracle of Delphos, concerning the event of the civil

And, upon this occasion, the poet goes into a digression concerning the origin, the manner of the delivery, and the present filence of that oracle. From Spain, Cæsar returns into Italy, where he quells a mutiny in his army, and punishes the offenders. From Placentia, where this disorder happened, he orders them to march to Brundufium ; where, after a fhort turn to Rome, and alluming the consulship, or rather the supreme power, he joins them himself. From Brundufium, though it was then the middle of winter, he transports part of his army by sea to Epirus, and lands at Palæste. Pompey, who then lay about Candavia, _hearing of Cæsar's arrival, and being in pain for Dyrrachium, marched that way: On the banks of the river Apsus, they met and incamped close together. Cæsar was not yet joined by that part of his troops which he had left behind him at Brundufium, under the command of Mark Anthony ; and being uneasy at his delays leaves his camp by night, and ventures over a tempestuous sea in a small bark to haften the transport. Upon Cæsar joining his forces together, Pompey perceived that the war would now probably be foon decided by a battle; and upon that confideration, resolved to send his wife to expect the event at Lelbos. Their parting, which is extremely moving, concludes this book. 5


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In doubt the goddess, yet, their fate detains,
And keeps them for Emathia's fatal plains.
And now the setting Pleiades grew low,

The hills stood hoary in December's snow;
The solemn season was approaching near,
When other names renew'd the Fafti wear,
And double Janus leads the coming year.
The consuls, while their rods they yet remain’d,
While, yet, some fhew of liberty maintain’d,
With mislives round the scatter'd fathers greet,
And in Epirus bid the fenate meet.
There the great rulers of the Roman state,
In foreign seats, consulting, meanly fate.

15 No face of war the grave assembly wears, But civil power in peaceful pomp appears : The purple order to their place resort, While waiting lictors guard the crouded court. No faction these, nor party, seem to be, But a full senate, legal, just, and free. Great, as he is, here Pompey stands confest A private man, and one among the rest.

Their mutual groans, at length, and murmurs cease, And every mournful sound is hush'd in peace; 25 When from the consular distinguish'd throne, Sublimely rais’d, thus Lentulus begun.

If yet our Roman virtue is the same,
Yet worthy of the race from which we came,
And emulates our great forefathers name,





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