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Califthe there food manifest of Shame,
And turn'd a Bear, the Northern Star became :
Her Son was next, and by peculiar Grace
In the cold Circle held the second Place:
The Stag Asteon in the Stream had spy'd
The naked Huntress, and, for seeing, dy'd:
His Hounds, unknowing of his Change, pursue
The Chace, and their miftaken Mafter flew.
Peneian Daphne too was there to see
Apollo's Love before, and now his Tree:
Th’adjoining Faneth' afsembled Greeks express’d,
And hunting of the Caledonian Beaft.
Oenidés' Valour, and his envy'd Prize;
The fatal Pow't of Atalanta's Eyes ;
Diana's Vengeance on the Victor shown,
The Murdress Mother, and consuming Son.
The Volfcian Queen extended on the Plain ;
The Treason punish’d, and the Traitor slain.
The rest weré various Huntings, well design'd,
And Salvage Beasts destroy'd, of ev'ry Kind:
The graceful Goddess was array'd in Green;
About her Feet were little Beagles seen,

[Queen. That watch'd with upwardEyesthe Motionsof their

Her Legs were Buskin'd, and the Left before,
In act to shoot, a Silver Bow shę bore,
And at her Back a painted Quiver wore.
She trod a wexing Moon, that soon wou'd wane,
And drinking borrow'd Light, be fill'd again:
With down-cast Eyes, as seeming to survey
The dark Dominions, her alternate Sway.
Before her stood a Woman in her Throws,
And call'd Lucina's Aid, her Burden to disclose.
All these the Painter drew with such Command,
That Nature snatch'd the Pencil from his Hand,
Alham'd and angry that his Art could feign
And mend the Tortures of a Mother's Pain,
Theseus beheld the Fanes of ev'ry God,
And thought his mighty Cost was well bestow'd;
So Princes now their Poets should regard;
But few can write, and fewer can reward.

The Theatre thus rais'd, the Lists enclos’d,
And all with vast Magnificence dispos’d,
We leave the Monarch pleas'd, and haste to bring
The Knights to Combate; and their Arms to sing.

The End of the Second Book.

Palamon and Arcite.




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HE Day approach'd when Fortune

Thou'd decide
Th’important Enterprize, and give

the Bride;
For now, the Rivals round the World had sought,
And each his Number, well appointed, brought.
The Nations far and near, contend in Choice,
And send the Flow'r of War by Publick Voice;
That after, or before, were never known
Such Chiefs; as each an Army seem'd alone:

Befide the Champions; all of high Degree, Who Knighthood lov'd, and Deeds of Chivalry, Throng’d to the Lists, and envy'd to behold The Names of others, not their own enroll’d. Nor feems it strange ; for ev'ry Noble Knight, Who loves the Fair, and is endu'd with Might, In such a Quarrel wou'd be proud to fight. There breathşnot scarce a Man on British Ground (An Isle for Love, and Arms of old renown'd) But would have sold his Life to purchase Fame, To Palamon or Arcite sent his Name: And had the Land selected of the best, [the rest. Half had come hence, and let the World provide A hundred Knights with Palamon there came, Approv?d in Fight, and Men of mighty Name; Their Arms were sev'ral, as their Nations were, But furnish'd all alike with Sword and Spear. Some wore Coat-armour, imitating Scale; And next their Skins were stubborn Shirts of Mail. Some wore a Breastplate and a light Juppon, Their Horses cloth'd with rich Caparison: Some for Defence would Leathern Bucklers use, Of folded Hides; and others Shields of Pruce.

One hung a Poleax at his Saddle-bow,
And one a heavy Mace, to stun the Foe:
One for his Legs and Knees provided well,
With Jambeux arm’d, and double Plates of Steel:
This on his Helmet wore a Lady's Glove,
And that a Sleeve embroider'd' by his Love.

With Palamon, above the rest in Place,
Lycurgus came, the surly King of Thrace;
Black was his Beard, and manly was his Face:
The Balls of his broad Eyes roll'd in his Head,
And glar'd betwixt a Yellow and a Red :
He look'd a Lion with a gloomy Stare,
And o'er his Eye-brows hung his matted Hair:
Big-bond, and largeof Limbs,with Sinews strong,
Broad-fhoulder'djand hisArms were round and long-
Four Milk-white Bulls (the Thracian Use of old)
Were yok'd to draw his Car of burnish'd Gold.
Upright he stood, and bore aloft his Shield,
Conspicuous from afar, and over-look'd the Field.
His Surcoat was a Bear-skin on his Back;
His Hair hunglong behind,and glossyRaven-black.
His ample Forehead bore a Coronet
With sparkling Diamonds, and with Rubies set:

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