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TenBrace, and more, of Greyhounds, snowy fair, And tall as Stags, ran loose, and cours d around his Chair,

[Bear: : A Match for Pards in flight, in grappling, for the WithGolden Muzzles all their Mouths were bound, And Collars of the same their Necks surround. Thus thro' the Fields Lycurgus took his Way; His hundred Knights attend in Pomp and proud

: Array To match this Monarch, with strong Arcite came Emetrius King of Inde, a mighty Name, On a Bay Courser, goodly to behold,

[Gold. The Trappings of hisHorse emboss'd with barb'rous Not Mars bestrode a Steed with greater Grace; His Surcoat o'er his Arms was Cloth of Thrace, Adorn’d with Pearls, all Orient, round, and great; His Saddle was of Gold, with Emeralds set. His Shoulders large a Mantle did attire, With Rubies thick, and sparkling as the Fire: His Amber-colour'd Locks in Ringlets run, With graceful Negligence, and shone against the Sun.

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His Nose was Aquiline, his Eyes were blue,
Ruddy his Lips, and fresh and fair his Hue:
Some sprinkled Freckles on his Face were feen,
Whose Dusk fet off the Whiteness of the Skin:
His awful Presence did the Crowd surprize,
Nor durft the rash Spectator meet his Eyes,
Eyes that confefs'd him born for Kingly Sway,
So fierce, they flash'd intolerable Day.
His Age in Nature's youthful Prime appear’d,
And just began to bloom his yellow Beard.
Whene'er he spoke, his Voice was heard around,
Loud as a Trumpet, with a Silver Sound.
A Laurel wreath'd his Temples, fresh, and green;
And Myrtle-fprigs, the Marks of Love,were mix'd
Upon his Fist he bore, for his Delight,

[between An Eagle well reclaim'd, and Lilly-white.

His hundred Knights attend him to the War, All arm’d for Battel; fave their Heads were bare. Words and Devices blaz'd on ev'ry Shield, And pleasing was the Terrour of the Field. For Kings, and Dukes, and Barons you might see, Like sparkling Stars, though diff'rent in Degree, All for th’Increase of Arms,and Love of Chivalry.


Before the King, tame Leopards led the way,
And Troops of Lions innocently play.
So Bacchus through the conquer'd Indies rode,
And Beasts in Gambols frisk'd before their honest
In this Array the War of either Side

Through Athens pass’d with Military Pride.
At Prime, they enter'd on the Sunday Morn;
Rich Tap'stry spread the Streets, and Flow'rs the
The Town was all a Jubilee of Feafts; [Pots adorn.
So Theseus willid, in Honour of his Guests:
Himself with open Arms the Kings embrac’d,
Then all the rest in their Degrees were grac'd.
No Harbinger was needful for the Night,
For ev'ry House was proud to lodge a Knight.

I pass the Royal Treat, nor must relate The Gifts bestow'd, nor how the Champions sate ; Who first, who last, or how the Knights address’d Their Vows, or who was fairest at the Feast; Whọfe Voice, whose graceful Dance did most furSoft am’rous Sighs, and silent Love of Eyes.

[prise, The Rivals call my Muse another way, To sing their Vigils, for th’ ensuing Day.

'Twas ebbing Darkness, påst the Noon of Night;
And Phospher on the Confines of the Light,
Promis'd the Sun, ere Day began to spring
The tuneful Lark already stretch'd her Wing,
And flick’ring on her Neft; made short Efays to

When wakeful Palamon, preventing Day,
Took, to the Royal Lists, his early way,
To Venus at her Fane, in her own House to pray.
There, falling on his Knees before her Shrine,
He thus implor’d with Pray’rs her Pow'r Divine.
Creator Venus, Genial Pow'r of Love,
The Bliss of Men below; and Gods above,
Beneath the sliding Sun thou runn'st thy Race,
Dost fairest shine, and best become thy Place.
For thee the Winds their Eastern Blafts forbear,
Thy Month reveals the Spring, and opens all the

Year. Thee, Goddess, thee the Storms of Winter fly, ? Earth smiles with Flow'rs renewing; laughs the Sky,

[apply. And Birds to Lays of Love their tuneful Notes


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For thee the Lion loaths the Taste of Blood,
And roaring hunts his Female through the Wood:
For thee the Bulls rebellow through the Groves,
And tempt theStream,and snufftheir abfent Loves.
'Tis thine, whate'er is pleasant, good, or fair:
All Nature is thy Province, Life thy Care ;
Thou mad'st the World,and doft the World repair.
Thou Gladder of the Mount of Cytheron,
Increase of Jove, Companion of the Sun;
If e'er Adonis touch'd thy tender Heart,
Have Pity, Goddess, for thou know'stthe Smart:
Alas! I have not Words to tell my Grief;
To vent my Sorrow wou'd be some Relief:
Light Suff'rings give us leisure to complain;
We groan, but cannot speak, in greater Pain.
O Goddess, tell thy self what I would say,
Thou know'st it, and I feel too much to pray.
So grant my Suit, as I enforce my Might,
In Love to be thy Champion, and thy Knight;
A Servant to thy Sex, a Slave to thee,
A Foe profest to barren Chastity.
Nor ask I Fame or Honour of the Field,
Nor chuse I more to vanquish, than to yield:

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