Renaissance in Italy: It̲alian literature

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Страница 115 - And nuzzled twixt the breasts of happiness) Who winks, and shuts his apprehension up From common sense of what men were, and are, Who would not know what men must be; let such Hurry amain from our black visag'd shows : We shall affright their eyes.
Страница 516 - I do embrace it : for even that vulgar and tavernmusick which makes one man merry, another mad, strikes in me a deep fit of devotion, and a profound contemplation of the first composer. There is something in it of divinity more than the ear discovers : it is an hieroglyphical and shadowed lesson of the whole world, and creatures of God, — such a melody to the ear, as the whole world, well understood, would afford the understanding. In brief, it is a sensible fit of that harmony which intellectually...
Страница 32 - And more to lull him in his slumber soft, A trickling stream, from high rock tumbling down, And ever drizzling rain upon the loft, Mixed with a murmuring wind, much like the sound Of swarming bees, did cast him in a swound: No other noise, nor people's troublous cries, As still are wont t' annoy the walled town, Might there be heard ; but careless Quiet lies, Wrapt in eternal silence, far from enemies.
Страница 12 - Le donne, i cavalier, 1' arme, gli amori, Le cortesie, 1' audaci imprese io canto Che furo al tempo che passaro i Mori D' Africa il mare, in Francia nocquer tanto.
Страница 167 - ... si truova anche di quelli che non muoiono. Ma perché la cosa è dubia, però è bene che messer Nicia non corra quel periculo. Quanto all'atto, che sia peccato, questo è una favola, perché la volontà è quella che pecca, non...
Страница 316 - ... a portion of the first decade, and thus obtained material for treating of the birth and boyhood of Orlando. This exordium is chiefly valuable as a piece of contemporary criticism : Queste tre Deche dunque sin quà trovo Esser dal fonte di Turpin cavato ; Ma Trebisonda, Aneroid, Spagna, e Bono Coll' altro resto al foco sian donate : Apocrife son tutte, e le riprovo Come nemiche d' ogni veritate ; Boiardo, 1' Ariosto, Pulci, e '1 Cieco Autenticati sono, ed io con seco.
Страница 480 - I have sat among their learned men, for that honor I had, and been counted happy to be born in such a place of Philosophic freedom, as they supposed England was, while themselves did nothing but bemoan the servile condition into which...
Страница 27 - E veder quei c' hanno perduto il giorno, E penetrar la terra fin al centro, E le bolgie infernal cercare intorno. Di che debbo temer (dicea) s' io v' entro '. Che mi posso aiutar sempre col corno.
Страница 243 - ... altrui lidi il pino; ma sol perché quel vano nome senza soggetto, quell'idolo d'errori, idol d'inganno, quel che dal volgo insano onor poscia fu detto, che di nostra natura '1 feo tiranno, non mischiava il suo affanno fra le liete dolcezze de l'amoroso gregge; né fu sua dura legge nota a quell'alme in liberiate avvezze; ma legge aurea e felice che natura scolpì: "S'ei piace, ei lice".
Страница 480 - I had,) and been counted happy to be bom in such a place of philosophic freedom, as they supposed England was, while themselves did nothing but bemoan the servile condition into which learning amongst them was brought; that this was it which had damped the glory of Italian wits; that nothing had been...